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Vol. 17. No. 1

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Atmospheric pollution

A. Rosu, D. E. Constantin, L. Georgescu

Air Pollution Level in Europe Caused by Energy Consumption and Transportation

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E. Bucur, A. Vasile, M. Petrescu, A. Danet

Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Spaces Designed for Office Activities: PAHs and Phenols

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Water pollution

L. R. Popescu, M. Iordache, L. F. Pascu, E.-M. Ungureanu, G.-O.Buica

Applications of the Mathematical Model Anova in the Area of an Industrial Platform for Assessment of Groundwater Quality

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G. G. Vasile, N. M. Marin, J. Petre, L. V. Cruceru

Ultrasonic Nebuliser, a Useful Tool for Improving the Sensibility of Trace Element Detection in Surface Water

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L. Teodorof, A. Burada, C. Despina, D. Seceleanu-Odor, A. I.-M. Tudor, O. Ibram, I. Navodaru, M. Tudor

Integrated Indices for Surface Water and Sediment Quality, According to Water Framework Directive

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M. Timofti, P. Popa, G. Murariu, L. Georgescu, C. Iticescu, M. Barbu

Complementary Approach for Numerical Modelling of Physicochemical Parameters of the Prut River Aquatic System

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G. Uzel, S. Gurluk

Water Resources Management, Allocation and Pricing Issues: the Case of Turkey

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T. Galaon, L. Cruceru, J. Petre, L. F. Pascu, V. I. Iancu, M. Niculescu

New LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of Eight Nitrosamines in Drinking Water

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L. Dinu, M. Stefanescu, V. Patroescu, C. Cosma, I. Cristea, V. Badescu, M. Alexie

Trials for the Improvement of the Ettringite Process for the Mine Water Treatment

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E. Marku, A. Nuro, S. Mance

A Preliminary Survey of Some Chlorinated Organic Pollutants in Patoku Lagoon, Albania

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E. Dano, A. Neziri, J. Halili

Distribution of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Organochlorinated Pesticides in the Albanian Part of the Drin and Buna Rivers

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M. Scradeanu, G. Tevi, M. Mocuta, I. Popa, D. Scradeanu

Investigation and Preliminary Assessment on Groundwater Oil Pollution in an Urban Area. Case Study. Focsani, Romania

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J. Petre, T. Galaon, V. I. Iancu, L. Cruceru, M. Niculescu

Simultaneous Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry Determination of Some Pharmaceuticals and Antimicrobial Disinfectant Agents in Surface Water and in Urban Wastewater

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A. (Catrangiu) Banciu, D. Niculescu, M. Nita-Lazar, I. Lucaciu, C. Stoica, G. Mihaescu

Potentially Pathogenic and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in the Danube Delta Aquatic Ecosystem

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Marine pollution

F. Nicolae, M. Perkovic, M. Ristea, A. Cotorcea

Method for Monitoring the Space-time Development of Oil Spilled in Marine Environment Using PISCES II Simulation Software

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Soil pollution

N. Nikolov, R. Bozhinova, Ts. Hristeva

Reducing the Accumulation of Pb, Cd, Zn and Cu in Tobacco, Grown on an Acidic Soil (Planosol), Using Black Sea Sapropels

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C. V. Secu, I. G. Breaban, D. T. Juravle, C. D. Lesenciuc

Human Impact on Urban Soil Properties from Bahlui Foodplain, Iasi, Romania

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Agricultural pollution

J. Preka, A. Bekteshi

Preliminary Data for the Presence of Heavy Metals in Raw Milk in Shkodra

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Risk assessment

S. Gheorghe, C. Stoica, I. Paun, I. Lucaciu, M. Nita-Lazar, S. Cristofor

Ecotoxicological Tests Used as Warning System for Danube Delta Quality Assessment

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G. Tsiourlis, P. Konstantinidis, P. Xofis

Syntaxonomy and Synecology of Juniperus phoenicea L. shrublands in Greece

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B. Tanriverdi, M. F. Gikli, D. Koc, E. R. Sivaci

Evulation Effects of Cryptocoryne walkerii (Schott) as a Biorestorer on Elimination of Turbidity

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Y. Kara

Allelopathic Effect of Different Extract Concentrations of Lavandula angustofolia Miller. on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Zea mays L. and Lens culinaris

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M. Sofronievska, S. Ristovski, M. Kochubovski, A. Glavinov

Change in Radiation Exposition in Patients with Renal Colic 2004–2014

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S. Silvi, P. Barghini, S. Gorrasi, L. Selbmann, M. Fenice

Study of the Bacterial Biodiversity of Sea Water Samples from Ross Sea, Antarctica

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A. Bacu, F. Babani

Evaluation of Phytoplankton Biomass and Composition Based on Chlorophyll Pigments at Waters of Shkodra Lake, Albania

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I.-M. Tudor, O. Ibram, L. Teodorof, A. Burada, M. Tudor

Present Status of Zooplankton and Benthic Invertebrate Community Structure in Danube Delta Shallow Lakes

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M. Nita-Lazar, T. Galaon, A. Banciu, I. Paun, C. Stoica, I. Lucaciu

Screening of Various Harmful Compounds in a New Bacterial Biological Model

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

D. I. Tilina, C. Mohora, M. Zapciu, V. Bendic, V. Daescu, A. Daescu

Consideration Regarding the Transition to Sustainable Manufacturing in the Romanian SMEs

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F. Veljanoska

World Bank Group and Environment Support

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A. Kadriu

Tourism Development and Its Impact on the Overall Economic and Environmental Development of the Country

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B. Ciglovska

Agroecology and Agrotourism as a New Cash Cow for the Farmers after the Crisis: the Case of FYROM

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L. M. Moga, L. Dediu, X. Zhang, M. I. Nenciu, C. Ududec Novac, S. P. Gavrila

Barriers of Adopting Traceability Systems by Romanian Fishery and Aquaculture

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N. T. Barlas, M. Cicekli

Evaluation of Fertility Status of Satsuma Mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marcovitch) Soils in Izmir Region

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Biochemical- and bioprotection

A. Mesi (Dizdari), D. Kopliku

Assessment of Vicia faba L. Physiological Reaction and Tolerance to Copper Excess

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Clean technologies

M. Ihos, C. Lazau, F. Manea, L. Andres, R. Pode

Diclofenac Degradation by Photocatalytically-assisted Electrochemical Method

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I. Nitoi, P. Oancea, L. Constantin, M. Raileanu, M. Crisan, I. Cristea, C. Cosma

Relationship between Structure of Some Nitroaromatic Pollutants and Their Degradation Kinetic Parameters in UV-vis./TiO2 System

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I. Malollari, P. Kotori, P. Hoxha, L. Lici, V. Lajqi, B. Baruti, Xh. Cani, R. BuzO

Anaerobic Codigestion of Organic Substrate for Energetic Biogas Obtaining and Review

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O. Tiron, C. Bumbac, I. N. Cristea, C. Cosma

Textile Dyes Decolourisation by White-rot Fungus Fomes fomentarius

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F. Blanco-Silva, M. A. Graña-López,  G. Pereiro-López, A. López-Díazd

Economic Viability of a Plant of PV Auto-consumption in EU. Price of kWh Generated

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Environmental legislation

S. Savic, L. Jovanovic

New Legislation for Medicine and Ecology in Serbia – Plan of Action for the 2010–2019 Period

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Environmental management

D. Vasovic, J. M. Nikolic, G. Janackovic

Evaluation and Assessment Model for Environmental Management under the Seveso III, IOOC/IED and Water Framework Directive

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F. Brasoveanu, M. Golumbeanu

Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in the Black Sea Region

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Environmental informatics

G. Varras, Z. Andreopoulou, E. Tasoulas, Ch. Papadimas, I. Tsirogiannis, Ch. Myriounis, Ch. Koliouska

Multi-purpose Internet-based Information System ‘Urban’. Urban Tree Database and Climate Impact Evaluation

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Environmental education and training

A. Alizoti, F. Vila, Z. Mulaj, P. Dhoqina

Physics Subject Matter in Secondary Education

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S. Jovanovic, Lj. Zivkovic, Z. Prnjat, D. Obradovic-Arsic, B. Mihajlovic, A. Budovic

Environmental Education from the Perspective of Serbian Primary School Geography Teachers

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Public health

M. Ginovska, H. Spasevska, L. Stojanovska-Georgievska, I. Sandeva, M. Kochubovski

Procedure for Detection and Control of Irradiated Food

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E. Laho, K. Spahiu, F. Cenko, G. Bejtja

Data on the Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Paediatric Population in Elbasan Region (Albania)

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In memoriam

In Memoriam FokionK. Vosniakos