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Atmospheric pollution

V. Danciulescu, E. Bucur, L. F. Pascu, A. Vasile, M. Bratu

Correlations between Noise Level and Pollutants Concentration in Order to Assess the Level of Air Pollution Induced by Heavy Traffic,

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D. Popa, M. T. Corches, A. G. Buzgar

Evaluation of Environmental Noise Pollution Caused by Road Traffic in the City of Alba Iulia, Romania

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R. Diodiu, E. Bucur, T. Galaon, L. F. Pascu

Indoor Air Exposure to Aldehydes and Ketones in Rooms with New and Old Furniture of a New Office Building

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Water pollution

M. Popa, R. Bostan, N. Ilie, S. Varvara

Natural Sorbents Used for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Acidic Wastewaters Generated at ‘Valea Sesei’ Tailing Pond from Rosia Poeni Mining Perimeter (Romania)

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G.-A. Dumitrel, M. Glevitzky, M. Popa, M. L. Vica

Studies Regarding the Heavy Metals Pollution of Streams and Rivers in Rosia Montana Area, Romania

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Z. Olejnickova, M. Vavrova, J. Caslavsky, J. Mega, Z. Simek

Assessment of Drinking Water Treatment Technologies to Remove Estrogens

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M. T. Corches, M. Popa, L. Dimen

Study of Algal Communities in Highly Acidic Waters from Aries River Basin

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Water management

I. Tusa, M. Sidoroff, M. Paun

Environmental Research Assessment

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Soil pollution

N. Todea, I. C. Cioca

Aspects of Determining the Costs Associated with Ecological Restoration of the Polluted Land in Zlatna Area

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Agricultural pollution

C. Roba, C. Rosu, I. Pistea, C. Baciu, D. Costin, A. Ozunu

Transfer of Heavy Metals from Soil to Vegetables in a Mining/Smelting Influenced Area (Baia Mare – Ferneziu, Romania)

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Risk assessment

C. Rosu, G.-E. Popita, D. Manciula, A. Popovici, O. Corbu, A. Cozma

Tanned Leather Waste: A Hazardous Waste or Not?

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K. Stepanova, O. Rubel

Approaches to Natural Hazard Risk Assessment and Management in Ukraine

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Marine ecology

A. Filimon, V. Abaza

Preliminary Data on the Vertical Distribution of Meiobenthos in the Sediment of the Romanian Black Sea Shallow Waters

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M. Nedelescu, D. Baconi, A.-M. Ciobanu, G. Manda, V. Preoteasa, F. Mitu, A. Moldoveanu

Heavy Metal Levels in Teeth and Hair Samples of Children Living in an Industrial Area

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M. A. Sandu, A. Virsta

Environmental Toxicity of Lindane and Health Effect

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I. Yanchev, D. Ivanova, V. Ivanov

Effect of Leaf Nutrition with Hortigrow on the Content, Yield and Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil from Common Basil of ‘Trakia’ Cultivar

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C. G. Nicolae, H. Grosu, G. Bahaciu, M. Marin, I. Raducuta, L. M. Moga

Optimisation of the Selection Indices Using Two Characters in Cyprinids Population of Ropsa Breed, for Increasing the Meat Production

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Waste management

M. E. Koncsag

Land Surveying Measurements before Final Ecological Works at the Tailings Management Facility ‘Iaz Carpenis’, Village of Rosia Montana, Alba County

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Solid waste management

S. Masu, V. Nicorescu, M. Popa

Slag and Fly Ash Dump Treatment with Biodegradable Waste Herbaceous Vegetation Purpose

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D. Popescu, M. Iliescu, M. Comsa, M. Ivan, D. Corbean, F. Bora

Nutritional Value of Waste from Winemaking for Uses as Organic Fertiliser in Agriculture

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S. Bungau, R. Suciu, A. Bumbu, G. Cioca, D. M. Tit

Study on Hospital Waste Management in Medical Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital, Baile Felix

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

C. Grecea, F. M. Brebu, A. C. Bala, O. A. Grecea

Environment Protecting by Permanent Monitoring of Salt Mines

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M. Neculita, D. A. Sarpe, D. S. Cristea

Aquaculture Specialisation and Concentration Analysis of the Romanian Development Regions

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V. Galabov, A. Kortcheva, A. Bogatchev, B. Tsenova

Investigation of the Hydro-meteorological Hazards along the Bulgarian Coast of the Black Sea by Reconstructions of Historical Storms

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L. Oprea, I. Ienciu, M. Tudorascu, L. Filip

Implications of Topography and Cadastre in Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development of ‘Alba Carolina’ Vauban Citadel

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Biochemical and bio-protection

E. M. Abraham, Κ. Theodoropoulos, Ε. Eleftheriadou, A. Ragkos, Α. P. Kyriazopoulos, Ζ. Μ. Parissi, G. Arabatzis, K. Soutsas

Non-wood Forest Products from the Understory and Implications for Rural Development: The Case of a Broadleaf Deciduous Oak Forest (Quercus frainetto T e n.) in Chalkidiki, Greece

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A. A. Popovici, L. Al. Marghitas, D. S. Dezmirean, M. Ilea

Determinants of Sustainable Innovative Bee Products in France and Romania

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M. Galatchi, G. Radu, T. Zaharia, A. Totoiu, D. Coprean

Studies Regarding Biological Aspects of Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus L i n n a e u s, 1758) from the Romanian Black Sea Coast

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Clean technologies

C. Calin, L. Stoica, C. Constantin

NO3 Removal from Aqueous Systems by Sorption-Flotation

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A. B. Ungur

Researches Regarding the Decanting Pond ‘Valea Salistei’, in View of Areal Rehabilitation and Returning It to the Agricultural Circuit

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G. Orzan, L.-A. Boboc, I. Burghelea, L.-D. Stupu

The Power of Interconnectivity in Intelligent Technologies as a Way to Increase Environmental Protection Awareness and Implication

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Environmental management

J. M. Nikolic, I. Ristovic, D. Vasovic

System Modelling for Environmental Management of Mining and Energy Complex Based on the Strategy Principles of Sustainable Balanced Scorecard Method (SBSC)

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S. Capusneanu, R. Ivan, D. I. Topor, D.-M. Oprea, A. Muntean

Environmental Changes and Their Influences on Performance of a Company by Using Eco-dashboard

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Environmental education

D. Badulescu, C. Bungau, A. Badulescu

Sustainable Development through Sustainable Businesses. An Empirical Research among Master Students

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Public health – environmental medicine

A. Labunet, C. Olteanu, G. Nicula, M. Badea

Comparative in vitro Study on the Bond Strength of Two Orthodontic Adhesives after Dental Bleaching

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A. Bakaj (Cizmja), M. Lika (Cekani), I. Malollari

Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infections in Some Group of Population in Albania, 2012–2013

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I. Marincu, E. Popovici, S. Mihaicuta, D. C. Vlad, R. M. Stoicescu

Smoking Impact on Oral Candidiasis in HIV-infected Patients

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A. Rascu, L. Moise, E. Naghi, O. C. Deleanu, O. C. Arghir

Sick Building Syndrome – a Reality and a Chalenge for Physicians

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I. Stoica, M. Popescu, M. Orzan

Consumer Preferences for Organic Food. A Case Study of Neuromarketing Methods and Tools

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Wetlands – animal welfare – reserved area

N. Vaidianu, L. Tofan, C. Braghina, A. Schvab

Legal and Institutional Framework for Integrated Governance in a Biosphere Reserve

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Environmental friendly construction materials – fly ash in concrete

B. Langier, J. Halbiniak, J. Adamus

Investigation of Frost Resistance of Fly Ash Concrete with Air-entraining Admixture

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Environmental economics

I. C. Iuga

Socioeconomic Development and Climate Change – Basic Components of Sustainable Development in European Union Countries

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A. Tamas-Szora, D.-C. Danuletiu, A. Socol, A.-E. Danuletiu

Environmental Assessment of the Projects Financed by European Union in Romania. Ex-post Appraisal and Lessons that Can Be Learnt

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P. R. Rachisan, C. Bota-Avram, I. Raluca, A. Grosanu

Assessing the Impact of Corporate Governance and Economic Development on Environmental Performance: Empirical Evidence from Cross-country Survey

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D. C. Petrilean, S. I. Irimie

Solutions for the Capitalisation of the Energetic Potential of Sludge Collected in Danutoni Wastewater Treatment Plant

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S.-C. Vac, G.-E. Popita

Biomass: Economical, Social and Environmental Aspects in Biogas Plants Implementation

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