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Vol. 17 No. 4

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Atmospheric pollution

S. Ozimec, T. Florijancic, I. Boskovic

Biomonitoring Urban Air Pollution by Using Lichens in the Green Space of the University Campus in Osijek (Croatia)

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O. Murat, S. E. Ebru

Determination of Traffic Noise Pollution of the City of Tekirdag

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S. Theano, T. Thekla, S. Marina

Biomonitoring of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Leaves of Cupressus arizona and Albizia julibrissin and Their Contamination Sources in Thessaloniki City (Greece)

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M. Fagaras, L. D. Jianu

Phytocoenoses with Convolvulus persicus L. on the Western Coast of the Black Sea

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A. Onet, C. Cimpeanu, A. Teusdea, S. Pantea, T. Modog

Evaluation of the Soil Properties Variability in Relation to Different Crop Types

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N. Boja, F. Boja, A. Teusdea, P. A. Darau, C. Maior

Soil Porosity and Compaction as Influenced by Tillage Methods

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E. Zheleva, P. Petrov, S. Ivanova

Characterisation of Soils and Parent Materials from Rehabilitated Embankments in the Area of DPM Inc., Chelopech

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P. Petrov, E. Zheleva, S. Ivanova

Restoration Processes in Ecosystems within the Rehabilitated Mining Sites of DPM Inc., Chelopech

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D. Popa, D. M. Popa

Study Concerning the Excessive Humidity on the Walls of a Residential Building and the Healty Impact

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C. Negoita, O. Barna, C. Serea

Traditional Food as a Tourist Attraction in Ecological Farms from Romania

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L. G. Kaya, Z. Kaynakci Elinc, I. Baktir, H. Elinc

Utilisation Potentials of Maquis Shrubland in Sustainable Landscape Design

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A. Bacu, M. Hoxhaj, V. Ibro, F. Elezi

Unmodified Expression of rbcS and rbcL Genes May Be Responsible for the Resistance of Albanian Local Wheat Cultivars Dajti, LVS and Progres, Toward Mediterranean High Temperatures

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V. St. Raykov, M. Yankova, P. Ivanova, A. Trayanova

State of Some Commercially Important Fish Populations in Natura 2000 Zones of Bulgarian Black Sea Area

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

C. Koliouska, Z. Andreopoulou

Classification of ICT in EU Environmental Strategies

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D. I. Tilina, C. Mohora, V. Bendic, A. Daescu

Tool to Measure and Evaluate the Environmental Impact of Production Activity in the Romanian Manufacturing SMEs

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B. Yılmaz, D. Dogan, O. Ates, S. Cengız, S. Gormus

Sustainable Use of Agricultural Lands in the Scope of Urban Agriculture: the Sample of Malatya, Turkey

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M. Kovacic, Z. Puskadija, S. Ozimec, I. Majic, A. Sarajlic

Importance of Pollinating Insects for Maintaining Sustainable Agriculture in Eastern Croatia

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D. Jitariu, A. Anghel, A. Claudiu, S. Zamfirescu

Associative Structures, Factor of Progress in the Development of Animal Husbandry in Romania – a Case Study, the National Association of Goat Breeders Caprirom

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D. M. Tit, S. Bungau, C. Nistor Cseppento, D. M. Copolovici, C. Buhas

Disposal of Unused Medicines Resulting from Home Treatment in Romania

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P. Sauer, A. Dvorak, P. Fiala

Improvement to Green In-Country Tourism Conditions: a Case of the Czech Recreation Lake Pastviny

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D. Popa, A. Popa

Development of the Cultural Heritage Tourism by Rehabilitating the Sancrai Castle, Alba County

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M. M. Coros, A. L. Negrusa, A. I. Popa

Study Regarding the Solutions for Sustainable Tourism Development in Sighisoara

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Clean technology

D. C. Petrilean, S. I. Irimie

Operational Influence on the Energetic Efficiency of a Gas Cogenerated Operated Electricity Generator

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M. Popa, R. Bostan, S. Varvara, M. Moldovan, C. Rosu

Removal of Fe, Zn and Mn Ions from Acidic Mine Drainage Using Hydroxyapatite

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O. Kopsidas, D. Politi

Batch Studies for Methylene Blue Removal and Recovery by Untreated Coffee Residues

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Environmental legislation

F. Tudor, M. Floroiu

International Liability for Environmental Damage. Challenges and Prospects

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C. I. Dimitriadis, A. Pavloudi, S. Aggelopoulos

Validation in a Novel Lavender Harvester for Oil Production

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Computer applications on environmental information system

Z. Ferencz, A. S. Hila, L. Dimen, T. Borsan

Use of Geoprocessing Tools in Hydrological and Geomorphological Analyses for the ‘Frumoasa’ Lake Area of the Harghita County, Romania

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Public health – environmental medicine

C. Mihailov, G. Jimborean, A. Rascu, O. C. Arghir

Impact of Tobacco Smoke Exposure on Asthma COPD-like Patients

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O. C. Arghir, A. Rascu, D. G. Leonte, G. Jimborean, C. Mihailov

Romanian Asbestos Industry, Occupational Exposure and Delayed Diagnosis of a Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma – Case Report and Literature Review

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G. Ene, C. L. Petcu, M.-I. Nenciu, N. Rosoiu

Comparative Hepatic Evaluation and the Lipid Profile in Danube Delta Patients with Fish-based Diets

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E. V. Pantea, C. Ghergheles, A. Onet, T. Romocea

Study Regarding the Quality of Haemodialysis Water

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V. G. Dinca, Gh. Manole, D. Cochior, A. L. Dinca

Considerations Regarding the Biomarker Value of Circulant Concentration of PON1 in Patients with Heart Failure Through Chronic Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

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P. Safak, S. Pouya

Evaluation of Disabled Children in Turkey with the Aim of Their Needs to Green Space

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L. A. Tuta, E. Dantes, I. C. Mihailov

Particularities of Tuberculosis in Predialysis Patients from Southeastern Romania

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Sustainable landscape planning

C. Negrei, A. Ionascu, M. Tudor

Modelling of the Assessment of the Environmental Impact for the Ecological Restoration of Polders in the Danube Delta

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R. Yilmaz, O. Yilmaz

Determination of the Vital Ecological Networks: the Case of European Side of Turkey

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A. Saglik, O. Kahraman, E. Saglik, N. E. Devecioglu, A. Kelkit

Importance of the Bioclimatic Comfort on Landscape Design: Case Study on Canakkale Eski Kordon

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Conclusions of the 6th International Conference on ‘Protectionof Natural Resources and Environmental Management: The Main Tools for Sustainability’ – PRONASEM 2016


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