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Vol. 17 No. 2

You can download Vol. 17, Book 2, pp. 427 - 830 here.

Atmospheric pollution

C. Cercelaru, I. Ionel, R. M. Balogh

Odour Causing Discomfort and Their Impact on Human Health

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Water pollution

B. Sik, T. Tongur, T. Erkaymaz, H. A. Yatmaz

Development and Validation of a Rapid and Environmentally Friendly Analysis Method for Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water by Modification of QuEChERS Extraction Method

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U. K. Cebi, R. Cakir, H. H. Tok

Evaluation of the Effects of 2,6-Dinitro-N,N-dipropyl-4-trifluoromethylanil Herbicide on the Groundwater Contamination in the Thrace Region

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A. Ufacik, M. Topbas, S. S. Nas, C. C. Kolayli, E. Ortahisar, T. Sagdic, S. Cankaya, Z. S. Erdogan, B. Beyoglu

Drinking-utility Water Preferences of the People Who Live in the Centre of Trabzon Province and the Reasons for These Preferences

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M. A. Babayigit, R. Ogur, O. F. Tekbas

Evaluation of the Effects of Disinfection Methods on Volatile Organic Pollutant Levels and Some Physicochemical Parameters of Water

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D. Camur, S. Degerli, S. A. Vaizoglu, C. I. Yavuz, H. Ilter, C. Guler

Important Emerging Public Health Problem in Thermal Springs: Amoeba. A Preliminary Study from Turkey

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Y. Adali, Y. Basimoglu Koca

Effects of Pollution on Some Tissues of Fish Collected from Different Regions of Buyuk Menderes River: A Histopathological Study

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N. Uzen

Use of Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation and Infectious Diseases. Diyarbakir Example

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S. Kurklu, M. Cinar, R. Ogur, O. F. Tekbas

Effect of Household Water Treatment Devices on the Microbiological Quality of Tap Water

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Soil pollution – effect of soil acidification on the soil microbiological activity

A. Manea, M. Dumitru, M. Matei, A. Lacatusu, S. Matei, S. Dumitru

Effects of Acidification on the Soil Microbiological Activity in the Zlatna Area

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Industrial pollution

D. Rakic, I. Basaric, Z. Berisavljevic, D. Berisavljevic

Geotechnical Characteristics of Industrial Waste Slag and Sludge from Smederevo Steel Mill, Serbia

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Industrial pollution – public health

E. Dantes, A. P. Fildan, C. L. Toma, Gh. Voicu, C. Oancea

Respiratory Impact in Workers Exposed to Air Pollutants from Petroleum Refinery

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Risk assessment

S. M. Glisovic, D. J. Pesic, D. N. Zigar, I. Anghel

Assessing the Environmental Impact of Accidents in Natural Gas Metering-regulating Stations

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G. Bandoc, M. Degeratu, E. Dragomir

Effect of Wind Turbulence on Aeolian Energy Potential

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Sima Pouya, Sahar Pouya, O. Demirel

Istanbul under Pressure of Some Mega Projects (Prediction of the Effects of Some Mega Plans on Istanbul)

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L. Altun, U. Kezik, O. Kara, E. Babur

Potential of Water Purification of Macka Forest Ecosystems in Northeastern Turkey

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D. T. Juravle, C. V. Secu, I. G. Breaban, D. C. Lesenciuc, H. U. Kasper, E. D. Bobric

Pedo-geochemical Differences between Young Soils: Regosols and Spolic Technosols in Northern Part of Eastern Carpathians (Romania)

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S. S. Kurt, E. Duzgunes, B. C. Kurdoglu, O. Demirel

Example Study about Meryemana Valley (Trabzon/Turkey) for Determining the Potential Campground in the Scope of Nature Tourism

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R. Akcaalan, L. Koker, M. Albay

Do Eutrophic Waters Prompt to Toxic Cyanobacteria in Turkish Black Sea Coast?

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Solid waste management

E. Grecu, D. C. Petrilean, I. Ionel

Carbon Footprint Importance for an Integrated Waste Management System

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M. Paraschiv, C. Manole, I. Tusa, M. Paun, L. Tcacenco

Cellulase-mediated Hydrolysis Applied on Several Danube Delta Bioresources

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

B. C. Kurdoglu, S. S. Kurt, K. T. Celik, T. Ustin Topal

Greenway Planning Process in the Example of Toklu Valley

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D. D. Kusuluoglu, G. Aytac

Urban Parks and Their Role on Sustainable Urban Water Cycle

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S. Koca, S. Turkoglu, L. Gencer, M. Ozdemir

Research of Genotoxic Effect of Olive Mill Wastewater with Allium Test System

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M. Sidoroff, M. Paraschiv, A. Amarioarei, M. Paun

Measuring Funded Research Performance for Multidisciplinary Research in the Danube Basin

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M. Ustuner, M. T. Esetlili, F. B. Sanli, S. Abdikan, Y. Kurucu

Comparison of Crop Classification Methods for the Sustainable Agriculture Management

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A. P. Bekdemir, N. K. Aktas

Enotourism as an Instrument for Promoting Rural Development in Thrace Region (Turkey)

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K. Velibeyoglu

Regional Acupuncture for Izmir Peninsula: Creating Capital Web for Creative Eco-tourism

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E. Duzgunes, O. Demirel

Importance of Visitor Management in National Park Planning

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E. Abazaj, E. Ferataj Deliu, O. Petri, L. Shundi, B. Hysaj (Vila), E. Ali, S. Xinxo, M. Tanka, S. Qyra

IgG Avidity Test for Diagnosis of Acute Toxoplasma gondii in Pregnant Women

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I. Mester, D. Badulescu, A. Badulescu, D.-P. Bac, R. Simut, M. Sehleanu

Attitudes and Practices Concerning Sustainability. A Research Case on Romanian Tourism Ventures

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Environmental protection and sustainable development – landscape planning

M. T. Esetlili, Y. Kurucu, T. Turk, F. Ozen

Land Degradation Due to Coastal Urbanisation

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F. A. Turer Baskaya, E. Tekeli

Revealing Landscape Strategies for the Water Basins – Case of Buyukcekmece Lake, Istanbul

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E. Bayramoglu, Y. Cindik Akinci, O. Demirel

Interaction between Urban Design and Ergonomics of Fittings. Case Study of Trabzon Coastal Area

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Y. S. Erbas, R. Nisanci, S. Bediroglu, G. Yilmaz

Marine and Coastal Areas Information System with Geographic Information System (GIS) Based on Cloud Computing. Trabzon Experience

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P. K. Aydemir, G. F. Gokce, O. Demirel, M. Ozbay

Determination of the Environmental Status of Akcakoca Coastal Areas through Hierarchical Analysis

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M. Artar, S. Gormus, S. Cengiz

Landscape Assessments in Bartin (TR) via Green Infrastructure Approach

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Y. Cindik Akinci, O. Demirel, E. Bayramoglu

Sustainability of Landscape in the Portals of Highway Tunnels

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L. Unverdi, N. K. Unverdi

Effect of Urban Planning Decisions on the Conservation and Sustainability of Agricultural Lands in Urla, Izmir

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Environmental management

E. Akyol Satiroglu, P. Yesil

Assessment of Coastal Area Uses of Ordu Province with an Integrated Coastal Areas Perspective

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M. Topbas, N. E. Beyhun, G. Can, S. Y. Ucuncu, C. C. Kolayli, S. Karakullukcu, S. Cankaya

Water Management in the Hospitals in Trabzon Province

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O. Kurdoglu, B. C. Kurdoglu

Semantic Evaluation of Waterfalls as Tourism Destinations

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E. Polat, E. Keles, F. Uzun, A. Gul

Sustainable Rafting Tourism Planning and Management. An Example of Antalya-Koprucay Rafting Area

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O. Kopsidas, L. Fragkos-Livanios

Investigating the Willingness to Participate within a Target Population with Low Opportunity Cost as a Contribution to Historic Monuments Preservation

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Environmental legislation

Z. Sapuric, D. Dimitrovski, M. Dimitrovski, F. Ivanovski

Medical Waste Incineration in Skopje. Regulation and Standards

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E. D. Topcu

Agri-tourism: a Rural Planning Instrument for Sustainability of Agricultural Lands

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Conclusions. 1st International Workshop onEnvironmental Protection and Sustainability. May 2016, Tulcea, Romania

Conclusions. International ConferenceGREDIT2016 – Green Development, Infrastructure, Technology. March–April 2016,Skopje, FYR Macedonia