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Vol. 18, No. 1

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Atmospheric pollution

I. Ionel, L. Makra, D. Bisorca, K. Bodnár, G. tusnády, D. G. Calinoiu, R. M. Balogh, N. St. Lontis

Method to Depict the Best Available Position, when Relocating Monitoring Stations

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Water pollution

S. Kadriu, I. Malollari, L. Pula-Beqiri, M. Aliu, M. Sadiku, B. Baruti, M. Kelmendi

Presence of Heavy Metals in Water and Sediment of Rivers Trepca and Sitnica

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D. R. Popoviciu, B.-S. Negreanu-Pirjol, M. Fagaras, E. Duzgunes, T. Nergeanu-Pirjol

Bioaccumulation of Copper, Zinc and Manganese in Some Common Herbaceous Species from Marine Coastal Area

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F. Nicolae, M. Ristea, A. Cotorcea, M. Perkovic

Modelling the Naval Transport Associated Hydrocarbon Pollution Risks in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation

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D. Atodiresei, F. Nicolae, A. Cotorcea

Cost-benefit Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems Installed on Ships on the Trade Routes in the Northwest Black Sea Basin

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L. D. Jianu, M. Fagaras

Several Issues on Conservation of Critically Endangered Species Alyssum borzaeanum Nyár. at the Romanian Black Sea Coast

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Soil pollution

G.-A. Dumitrel, M. Glevitzky, M. Popa, D. Chirila, A. Palea

Monitoring of Lead, Copper and Cadmium Contamination Level of Soil from Zlatna Region – Romania

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Industrial pollution

S. Toprak, E. Nacaroglu, V. Helva, A. C. Koc

Design Charts for Pipelines under Longitudinal Soil Loading

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Risk assessment

Y. Karaaslan

Derivation of Environmental Quality Standards by Ecological Risk Assessment Approach Using AQUATOX Model

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C. Atalay, E. Olhan, Y. Ataseven

Evaluation of Environmentally Oriented Attitudes of Organic Food Consumers with the New Environmental Paradigm Scale: a Case Study of Ankara

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A. S. Hila, Z. Ferencz, L. Dimen, T. Borsan

Geographic Information Systems Technology Used for Monitoring Waves Radiation of Mobile Networks

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K. Z . Onkov, G. K. Tegos

Changes on Fish-Species-Catch Statistical Information in Greece and Effects on Studying Species at Risk and Biodiversity

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G. Tiplea, G. Vlasceanu, Z. Marosy

Using of Magnetic and Homopolar Generator for Watering the Medicinal Plants Cultivation

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K. Taraj, I. Malollari, A. Andoni, L. Ciko, P. Lazo, F. Ylli, A. Osmeni, A. Como

Eco-extraction of Albanian Chamomile Essential Oils by Liquid CO2 at Different Temperatures and Characterisation by Ftir Spectroscopy

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R. Buzo, I. Malollari, L. Lici, R. Kongoli

Characterisation of Polyphenolic Changes during Wine Micro-oxygenation and Mathematical Modelling of Oxygen Distribution

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E. Georgieva, P. Petrov, E. Pavlova

Monitoring of Nesting Avifauna and Habitat Types in the Protected Area ‘Sakar’

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M. C. Raischi, L. Oprea, Deák Gyorgy, M. Boboc, M. Matei, N. Raischi

Investigation of Sturgeon Migration Routes Using the Most Adequate Monitoring Techniques in Difficult Hydrological Conditions of the Danube River

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Environmental protection and sustainable protection

D. G. Calinoiu, G. Trif-Tordai, I. Ionel

Review of Solar Irradiance Model under Clear Sky Condition

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K. Papatheodorou, K. Evangelidis, K. Ntouros

Geomatics for Environmental Protection and Resource Management

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I. Vizireanu, R. Mateescu, M. Golumbeanu, S. S. Benciu, C. Slave

Environmental Applications of Object-based Classification Techniques in Time Series Analysis of Different Resolution Satellite Images

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D. I. Topor, S. Capusneanu, A. S. Tamas

Efficient Green Control (EGC) Encouraging Environmental Investment and Profitability

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László Makra, I. Ionel, Károly Bodnár, Zoltán Sümeghy, Gábor Tusnády

Environmental Objective Analysis, Ranking аnd Clustering оf Hungarian Cities

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E. Duzgunes, E. Bayramoglu, M. Duran

Evaluation of Sera Lake Nature Park (Trabzon/Turkey) in Respect to Ecological and Socio-economic Structure

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M. Matei, M. Raischi, N. Ciobotaru, L. Laslo, M. Boboc, A. S. Zamfir, Gy. Deák

Flood Protective Measures in Divici–Pojejena Wetland, Caras-Severin County, Romania

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M. Popa

Aspects of Seismic Response of Vertical Breakwaters

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V. Nita, M. Nenciu

Using Recirculating Technology in Pilot-System for Mariculture at the Romanian Black Sea Coast

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Y. Pelovski, E. Serafimova, V. Petkova

Balanced Fertilisation for Sutainable Agriculture and Climate Stability in Bulgaria

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S. Tsiaras, I. Spanos

Tree Crops Cultivation. A Sustainable Alternative for the Development of Mountainous, Less Favoured Areas

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Rosa Misso, Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Z. Andreopoulou

Facing ‘Homologation’: a Sustainable Response by the Genetic Code of Territories

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Clean technologies

Z. Markov, I. Jovanoski, D. Dimitrovski

Multi-criteria Analysis Approach for Selection of the Most Appropriate Technology for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

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A. I. Daescu, E. Holban, M. G. Boboc, M. C. Raischi, M. Matei, M. Ilie, G. Deák, V. Daescu

Performant Technology to Remove Organic and Inorganic Pollutants from Wastewaters

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B. N. Malinovic, T. Djuricic, D. Bjelic

Selection and Consumption of Electrode Material for Electrocoagulation of Landfill Leachate

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Environmental management

M. Antic, D. Santic, M. Kasanin-Grubin, A. Malic

Sustainable Rural Development in Serbia – Relationship between Population Dynamicss and Environment

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Environmental education and training

C. Bota-Avram, A. Grosanu, P. R. Rachisan, O. Ivan

Linking Business Environment Education to Auditing and Financial Reporting Standards. A Global Perspective

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D. Karagulle, E. D. Evcı Kıraz

Place of Environmental History in Dıagnosis: Perspective of Medical School Students

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M. Golumbeanu, M. Nenciu, M. Galatchi, V. Nita, E. Anton, A. Oros, C. Ioakeimidis, C. Belchior

Marine Litter Watch App as a Tool for Ecological Education and Awareness Raising along the Romanian Black Sea Coast

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Public health – environmental medicine

N. Velickova

Environmental Impact of Heavy Metals on the Blood Cells in Professionally Exposed Workers

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E. V. Ionescu, C. Oprea, E. R. Almasan, L. E. Stanciu, M. G. Iliescu

Biological Variation under Balneal Treatment of Serum Level of Leptin in Relation with Body Mass Index in Case of Patients Suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis

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S. Ristovski, M. G. Sofronievska, D. Mladenovic, M. Sosholcheva, M. Kochubovski

Bladder Explosion during Bipolar Transurethral Resection of Prostate – Potential Hazard in Operating Theatre

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C. C. Hepcan, S. Hepcan

Assessing Avian Diversity of Urban Green Areas: the Case of Bornova, Izmir

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Environmental economics

O. R. Ivan, S. Capusneanu, D. I. Topor, D.-M. Oprea (Constantin)

Auditing of Eco-dashboard of a Company in Aluminum Industry and Its Impact on Sustainability

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Conclusions of the 52nd Croatian and 12thInternational Symposium on Agriculture, 12–17 February, 2017, Dubrovnik,Croatia