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Vol. 18. No. 3

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Atmospheric pollution

E. Holban, E. Diacu, M. Matei, G. Ghita, M. Raischi, S. Fronescu, A. Daescu, I. P. Gheorghe, M. Ilie, R. Szep, V. Daescu, D. Dumitru, F. Marinescu, C. Tociu, I. Popescu, C. R. Gh. Popescu

Assessment of Atmospheric Pollution in a Cement Factory Area Situated in the Eastern Part of Romania

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Water pollution

H. Duzen

Investigation of Heavy Metal Contamination of Drinking Water in the Towns of Muradiye and Caldiran (Van, Turkey)

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C. Tociu, R. Szep, A. M. Anghel, F. Marinescu, M. Ilie, E. Holban, G. Ghita, M. Matei, F. D. Dumitru, I. Popescu, A. Moncea, L. Laslo, A. I. Daescu, C. R. Gh. Popescu

Possibilities for Efficient Use of Valuable Materials from Aluminium Slag to Remove Specific Pollutants in Wastewater

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A.-M. Anghel, F. Marinescu, M. Ilie, G. Ghita, P. Ionescu, I. Marcus, C. Tociu, F. D. Dumitru, M. Mitiu, I. Popescu, R. Szep, L. Laslo, E. Holban

Advanced Processing of Environmental Data for Establishing the Ecological Status of the Lower Danube Water in Terms of Nutrients

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Soil pollution

H. Aka Sagliker, N. Kizildag, B. Cicek

Evaluation of Carbon Mineralisation in Soils Added Thyme Leaves and Mospilan at Different Dosages

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A. D. Samuel, R. Brejea, C. Domuta, S. Bungau, N. Cenusa, D. M. Tit

Enzymatic Indicators of Soil Quality

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Agricultural pollution

S. Tsiaras, T. Samara, I. Spanos

Exploring Linkages among Land Use/Land Cover Change, Ecological Footprint and Sustainable Development

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Risk assessment

J. Popovic-Dordevic, N. Bokan, A. Dramicanin, I. Brceski, A. Kostic

Content and Weekly Intake of Essential and Toxic Elements in Serbian Vegetables

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S. J. Guo, W. L. Yu

Architecture of Biosafety and Biosecurity Design: Lesson Learned from Two Biologics Pilot Plants in Taiwan

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Lingyun Mo, Litang Qin, Jie Liu, Honghu Zeng, Yanpeng Liang

Interaction Analysis of Binary Mixtures Containing Aspirin and Oxytetracycline Using Factorial Interaction Method

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R. Tuncturk, M. Tuncturk

Effects of Humic Acid and Rhizobium Inoculation on the Yield and Quality of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)

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Marine ecology

I. Konstantinidis, G. A. Gkafas, G. Karamitros, A. Lolas, C. Antoniadou, D. Vafidis, A. Exadactylos

Population Structure of Two Benthic Species with Different Larval Stages in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

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P. Ivanova, V. Raykov, V. Nikolov, M. Nenciu

Allozyme Identification of Wrasses Species (Osteichthyes: Perciformes: Labridae) along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

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Solid waste management

K. Glowik-Lazarczyk, S. Jurczyk, B. Chmielnicki, J. Konieczny, K. Labisz

Influence of Oxo-degradable PE Recyclate Addition on the Degradation of Commercial Low Density Polyethylene (PE-LD)

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H. Ceylan, M. Davraz

Utilisation of Andesite Powder Waste as Mineral Admixture in Concrete

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S. N. Koruderlieva, N. A. Enev, G. R. Kolchakova, M. I. Ivanova

Waste Aluminium Slag and Fly Ash from Power Plants – Materials for Refractory Industry

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

Yang-Han Lee, Hsien-Wei Tseng, Ting-Wei Lin, Yu-De Liao, Yu-Choung Chang, Yang-Guang Liu, Meng-Yen Tsai

Smart Fan Control Using Kalman Filter and Fuzzy Control Algorithm on Bluetooth Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

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S. Hennig

Assessment of Nuts and Lau Open Spatial Data – Illustrated by the Example of the Balkan Green Belt

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C. G. Nicolae, M. I. Nenciu, A. Filimon, A. D. Spanu, M. Marin, E. Pogurschi

Study on Conservation Status of Marine Mammals in the Danube Delta Marine Zone (Rosci 0066)

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M. Orhan

Different Approach to Forming Sustainable Cities: Cittaslow

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C. F. Huang, H. C. Lien, C. H. Lee

Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Employees Unethical Business Behaviour in Construction Industry

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S. Ertas, Z. Sadiklar, S. Koc, O. Demirel

Sustainable Development Created by Konya/Sille Hagia Eleni Church in the Scope of Tourism Potential

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M. Kandeva, V. Balabanov, E. Zadorozhnaya, Zh. Kalitchin, P. Svoboda

Environmental Protection by Self-organisation of Tribosystems with Self-lubricating Materials in Dry Friction. Part I. Investigations at Different Loads

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Li Sheng, Z. B. Dai

Research on Cryptographic Chip Instruction Scheduling for Low Power Consumption Based on Improved Generalised Genetic Algorithm

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Clean technologies

V. Vekteris, A. Styra, V. Mokshin

Efficiency Investigation of Pulsating Flow Ejector Used to Remove Iron from Drinking Water

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P. Jankovic, V. Pesic, S. Rancic, O. Radosevic

Environmental Issues of Modern Production Technologies

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C. S. Simsek, S. A. Ergin, D. S. Basa

Arsenic Problem and Arsenic Treatment Systems of Haskoy and Dambaslar in Hayrabolu District of Tekirdag Province

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H. E. Gulsen, C. Akarsu, G. Koyuncu Turkay, H. Kumbur

Application of Fenton and Electro-Fenton Processes to the Removal of Dexketoprofen from Aqueous Solutions

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M.-I. Marcus, M. Vlad, M.-A. Mitiu, A.-M. Anghel, F. Marinescu, L. Laslo, M. Ilie, R. Szep, G. Ghita, M. Matei, E. Holban, F. D. Dumitru

Recovery of Galvanic Sludge by Physicochemical Mechanisms

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E. Ozmetin, E. Calgan, Y. Suzen, M. Korkmaz, C. Ozmetin

Optimisation of Textile Industry Wastewater Treatment Using Bigadic Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) by Response Surface Methodology

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Environmental radioactivity

M. Zucchetti

Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials and Radiation Protection Case Studies

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Environmental management

M. Prada, D. E. Popescu, C. Bungau, R. Pancu, C. Bungau

Parametric Studies on European 20-20-20 Energy Policy Targets in University Environment

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D. Tashevski, R. Filkoski, D. Dimitrovski, I. Shesho

Environmental Benefits from Optimisation of Sustainable Heating Systems in Skopje

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P. L. Shih, Y. H. Hung, S. Y. Chen, C. H. Wu

Bacterial Foraging Algorithm for the Optimum on-Line Energy Management of a Three-power-source Hybrid Powertrain

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N. Marin, M. Dumitru, D. Mihalache, C. Ciontu, C. Sirbu

Nitrogen Leaching from Some Mineral and Organic Mineral Fertilisers

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D. Vujacic, G. Barovic, V. Djekovic, A. Andjelkovic, A. Khaledidarvishan, L. Gholami, M. Jovanovic, V. Spalevic

Calculation of Sediment Yield Using the ‘River Basin’ and ‘Surface and Distance’ Models: a Case Study of the Sheremetski Potok Watershed, Montenegro

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D. Niculescu, E. Vlasceanu, M. Petrila, R. Mateescu, I. Omer, A. Dimache, I. Iancu

Unmanned Aeral Vehicle (UAV) Technology in Monitoring of Coastal Cliffs

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Biochemical and bioprotection

N. C. Guvensen

Investigation of Biocide Resistance of Bacteria Forming Unwanted Biofilm in Water Treatment System

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Environmental education and training

S. Jovanovic, O. Miljkovic, L. Zivkovic, D. Sabic, D. Gataric, I. Djordjevic, M. Dzinovic

Environmental Knowledge as a Factor of Personal Environmental Responsibility: Implications for Environmental Education in Serbia

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Public health – environmental medicine

D. Camur, H. Ilter, M. K. Basarali

Comparison of Microbiological Non-compliance Frequencies of Chemical Disinfectants Used in Swimming Pools in Turkey

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A. I. Tucmeanu, D. M. Popescu, E. V. Ionescu, R. E. Almasan, C. Oprea, A. Mociu, M. G. Iliescu, D. M. Iliescu

Management Consultancy for Organisational Change in Health from the Manager Perspective

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D. Mijanovic, M. Brajuskovic, D. Vujacic, V. Spalevic

Causes and Effects of Ageing of Montenegrin Population

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N. Keskin, B. Kunter

Stilbenes Profile in Various Tissues of Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. cv. ‘Ercis’)

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Wetlands – animal areas protection

P. Karanikola, S. Tampakis, E. Zafeiriou, K. Akrivouli

Local People Attitudes towards Wetland Management. The Case of Lake Karla in Greece

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Geoinformatics and environment

Rui Tang

Sedimentology and Mineral Sciences of Evaporites in the Middle Jurassic Buqu Formation of Qiangtang for Resource Utilisation

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Environmental economics

L. Burtan, A. Vrinceanu, C. Sirbu, T. Cioroianu, M. Dumitrascu, M. Popovici

Economic Analysis between Minimum Tillage and Conventional System

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Conclusionsof the International Symposium ‘Protection of the Black Sea Ecosystem andSustainable Management of Maritime Activities’ Promare 2017