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Vol. 13, No.4

Air pollution


M. Arsic, D. Nikolic, I. Mihajlovic, Z. Zivkovic, P. Djordjevic, Monitoring of Ozone Concentrations in the Belgrade Urban Area, 2057
S. Stefanov, R. Biocanin, M. V. Miloradov, S. Bancov, Ecological Modelling of Industrial Pollutants – Serbian Case, 2068
C. Talianu, L. Belegante, D. Nicolae, A. Nemuc,Estimation of Urban Pollution Level during Earli09 Campaign using Real Time Aerosol Monitors,2078
W. Stefanescu, P. Stefanescu,Aspects Regarding the Level of Acoustic Discomfort Generated by Urban Traffic,2087

Water pollution – quality, legislation

M. Ihos, A. Remes, F. Manea,  Electrochemical Determination of Diclofenac Using Borondoped Diamond Electrode, 2096
M.-M. Crisan, D. Ioan, Current Status of Groundwater Monitoring and Its Future in Arad, 2104
M. Laurentiu, Water Alteration in the Municipality of Pitesti, 2112
Soil pollution
M. Popa, M. Glevitzky, D. Popa, S. Varvara, G.-A. Dumitrel,  Study on Soil Pollution with Heavy Metals near the River Ampoi, the Alba County, 2123
Industrial pollution
A. Grozav, Gh. Rogobete, Environmental Effects of Exploitation of Iron Ore Deposit Boul Peak – the Poiana Rusca Mountains, 2130

Risk assessment


E. Ghita, M. Nagi, I.-D. Carabas, Analysis Regarding the State of Thermal Stresses at Wheel-rail Contact in the Railway Transport, 2140
B. Stanescu, M. Petrescu, C. Lehr.,  Investigation of Landfill Gases Accumulated in Underground (Soil/Subsoil) Nearest Municipal Waste Disposals, 2145
E. Condrea, M. Mirea, K. A. Aivaz, O. Nitu (Oprisan), Risk Analysis – Important Activity in the Food Safety Management. Hazards and Risks Identified in the Milk Processing Industry, 2151
A. Bechir, R. Sirbu, E. S. Bechir, M. Pacurar, D. L. Ghergic, O. C. Arghir, Dental Fluorosis as Result of Cumulated Exposure, 2161
V. Dini, B. Bijo,  Evaluation of the Escherichia coli Bacterial Pollution Indicator in Fresh Milk Produced in Tirana (Albania), 2167
F. Tozija, D. Gjorgjev, M. Kochubovski, Violence and Maltreatment of Elderly – Applied Ecological Model in Risk Assessment and Policy Intervention, 2173

Health risk management


M. Dellinger, L. Tofan, T. Ehlinger,
Predictive Analytics and Pattern Visualisation for Human Health Risk Assessment, 2186

Natural and technological hazards


Wentao Shang, Shulin Sun, Qiuyong Bai, Cheng Wang, Wenliang Liu,
Translational Failure Analysis of Landfill with Dry and Wet Liners, 2198
V. Radovic, S. Komatina-Petrovic, From Failure to Success: Serbian Approach in Mitigation of Global Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events, 2207
A. Dukic, S. Jerkovic, Penetration of Acid Rain in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik as an Example, 2215

Solid waste management


M. Mladenov, Y. Pelovski,  Use of Wastes for Sustainable Pulp Production at ‘Svilosa’ JSC, 2221

B. Negreanu-Pirjol, T. Negreanu-Pirjol, N. Badea, G. M. Parachiv, E. Gorun, R. Sirbu, A. Meghea, Physicochemical and Microbiological Characterisation of Municipal Sludge from Romanian Black Sea Coast Wastewater Treatment Plants, 2232
Environmental protection and sustainable development
G. Tsekouropoulos, Z. Andreopoulou, V. Samathrakis, F. Grava, Sustainable Development through Agriculture Entrepreneurship Opportunities: Introducing Internet Consulting for Market Places, 2240
R. Radoslav, A.-M. Branea , B. Demetrescu, Resolving Ecological Problems through a Holistic Vision of Regional Urban Planning, 2249
D. Popa, T. Borsan, M. Popa, Functional and Aesthetic Optimisation of Urban Space, 2257
M. Mazilu, Urban Planning and Transportation Meeting Ecological Purposes, 2267
M. Laurentiu,  Degradation Sources of the Environment in the Municipality of Pitesti, 2273
M. R. Gridan, S. F. Jianu, C. Grecea,  Implication of Forestry Cadastre in the National Strategy of Environmental Protection, 2283
M. A. Dungan, L. I. Dungan, Improvement of the Comfort of the Passengers in an Uic Passenger Car Type B11 Using Basaltic Fibres Cloth Like Insulation Material on Ceiling , 2291

Biochemical- and bioprotection


C. Comanescu, D. Ficai, A. Ficai, O. Oprea, I. Lacatusu, C. Guran,
Lipase Immobilisation on New Silica-based Supports, 2302
M. Pesakovic, S. Milenkovic, D. Djukic, L. Mandic, R. Miletic, Z. Karaklajic-Stajic, Effect of Conventional and Botanical Insecticides on Soil Microbial Activity, 2310
Clean technologies
B. G. Rujoi, Possibilities of Recycling the Packing Waste Obtained from the Graphitisation Process by Transforming the Product into Refractory Composites, 2318
L. Stelea, I. Costescu, Ecologically Sustainable Asphalt Mixtures in the Road Technique, 2325
A. Diaconu, W. Russ, B. Klitzing, I. Ionel, A New Way for Energy Supplying in the Beer Industry, 2331
A. Dhroso, I. Malollari, S. Drushku, A. Malja, H. Manaj, Z. Hasandocaj, F. Gjyriqi, Production of Biodiesel from Natural Vegetable Oils, 2338
Environmental legislation
S. Drushku, I. Beqiraj, A. Malja,  Monitoring of Diesel Fuel Produced and Sold in Albania, 2347
Environmental management
A. Dibra, F. Sokoli, A. Neziri, New Approach in Sediment Management near the Buna Delta, 2355
D. Peptenatu, R. D. Pintilii, C. Draghici, C. Merciu, R. D. Mateescu,  Management of Environment Risk within Emergency Territorial Systems. Case Study – the Influence Area of the Bucharest City, 2360
B. Demetrescu, R. D. Radu, R. Radu,  Division Spatial Urban Planning of an Area. Case Study – the Sport and Recreation Facilities in Timisoara, 2371

B. Baruti, A. Vitaku, B. Mustafa, I. Malollari, B. Hoxha, Water Supply from ‘Iber-Lepenc’ Hydro-system for the Needs of ‘Kosovo B’ Thermo-plant,

A. C. Teusdea, C. Iovan, S. Puscas,  Use of the Hydro-energetic Potential of the Waters from the Hydrographic Basin of the Crisul Pietros in the Trout Production, 2386
C. Braghina, C. Merciu, D. Peptenatu, D. Robert, I. Ianos, Environment Management in the Mining Areas Functionally Restructured. Case Study – the Petrosani Depression, Romania, 2394
Environmental informatics
S.-V. Tahas, L. Dimen, D. Ristoiu, C. Cosma, L. Muntean, Statistical Analysis of Global Solar Radiation and Temperature Trends at Cluj-Napoca, Romania (1921–2009), 2404
Z . Andreopoulou, G. Tsekouropoulos, Th. Pavlidis,  Adoption and Perspectives of Network Technologies and E-marketing in Skiing Centres Websites in the Internet , 2416
Environmental education
L. Marmureanu, N. A. Geamana, The Need for Education and Public Awareness Campaign in Natura 2000 Sites, 2423
Geotechnology and environment
A. C. Bala, C. Grecea, F. M. Brebu, V. David, C. I. Bota, Monitoring Mining Dumps in Relation with Environmental Protection, 2433
F. M. Brebu, M. Marin, A. C. Bala,  Monitoring of the Building Energy in Connection with the Requirements of the Sustainable Urban Development and of the Environmental Protection,  2439
Environmental touristic economics
A. C. Muntean, F. Stremtan,  Tourists Satisfaction with the Tourist Offer of Alba Iulia Historical Fortress , 2445
New B.EN.A. Offices Establishing in 2012, 2452

Conclusions of the International Conference ‘Towards Future Sustainable Development’, November 16–17, 2012, Shkodra, Albania, 2453