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Vol. 18, No. 2

You can download Vol. 18, Book 2, pp. 417-818 here

Atmospheric pollution

Wenxi Huang, Xinwen Cheng

Multiple Regression Method for Estimating Concentration of PM2.5 Using Remote Sensing and Meteorological Data

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L. Koker, R. Akcaalan, A. Oguz, O. Gaygusuz, C. Gurevin, C. Akat Kose, S. Gucver, Y. Karaaslan, A. Erturk, M. Albay, C. Kinaci

Distribution of Toxic Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Turkish Waterbodies

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Water pollution

A. Erdem Yayayuruk, O. Yayayuruk, C. C. Kocak, S. Kocak

Uptake Characteristics of Pb(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) by Natural Magnetite: Application to River Samples

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Bao Xian-Ming, Guo-Feng Liu, Hong-Jiang Liu, Zhi-Yong Zhang

Use of Floating Plants for Purification of Hypereutrophic Freshwater Lake (Caohai Bay, Dianchi Lake, China): a Review of Ecological Engineering Measures

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Yufeng Ren, Shixiang Cai, Xing Liu, Tianqi Ao

Daily Streamflow Process Simulation in the Data-sparse Basins

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V. Voicu, M. C. Burtea, V. Mocanu, S. Dumitru

Seasonal Variation of Water Mineralisation Degree from Movila Miresii Lake and Its Influence on Neighbouring Soils

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Soil pollution

V. R. Angelova, R. I. Ivanova, J. M. Todorov, K. I. Ivanov

Potential of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) for Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals

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C.-E. Balaceanu

Pollution with Copper of Soils in Area under Influence of the Doicesti Thermoelectric Power Station

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Industrial pollution

M. Dumitru, A. D. Carabis, N. Vranceanu, C. Sirbu, N. Marin

Use of Alfalfa in Re-cultivating the Dumps Resulted from Open Cast Mining in Oltenia Coalfield

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Risk assessment

Zhewen-Zhao, Jing-Wang

Temperature Retrieval and Monitoring of Cold Damage to Maize in Three Northwest Provinces in China

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O. Sonmez, I. H. Demir, F. Demir, E. Dobrucali

Determination of Flood Inundation Areas and Assessment of Flood Hazard Costs in Urban Settlements: a Case Study of Agva

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A. S. Lacej, K. Misja

Overview of Endangered Entomophauna of Shkodra Lake

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N. Lupascu, M. Dumitru, N. Marin, M. Tanc

Influence of Organic and Mineral Fertilisation on Long-term Production of Wheat Grown on Chernozem

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E. Pipinis, E. Milios, M. Aslanidou, O. Mavrokordopoulou, E. Efthymiou, P. Smiris

Effects of Sulphuric Acid Scarification, Cold Stratification and Plant Growth Regulators on the Germination of Rhus coriaria L. Seeds

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R. Hasalliu, R. Kongoli, L. Kupe

Effect of Added Yeast against Lactic Acid Bacteria during Authoctonous Albanian Kallmet Wine Production

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Z. R. Zheng, C. Y. Feng, N. X. Zhao, Y. B. Gao, S. H. Lv

Evidence of Cell Water Relations for Geographically Substituted Distribution of Three Caragana Species on the Mongolian Plateau

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J. J. Wei, Y. Gao, W. G. Zhao, J. Liu

Hillside Topographic Pattern of Shrub and Herb Diversity of Forest in Mount Tai of China

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Marine ecology

H. Kabak, E. D. Unal, G. Ozdemir

Microbiological Assessment of Marine Water Quality in Mersin Coasts between Kazanli and Silifke

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A. Spinu, D. Diaconeasa, S. Petrisoaia, L. Buga, E. Mihailov, F. Timofte, G. Sarbu

Long- and Short-term Evolution of Tourist Beaches of the Romanian Littoral. Mamaia Bay Case Study

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Solid waste management

Z. Sapuric, M. Kochubovski, D. Dimitrovski, F. Ivanovski

Future Potentials of Regional Landfill ‘Drisla’ in Skopje

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

C. Cevher, B. Altunkaynak, O. Koksal, Y. Ataseven, U. Gul, Z. Y. Ataseven, G. G. Yavuz

Determination of Socio-economic Factors that Affect Sustainability in Rangelands in Turkey

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G. Quaranta, R. Salvia

Participatory Approach to a Place-based Sustainable Rural Development: E-market Platform for a Resilient Agri-food Chain

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M. Mazilu, D. Dumitrescu, S. Gheorgheci

Romanian Tourism Industry and Sustainable Development

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D. Mladenovska, A. M. Lazarevska, M. Kochubovski

Assessing Alternatives for Natural Gas Supply in Macedonia versus Environmental Indicators

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M. Kandeva, Zh. Kalitcin, P. Kornik

Ecological Tribotechnology for Renovation of Automotive Air Filters

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Clean technologies – wastewater treatment

A. Altin, S. Altin, O. Yildirim

Treatment of Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater by Electro-Fenton/Electro-coagulation Process

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Computer applications on environmental information system

Chen Liang, Tang Chuan

Modelling Analysis on Construction of Low-carbon Cities Based on Energy Consumption Optimisation

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Environmental education and training

S. Gunduz, H. Sucuoglu, M. Bastas

Primary School Students Level of Environmental Citizenship in North Cyprus

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S. Harizanova, R Vasileva

Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Mental Performance among Dental Students during Two Learning Periods

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C. Y. Aydin, P. O. Deniz, E. D. E. Kiraz

Water Use Attitudes and Behaviours of High-education Students Who Do Receive and Do Not Receive Environmental Health Training

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Public health – environmental medicine

N. Izov

Sport Injuries and Stem Cells

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Z. Perovic, S. Perovic

Influence of Hospital Room Environment on the Reduction of Anxiety and Depression in the Early Stage of Stroke

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J. Kasanin, N. Vasiljevic, I. Brceski

Influence of Drinks with Different Sodium Content in the Rehydration of Schoolchildren Who Are Involved in Exercise Program

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L. E. Stanciu, E. I. Pascu, E. V. Ionescu, E. Circo, C. Oprea, M. G. Iliescu

Anti-ageing Potential of Techirghiol Mud Therapy through the Modulation of Pituitary-adrenal Axis Activity

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M. Daci-Ajvazi, A. Mehmeti, L. Zeneli, N. Daci

Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity, Heavy Metals and Colour Intensity of Honeys from Different Parts of Kosovo

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M. Boskovic, S. Stankovic, A. Jevremovic, M. Antic, I. Ristic, M. Kochu-bovski

Epidemiological Importance of Temporomandibular Disorders in Public Health

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Public health – water quality

D. Bora, B. Acikgoz, F. N. Ayoglu

Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Analyses of Water Fountains in Villages, Zonguldak Central District

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C. C. Kolayli, M. Topbas, A. Yavuzyilmaz, S. Y. Ucuncu, I. Dilaver, B. Parlak, S. Cankaya, S. Karakullukcu, K. Hamzaoglu, M. Kasapoglu, C. Bolukbas, N. E. Beyhun, G. Can

Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Evaluation of Popularly Used ‘Healing/Sour Waters’: Trabzon Sample

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Geotechnology civil engineering impact and environment

O. Kucuk, B.Ozturk

Development of Design Geometry of Aluminum Fittings for Healthy and Safety Sanitary Installations

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Sustainable landscape planning

Z. B. Wang, L. J. Zhang, X. L. Zhao, H. Y. Du, D. Y. Yang, Y. L. Cai

Analysis on Landscape Pattern of Urban Green Space in Shanghai

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Environmental economics

M. Matiuti, I. Hutu, D. Diaconescu, C. Sonea

Rural Pole for Competitivity: a Pilot Project for Circular Bioeconomy

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Conclusions of the2nd International Water and Health Congress

Conclusions of the 6th International Conference‘Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development’