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Vol. 15, No. 3 (2014)

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Air pollution

O. Falup, I. Mircea, R. Ivan, I. Ionel

Novel Approach for the Current State of Greenhouse Gases Emissions. Romanian Case Study


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Water pollution

B. Baruti, I. Malollari, S. Ferati, N. Lajci, S. Hoda, M. Kelmendi, F. Dobroshi, P. Hoxha

Environmental Impacts of Wastewater Discharged from Kosovo Thermal Power Plants into the Sitnica River


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M. Ilie, F. Marinescu, G. Ghita, Gy. Deak, G. S. Tanase, M. Raischi

Assessment of Heavy Metal in Water and Sediments of the Danube River


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A. Bekteshi, E. Myrtaj

Heavy Metals in the Shkodra Lake Ecosystem


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A. Burada, D. S. Odor, L. Teodorof, C. Nastase, A. Nastase, I. Navodaru, L. P. Georgescu

Mercury Levels in Fish Tissues with and without Commercial Value from Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve


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M. Popa, D. Vintan, R. Bostan, S. Varvara

Study on the Possibilites of Treating the Wastewater from the Porcelain Industry


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Water quality

S. M.  Shirazi, N. H. Zardari , Z. Yusop, Z. Ismail

Groundwater Quality Assessment for Potential Source of Irrigation at Karimganj Basin in Bangladesh


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Soil and groundwater pollution

B. Stanescu, Gh. Batrinescu, A. Cuciureanu, L. Kim, D. Scradeanu, M. Scradeanu

Practical Aspects of Hydrogeological Investigations and Assessment of the Environmental Components Pollution in Urban Areas. Case Study


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Risk assessment

St. Gheorghe, I. Lucaciu, I. Paun, C. Stoica, E. Stanescu

Environmental Exposure and Effects of Some Micropollutants Found in the Romanian Surface Waters


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S. Ozimec, J. Padavic, T. Florijancic, I. Boskovic

Monitoring of Wildlife Habitats in Dinaric Karst Region of Croatia


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P. Barghini, S. Silvi, A. Aquilanti, M. Marcelli, M. Fenice

Bacteria from Marine Salterns as a Model of Microorganisms Adapted to High Environmental Variations


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R. Sadikaj, D. Arapi, I. Malollari, V. Kolaneci, R. Libohova, M. Bllaca

Assessment of the Potential Use of the Erzeni River Waters in Trout Cultivations


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Marine ecology

M. Popa, D. Morar, A. Timar, A. C. Teusdea, D. Popa

Study Concerning the Pollution of the Marine Habitats with the Microplastic Fibres


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D. M. Rosioru

Ecological Resilience of Mytilus galloprovincialis from the Romanian Black Sea Coast at Environmental Variations


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V. Maximov, G. Tiganov, M. Paraschiv, M.-I. Nenciu, T. Zaharia

Preliminary Data on the Monitoring of Sturgeon Species in Romanian Marine Waters


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G. Deak, A. M. Badilita, I. Popescu, M. Tudor

Research on Sturgeon Migration Behaviour Using a New Monitoring, Control and Alarming System


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G. Deak, A. M. Badilita, T. Danalache, M. Tudor

Use of Acoustic Telemetry for Providing an Insight into Sturgeons Behaviour and Migration Routes on Lower Danube


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I. Yanchev, D. Ivanova, V. Ivanov

Effect of the Meteorological Conditions in Two Ecological Regions on Common Wheat Development and Productivity


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S. M. Shirazi, N. H. Zardari, Z. Yusop, Z. Ismail, F. Othman

Performance of Wheat Crop under Different Irrigation Regimes and Nitrogen Levels. A Field Experiment


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A. Stanojkovic-Sebic, D. Djukic, L. Mandic, R. Pivic, A. Stanojkovic, D. Josic

Mineral and Bacterial Fertilisation Effect on the Number of Fungi in Soil under Winter Wheat and the Yield of Wheat


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M. C. Unver, M. Kucuk, A. Tufekcioglu

Temperature Influence on N Mineralisation Potential in Different Land Uses in Artvin, Turkey


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N. Medja, E. Panariti

Effect of Crude Extract of Cyanobacteria from the Shkodra Lake for Larvae of Carassius gibelio


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Sustainable waste management

G. Stefanovic, H. Skrijelj, I. Ristovic, B. Milutinovic, O. Milosevic, S. Popovic

Sustainable Waste Management Model – Case Study: Novi Pazar


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Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. Trandafirescu, E. Doroftei

Utilisation of Ecological Methods for Pathogens and Pests Control at Peach and Apricot


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Clean technologies – biodegradation of PAH, renewable solid fuels

A. Mamoukaris, S. Mimis, E. Karakolios, K. Xipolitos, G. Patsioura

New Friendly to Environment Method in Wastewater Treatment


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C. Vural, B. Karabey, D. E. Bayrak, G. Ozdemir

Real Time Bacterial Monitoring during the Biodegradation of Selected PAHs in Industry-borne Activated Sludge


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I. Mijailovic, V. Radojicic, O. Ecim-Djuric, G. Stefanovic, G. Kulic

Energy Potential of Tobacco Stalks in Briquettes and Pellets Production


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A. Gunes, H. Cakar, O. Akat, M. A. Guney, B. Ozkul, E. Koru, A. Y. Korkut, C. Suzer, S. Cirik, K. Firat, S. Saka

Determination of the Bioenergy Production Capacity from Biochemical Profiles of Some Aquatic Phytoremediation Plants. Energy While Cleaning


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Environmental management

M. Ozyavuz, Y. Donmez

Monitoring the Changing Position of Coastlines Using Information Technologies, an Example of Tekirdag


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B. C. Bilgili, O. Satir, V. Muftuoglu, M. Ozyavuz

A Simplified Method for the Determination and Monitoring of Green Areas in Urban Parks Using Multispectral Vegetation Indices


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M. Cicekli, N. T. Barlas

Transformation of Today Greenhouses into High-technology Vertical Farming Systems for Metropolitan Regions


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D. Jitariu, M. Popescu, I. Moise, C. Urdea

Rural Sustainable Development Opportunity by Exploiting the Melliferous Resources – Case Study: the Ciucurova Village, Tulcea County, Romania


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E. Kukali, Kr. Atlio, I. Fiku

Study of the Quality of Grapes Production in Correlation with the Biological Modelling of Cutting


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V. St. Raykov

Fish Stock Indicators: Application of Descriptor 3 of MSFD in Black Sea


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Computer simulation for predicting dew point temperature

C. Ilie, M.-L. Lungu, L. Panaitescu, M. Ilie, D. Lungu, S. Nita

Simulating for Predicting the Hourly Dew Point Temperature Using Artificial Neural Networks


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Computer simulation for forecasting the amount of NO2 in atmosphere

C. Ilie, L. Panaitescu, M.-L. Lungu, M. Ilie

Simulation and Modelling in Order to Forecast the Amount of NO2 in Birmingham (UK) Using Artificial Neural Networks and Environmental and Geographical Parameters from Eastern and Western UK


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Computer simulation – artificial neural networks

L. Panaitescu, M.-L. Lungu, C. Ilie, S. Nita

Simulation and Modelling of the Influence between Main Climatic Parameters Quantities and Average Soil Temperature Using Artificial Neural Networks


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Environmental education and training

M. Golumbeanu, A. Oros, M. Nenciu, M. Zavatarelli, A. Drago

Contribution of Environmental Indices in Meeting the Objectives and Principles of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)


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Public health – environmental medicine

T. Negreanu-Pirjol, B. S. Negreanu-Pirjol, A. Popescu, M. M. Bratu, M. Udrea, F. Busuricu

Comparative Antioxidant Properties of Some Romanian Food Fruits Extracts


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L. Kokici, M. Lika (Cekani)

Treating of Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of the Preeclamptic Pregnancies


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T. Turnovska, G. Foreva, D. Dimitrova, R. Asenova, R. Dimova, R. Stoyanova

Project for Training General Practitioners in Environmental Health


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Public health

D. Karagulle, E. D. E. Kiraz, F. Ergin, S. G. Turan, O. Okur

Physicians Awareness about the Importance of Environmental History in Medical Diagnosis


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Geoinformatic and environment

S. I. Herban, G. Rusu, O. Grecea, G. A. Birla

Using the Laser Scanning for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Sites. Case Study: Ulmetum Citadel


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Sustainable landscape planning

B. Yilmaz, S. Saricam, F. Aslan, A. Atik

Landscape Characteristics of Battalgazi Archaeological and Historical Settlement in Malatya, Turkey, Its Protection Problems and Solutions


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A. Salici, M. F. Altunkasa

Importance of Greenways in the Formation of Urban Landscape: the Case of Antakya City


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D. Demiroglu, M. Yucekaya, A. Coban, D. Gokce

Investigation of Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities: the Kilis Case


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Conclusions of the 1st International Medical Conference of B.EN.A. on MED ENV-2014, Environment and Public Health, 12–14 September, Constanta, Romania


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