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Vol 13, No.3 (2012)

Air pollution
M. BANJA.    Ozone Weekend Effect in Urban Tirana Area Related to Nitrogen Oxides......1235
Abstract / Full paper
Water pollution
I. MEGHEA, M. MIHAI, E. CRACIUN.    Statistical Control of Mercury in Surface Water of Bucharest......1242

M. CIOROI.    Studies on Nitrate Levels in Drinking Water of the Galati County Private Wells......1253

E. BIRSAN, C. LUCA, G. CISNOVSCHI.    Distribution of Dissolved and Particulate Heavy Metals in Surface Water from an Area Affected by Mining Activities......1261

T. ROMOCEA, C. GHERGHELES, E. PANTEA.    Experimental Research Regarding the Determination of the Encrusted or Aggressive Character of the Geothermal Waters in the North-western Part of Romania......1277

S. MALI, S. SHUMKA.    Possible Management of Fecal Coliform Pollution in the Shkumbini Basin Following the WFD Guidelines......1289

V. PETRESCU, A. DARVAS, J. DARVAS.    Integrated Monitoring System of Water Quality Transported by the Upper Olt River (County Harghita) Case Study – Downstream of the Miercurea Ciuc Town......1297
Industrial pollution
B. SEITI, D. TOPI, I. MALOLLARI, A. LAME.    Environmental Impact on Air Pollution from Oil Extraction and Refining Industry in Albania......1314
Risk assessment


C. ITICESCU, L. P. GEORGESCU, G. MURARIU.    Potential Effects of pH Variation Depending on the Temperature in the Drinking Water Supply System ......1324

D. BUTUNOIU, E. RUSU.    Sensitivity Tests with Two Coastal Wave Models......1332

L. L. TOMOIAGA, I. OROIAN.    Identifying and Setting the Parameters of the Risk Factors Involved in the Process of Biological Decline of the Vines in Romania......1350

GH. VOICU, A. BECHIR, O.-C. ARGHIR.    Chemical Air Pollution and the Prevalence of Respiratory Disorders and Diseases......1357
Abstract / Full paper
M. RAKAJ, DH. DHORA.    Conspicuous Values and Incisive Environmental Problems of the Buna River......1366

C. CAPATINA, GH. GAMANECI, C. M. SIMONESCU.    Impact Assessment of the Surface Mining Exploitation on the Environment in the District of Gorj, Romania......1375

R. SADIKAJ, V. SPAHO, I. MALOLLARI, D. ARAPI.    Hydrobiological Study of a Sector in the Fierza Lake in Albania, with the Scope of Installing Floatable Plants for Fishes Cultivation......1391

M. RAKAJ.    Biological Conditions of the Lake Shkodra and the Buna River......1397

K. THEODOROPOULOS, E. ELEFTHERIADOU.    Drosera rotundifolia L. (Droseraceae). A Rare and Endangered Species for the Flora of Greece......1405

S. M. SHIRAZI, ZULKIFLI YUSOP, F. A. SALMAN.    Response of Yield Contributing Characters of Maize to Irrigation and Nitrogenous Fertiliser......1412

P. KONSTANTINIDIS, P. XOFIS, G. TSIOURLIS.    Syntaxonomy and Synecology of Thermophilous Mediterranean Pines Pinus halepensis Mill. and Pinus brutia Ten. in Greece......1423

W. NON, N. GRIGORIADIS, K. THEODOROPOULOS.    Classification and Management Implications for Pinus halepensis Forests in Greece......1432
Solid waste management
V. KYOSEVA, E. TODOROVA, I. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKY.    Solid Waste of Sofia Municipality as Raw Material and Energy Resource......1442

D. P. PAPADOPOULOS , S. A. TSIPAS.    Dolomite Waste Recovery for Producing Aluminum Metal Foams via Liquid Metallurgy......1450
Environmental protection and sustainable development
G. I. GRADINARU.    Potential of Biodiversity Business to Improve the Protection of Temperate Forests......1459

I. VINTILA.    Comparative Analysis of Environmental Impact Determined by the Local to International Origin and Transportation System of Fishery Products......1467

CH. A. TSEKOS.    Contribution of Environmental Education to the Achievement of Sustainable Development......1474

M. TOPAY.    Importance of Thermal Comfort in the Sustainable Landscape Planning......1480
Biochemical- and bioprotection
M. PETRE, AL. TEODORESCU, D. GIOSANU, C. BEJAN.    Enhanced Cultivation of Mushrooms on Organic Wastes from Wine-making Industry......1488

M. PETRE, AL. TEODORESCU, A. NICOLESCU, M. DOBRE, D. GIOSANU.    Biotechnology of Winery and Vineyard Wastes Recycling by Controlled Cultivation of Mushrooms in Robotic System......1493
Clean technologies
N. ST. LONTIS, I. IONEL, FR. POPESCU, F. IACOBESCU.    Biofuels Fired in Small-scale Cogeneration. A New Potential in Greenhouse Gases Reduction......1497

I. IONEL, M. DOBRIN, V. CEBRUCEAN.    Potential of Short Rotation Coppice as Renewable Energy Source. Examples from Romanian Practice......1503

N. I. ALBOIU, I. BICA, M. DEGERATU, G. BANDOC, M. GOLUMBEANU.    Experimental Investigations on a Technical Solution for Aquifers Protection......1513

D. FERHATOVIC, H. SMAILHODZIC, S. NOCAJEVIC, S. SEMDIN, H. MURATOVIC.    Possibility for the Cultivation of Stone Fruits on Leaved Coal Mines......1521
Environmental management


L. P. GEORGESCU, D. CIOBANU, C. E. SANDU.    Contaminated Sites in the South-east Region of Romania. Methods of Risk Identification and Management......1527

G. SHQAU.    Environmental Pollution as a Serious Obstacle to Sustainable Tourism Development in Elbasan......1535

P. PAPADOPOULOS.    Proof and Experimentation in Statistics and Quantitative Methods – Applications to Tourism Management ......1544

C. GHERGHELES, V. GHERGHELES, T. ROMOCEA, M. A. ROMAN, E. PANTEA, M. ION, A. IOVI.    Softening of Waste Geothermal Water Using Ion Exchange Resins for Environment Protection......1553

G. TSIOURLIS, P. KONSTANTINIDIS, P. XOFIS.    An Ecological Assessment Method: Application to the Vegetation Units of the Lagadas County (Greece)......1560

C. BURJA, V. BURJA.    Decisions in Sustainable Viticulture Using Life Cycle Assessment......1570

K. KITIKIDOU, N. ANDONIADIS.    Forestbiometrical Models for Drimos Forest at Xanthi, Greece......1578

L. FLOREA.    Freshwater Fish Captures in the Danube River in the Braila Sector and the Galati Sector, within the Period of 2006–2008......1589
Computer applications on environmental information system


I. MINEA, I. CRACIUN.    Simulation Models to Evaluate the Groundwater Resources in the Bahlui River Basin, Romania......1600
Public health – environmental medicine


E. POSTOLACHE, C. POPESCU, A. CIUBUCA, G. RAPEANU, M. BULANCEA.    Dynamics of Oxidative Enzymes Activity during the White Grapes Wine-making......1608

Geoinformatics and environment


I. S. HERBAN, C. GRECEA, C. C. MUSAT.    Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) to Model, Manage and Develop Urban Data of the Timisoara City ......1616
Geotechnology – civil engineering impact and environment


D. ANTONIJEVIC, M. KOMATINA, Z. STEVANOVIC.    Energetic and Environmental Sustainability of Sub-geothermal Heat Pump Heating in Serbia......1625

Environmental economics


F. TUDOR.    Promotion of Economic-fiscal Instruments to Combat the International Water Pollution......1634

Conclusions of NATO ASI ‘Environmental Security Assessment and Management of Obsolete Pesticides in South-east Europe’ Organised in Varna, 11–17 September 20