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Vol.15, no.4 (2014)

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Air pollution – noise impact, ozone accumulation

B. Baruti, I. Malollari, N. Lajci, M. Sadiku, S. Nikshiq-Kadriu, M. Aliu, B. Syla, P. Hoxha

Assessment of Noise Pollution Risk at Hotels in Mitrovica – Kosovo


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G. Kadinov, M. Doncheva-Boneva, D. Bezlova

Ozone Accumulation in Mountainous Regions in Bulgaria


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Water pollution

G. Aytac, D. Kusuluoglu

Water as a Design Strategy: Case Study of Kurbagalidere, Istanbul


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M. Popa, M. Glevitzky, D. M. Popa, G.-A. Dumitrel

Study Regarding the Water Contamination and the Negative Effects on the Population from the Blaj Area, Romania


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M. T. Esetlili, B. Colak Esetlili, F. Ozen, M. Bolca, Y. Kurucu

Determination of the Arsenic Pollution due to Geothermal Sources in the Agricultural Lands of Alangullu–Aydin Region


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L. Lazar, A. Ceica, L. Bulgariu, I. Balasanian, L. Pascu, I. Cretescu

Removal of Nitrate Ions from Water Using Non-selective Purolite A847 Resin


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B. Malinovic, M. G. Pavlovic, S. Bunic

Treatment of Copper Cyanide Wastewaters in Electrochemical Batch Reactor with Stainless Steel Electrodes


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M. S. Secula, I. Cretescu, M. Diaconu

Adsorption of Acid Dye Eriochrome Black T from Aqueous Solutions onto Activated Carbon. Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies


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G. Angjeli, M. Lika (Cekani), I. Malollari

Statistical Evaluation of Microbiologically Contaminated Water in the Shengjin Beach, Albania


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Risk management

T. Yilmaz, F. Savkli

Effects of the Use of Water Features in Antalya Urban Parks


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G. Ballice, E. Paykoc

Re-architecture of Existing Building Stock with Sustainable Approach: the Analysis of the City of Izmir


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Marine ecology

J. R. Person, G. A. Herrouin

Marine Ecological Engineering: a Sustainable Solution for Coastal Cities and Areas


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D. Mareci, S. I. Strugaru, C. Munteanu, V. Grancea, I. Cretescu

Marine Environment Conservation by Using the Plasma Nitrided Austenitic Stainless Steel for Industrial Activities in the Seawater


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S. Zervoudaki, H. Orek, E. Krasakopoulou, G. Assimakopoulou, B. FachSalihoglu, E. Papathanassiou

Food Web Structure in the Aegean Sea and the Turkish Straits System and Understanding the Role of the Ocean Acidification as Important Driver of Change in Biological Systems


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M.-I. Nenciu, V. Coatu, A. Oros, D. Rosioru, D. Tiganus, N. Rosoiu

Pollutant Bioaccumulation in the Long-snouted Seahorse at the Romanian Coast


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Environmental protection and sustainable development

D. Dobrescu, G. Vintila

Analysis of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility – Romania in Globalisation Context


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Biochemical- and bioprotection

A. Mesi (Dizdari), D. Kopliku

Seasonal Phyto- and Genotoxicity Monitoring of Municipal Landfill Leachate on Allium cepa Roots


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Clean technologies

C. Zaharia, D. Suteu

A Preliminary Modelling and Optimisation Study of a Homogenous Advanced Oxidation Process Applied for an Industrial Coloured Effluent


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L. Rusu, M. Harja, C. Munteanu, G. Ciobanu, D. Suteu

Red and Brown Peat Use in Removing Pollutants from Municipal and Industrial Wastewater


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L. Dinu, M. Stefanescu, I. Balaiu, C. Cosma, I. Cristea, V. Badescu

Acid Mine Water Treatment Using the High Density Sludge Technology


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Y. Uysal, D. Aktas, Y. Caglar

Determination of Colour Removal Efficiency of Lemna minor L. from Industrial Effluents


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D. Boutakidis, S. Aggelopoulos, A. Pavloudi, K. Soutsas

Attitudes and Opinions of Social Media Users on Renewable Energy


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D. V. Popa, M.-T. Corches, N.-C. Moldovan

Study on the Development of a Photo-voltaic Park in Alba County


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M. Gezginci, Y. Uysal

Electricity Generation Using Different Substrates and Their Different Concentrations in Microbial Fuel Cell


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Environmental management

C. Bofu, I. Craciun, C. R. Giurma-Handley, I. Antonescu, M. Telisca, C. Boariu, I. Alecu

Correlation between Green Energy Cadastre and Environmental Monitoring


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I. Giurma, I. Craciun, C. R. Giurma-Handley, C. Boariu, P. Cercel, I. Antonescu

Considerations Concerning Geothermal Energy Storage Using a Heat Accumulator


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M. K. Yetik, M. Yuceer, E. Karadurmus, E. Semizer, A. Calimli, R. Berber

An Interactive GIS-based Software for Dynamic Monitoring of Rivers


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M. Cicekli, N. T. Barlas

Transformation of Today Greenhouses into High Technology Vertical Farming Systems for Metropolitan Regions


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S. Aggelopoulos, M. Tsiouni, A. Pavloudi, I. Mitsopoulos

Zootechnical and Economical Profile of Sheep and Goat Farms


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H. Esbah, M. Akyol, M. Steindl

Urban Agriculture: Implications on Istanbul Cultural Heritage


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Environmental informatics

F. Ozen, M. T. Esetlili, M. Bolca, Y. Kurucu

Impact of Land Use Changes on Agricultural Ecosystem: a Case Study of Kemalpasa-Izmir


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M. T. Esetlili, F.Ozen, Y. Kurucu, U. Kaya

Agroecological Aspect of Olive Cultivation


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Public health – environmental medicine

H. V. Matei, M. L. Vica, S. Balici, D. Popa, C. Siserman, C. Mironiuc

Distribution of HPV Genotypes in Patients from Cluj County, Romania


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P. Paparisto, A. Balili, I. Arapi, X. Ceka, E. Kone

Environmental Viral Factors, Main Contributors in Cervical Carcinogenesis


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Reserved area protection

M. Arcus, D. Sava, R. M. Stoicescu, Gh. Taralunga, G. Lilios

Management and Conservation of Protected Natural Areas – Meledic Plateau (Buzau County), Romania


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Geoinformatics and environment

L. Comanescu, A. Nedelea, R. Dobre, G. Bandoc

Inventoring the Principal Geomorphosites for Determining Geomorphodiversity. Case Study – the Central Sector of the Bucegi Mountains (the Carpathians, Romania)


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Sustainable landscape planning

E. Tok, S. Kaya

Monitoring Components of Urban Environment Using Vegetation–Impervious–Soil Model and Remotely Sensed Data


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B. K. Atak, N. Erdogan, E. Ersoy, E. Nurlu

Analysing the Spatial Urban Growth Pattern by Using Logistic Regression in Didim District


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B. Gulgun, M. A. Guney, E. Aktas, K. Yazici

Role of the Landscape Architecture in Interdisciplinary Planning of Sustainable Cities


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M. T. Esetlili, F. Ozen, Y. Kurucu, M. Bolca

Relationship between Highway Constructions and Natural Habitat. A Case Study of Izmir Highway


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A.-N. Albu, M. Popescu, D.-M. Plesoianu, M.-C. Urdea, N. Mocanu

Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage from Southern Dobrogea of Geographical Point of View


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S. Jancev, S. Bogoevski, B. Boskovski, M. Kochubovski, N. Stolic, E. Pet­rusev

Distribution of As in the Top Soil Samples around the D. Lisice, G. Lisice, Dracevo, Ognjanci Villages of the Skopje Field Territory


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