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Vol 16 no 1 (2015)

Atmospheric pollution

D. Dimitrovski, M. Dimitrovski, A. Jovanovski

Natural Gas as a Fuel in Public Passenger Transportation in Urban Areas


E. Bucur, A. Vasile, R. Diodiu, A. Catrangiu, M. Petrescu

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality in a Wooden Church for Preventive Conservation


Air pollution in schools

S. Yalcin, G. Aras, U. Akar Tarim, O. Gurler

Indoor Radon Levels in Primary and Secondary Schools of Kastamonu, Turkey


Water pollution

T. Hr. Radoykova, S. V. Dimitrova, K. I. Aleksieva, S. K. Nenkova, I. V. Valchev, D. R. Mehandjiev

Comparative Mn2+ Adsorption on Waste Lignocellulosic Materials


A. Catrangiu, D. Niculescu, I. Lucaciu, C. Chifiriuc, G. Mihaescu

Virulence Factors of Gram Negative Bacteria Isolated from Natural Aquatic Ecosystems


G. Shtereva, V. Velikova, V. Doncheva

Human Impact on Marine Water Nutrients Enrichment


Soil pollution

C.-E. Balaceanu

Lead Pollution of Soils Located into the Influence Area of Thermoelectric Power Stations Doicesti and Rovinari


Industrial pollution – pharmaceutical wastes

S. Bungau, C. Bungau, D. M. Tit

Studies on the Last Stage of Product Lifecycle Management for a Pharmaceutical Product


Risk assessment

C. Maftei, K. Papatheodorou

Flash Flood Prone Area Assessment Using Geomorphological and Hydraulic Model


B. Stanescu, E. Stanescu, Gh. Batrinescu

Vulnerabilities and Risks Induced by the Emissions of Non-compliant Landfills after Closure Period. Case Study


A. C. Teusdea, A. Timar, C. Purcarea, C. Bara

Assessing the Quality of Fish Products Using Colour Image Analysis


Risk management

G. Tegos, K. Onkov

Prognoses of Sea-fish Species Catches in Greece at Biological and Biodiversity Risk



D. Kasemi, S. Ruci, S. Beqiraj

Comparative Study on Macrozoobenthos between Nimfa and Radhima Coasts (Vlora Bay, Albania)


Marine pollution and ecology

N. Florin, M. Ristea, A. Cotorcea

Estimating the Containment Costs in the Situation of Oil Spill in the Marine Environment. Case Study: Romanian Black Sea Coast


Marine ecology

V. Coatu, A. Oros, D. Tiganus, L. Lazar

Assessment of Chemical Contamination in Biota from Romanian Marine Waters in Respect with Maximum Admissible Levels Regulated by Legislation for Human Consumption


R. Nisanci, Y. S. Erbas, V. Yildirim, H. E. Colak

Management of Marine Cadastre with Geographic Information System: A Case Study of Trabzon


N. Kasapoglu, E. Duzgunes

Otolith Atlas for the Black Sea


Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. G. Craioveanu, L. Stoica , O. Oprea

Caffeic Acid [3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl) Pro-penoic Acid] – Hydrophobising Agent


D.-C. Danuletiu, A. Tamas-Szora, A. Socol

Affordability and Sustainability of Water Services Investments Financed by EU Funds


S. Tsiaras, Z. Andreopoulou

Sustainable Development Perspectives in a Less Favoured Area of Greece


S. Apak, A. Kubas, H. Bal, H. Hurma, O. Dede

Environmental Problems in Turkish Thrace Region, Their Causes and Solutions


Clean technologies

A. M. Resetar-Deac, Gy. Deak, P. Marinescu, V. Daescu, E. Holban, R. Csergo, G. S. Tanase, S. Gaman

The Plastic Materials Impact on Environment and Health. Population Awareness in Romania


L. Parvan, C. Sirbu, T. Cioroianu

Use of Liquid Fertilisers and Absorbents in the Bioremediation of the Soil Polluted with Crude Oil. Part I


L. Parvan, C. Sirbu, T. Cioroianu

Use of Liquid Fertilisers and Absorbents in the Bioremediation of the Soil Polluted with Crude Oil. Part II


A.-M. Stanescu, L. Stoica, C. Constantin, G. Bacioiu

Competitive Biosorption of Cu2+ and Cd2+ onto Inactive Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cells


H. Turkmenler, M. Aslan

Management of Waste Sludge in Pasakoy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant


M. Kerolli-Mustafa, V. Lajqi-Makolli, S. Berisha-Shala, L. Latifi, I. Malollari, I. Morina

Biomass and Biofuel Overview. A Global Sustainability Challenge


Enrivonmental management – erosion danger, food safety

S. Galatsidas, D. Amanatidou, K. Soutsas

Applying Multivariate Statistics into Forest Management Planning: Potential Conditions of Erosion Danger in the Forest of Thessaloniki, Greece


S. Galatsidas, D. Amanatidou, K. Soutsas

Applying Multivariate Statistics to Evaluate Erosion Danger in the Forest of Thessaloniki, Greece, on the Basis of Forest Stand Characteristics


N. Erdogan, E. Nurlu, A. Guvensen, U. Erdem

Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection for Environmental Monitoring in Turkey. A Case Study in Karaburun Peninsula


M. Ozyavuz, B. C. Bilgili, A. Salici

Determination of Vegetation Changes with NDVI Method


E. Condrea, G. Constantinescu, A. C. Stanciu, M. Constandache

Particularities of FSSC 22000 – Food Safety Management System


M. Matiuti, A. T. Bogdan, A. Gaspardy, D. Diaconescu

An Innovative Application of the Bioeconomic Strategies and Action Plans Elaborated by the European Union for 2030 at a Crossborder Level in the Danubian Euroregions


Environmental education and training

E. Pjetri, J. Kraja, V. Dibra, S. Belisha, Z. Curri

Nursing School Documentation: Knowledge, Attitude, and Barriers to Using Standardised Nursing Languages and Current Practices in Nursing Department and Shkodra Hospital


H. Bancheva

Methodology for Multi-day Tourism in ‘Vrachansky Balkan’ Nature Park as a Contribution to the Education for Sustainable Development


Public health – environmental medicine

Gy. Deak, V. Daescu, E. Holban, P. Marinescu, G. S. Tanase, R. Csergo, A. I. Daescu, S. Gaman

Health–Environment Relation: a Key Issue of Romanian Environmental Protection


J. Kraja, E. Pjetri

Evaluation of Performance of Nursing Care in Four Health Centres in the City of Shkodra


P. Kotori, Y. Kotori, I. Malollari

Community Health Disorders in Mercury-contaminated Area in Vlora, Albania


C. I. Mihailov, T. Mindru

Hydrotherapy and Pain Management in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis


M. Arcus, G. Lilios, V. Schrцder, Gh. Taralunga, R. M. Stoicescu, I. M. Dumitru

Natural Compounds with Benefits Regarding the Cardiovascular Diseases


C. I. Mihailov, M. A. Nelutu

Effect of Environmental Air Exposure on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Post-menopausal Osteoporosis


E. Laho, F. Cenko, K. Spahiu, G. Bejtja, R. Balla

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 in Pediatric Age Groups in the Elbasan District (Albania)


S. Halichidis, R. M. Stoicescu, D. S. Carp, C. S. Cambrea

Clostridium difficile Enterocolitis: Current Public Health Problem


S. Cl. Cambrea, S. Halichidis, R. M. Stoicescu, L. C. Petcu

Epidemiological and Clinical Factors which Influence Fluid Isolation of Escherichia coli in Children with Digestive Diseases


I. M. Dumitru, M. G. Chitu, S. Ciuca, R. Banu, M. A. Girtu

Foreign Students at the Ovidius University of Constanta and Pathology Associated with Their Countries of Origin


Sustainable landscape planning

E. E. Sisman, E. Bolu

An Ecological Approach for the Planning of Urban River Greenways. A Meric (Maritza/Evros) River Case Study, Turkey


M. Cetin

Consideration of Permeable Pavement in Landscape Architecture


E. Ersoy, A. Jorgensen, P. H. Warren

Measuring the Spatial Structure of Urban Land Uses. The Case of Sheffield, UK



Zh. D. Kalitchin

80th Anniversary of the Editor-in-Chief of the International ‘Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology’, Professor D. Sc. Slavtcho Kounev Ivanov