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Vol. 19, No. 1

You can download Vol. 19, Book 1, pp. 1 - 452 here.

Water pollution

A. Amarioarei, C. Itcus, I. Tusa, M. Sidoroff, M. Paun

Classification of Romanian Salt Water Lakes by Statistical Methods

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Gokmen Ceribasi

Analysis of Meteorological and Hydrological Data of Iznik Lake Basin by Using Innovative Sen Method

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N. Ciobotaru, L. A. Laslo, M. Matei , M. C. Raischi, M. Boboc, A. M. Moncea, D. F. Dumitru, G. Ghita, Gy. Deák, M. Ilie

Factors Controlling Hydrological Processes and Characteristics in the Susita Catchment Area – Romania

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C. Orha, C. Lazau, R. Pode, F. Manea

Simultaneous Removal of Humic Acid and Arsenic(III) from Drinking Water Using TiO2-powdered Activated Carbon

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N. C. Yildirim, L. Dogan

Investigation of Biochemical Response in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum, 1792) Exposed to Remazol Brillant Blue R Textile Dye

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Soil pollution

M. A. Sandu, A. Virsta

Preliminary Study on Hexachloro-cyclohexane Concentration in a Historically Contaminated Industrial Site

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N. C. Sabau, M. Sandor, T. Romocea, C. Onet, A. Onet

Estimating of Natural Attenuation Factor of Spring Wheat on a Haplic Luvisol Polluted with Crude Oil

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Risk assessment

Zhang Zi-Ying, Lin Hai-Bo, Hao Zhi-Kui, Pan Wan-Gui

Research on Safety Diagnosis for Water Environment Based on Gray Relational Analysis – a Case Study of Taizhou Bay

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Pan Wan-Gui, Zhang Zi-Ying, Lin Hai-Bo

Study on Prediction and Control of Dynamic Change of Water Security in Coastal Cities

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Yi Quan, Xiaohui Yuan, Hao Xiang, Guo Min, Li He, Ani Song

Research on Environmental Ecological Risk Assessment of Multi-objective Hydropower Dispatching Decision Making Based on Copula Model

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Han Jin, Xue Nuonuo, Wang Biyao, Zhang Qi, Hao Bin

Research on Sobel Operator Damage Detection of Road Marking Line Based on Two High-speed Area Array Cameras

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Natural and technological hazard

Han Jin, Xue Nuonuo, Wang Biyao, Zhou Yibo

Non-contact Dynamic Detection of Multipoint Bridge Deflection in High Frequency

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E. Kukali, T. Gjuladin (Hello), H. Pollozhani, F. Bedaj

Impact of Whip Grafting in Walnut Seedling Production (Juglans regia L.)

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M. Markoski, G. Barovic, T. Mitkova, V. Tanaskovic, V. Spalevic

Contents of Exchangeable Cations of Soils Formed Upon Limestones and Dolomites

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P. Barghini, M. Pasqualetti, S. Gorrasi, M. Fenice

Study of Bacterial Diversity of a Saltern Crystallisation Pond (‘Saline di Tarquinia’, Italy) and Its Correlation with Salinity Variations

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Solid waste management

M. T. Corches, D. V. Popa

Environmental Management of Construction and Demolition Waste in Romania

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. I. Achim, A. V. Stan, L. L. Dragolea

Study on the Importance of Sustainable Development Strategy for a Community

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P. Kovac, D. Jesic, S. Sovilj-Nikic, M. Kandeva, Zh. Kalitchin, M. Gostimirovic, B. Savkovic

Energy Aspects of Tribological Behaviour of Nodular Cast Iron

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M. Hadzi-Nikolova, D. Mirakovski, N. Doneva, N. B. Kormushoska, A. Kepeski

Environmental Noise Reduction Measures in Cement Industry: Usje Cement Plant Case Study

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M. Gunes, M. Ozyavuz

Noise Mapping of Namik Kemal University Campus (Tekirdag – Turkey) by Using Geographic Information Systems

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Environmental legislation

L. Boicenco, L. Buga, T. Zaharia, S. Nicolaev

Implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive in Romania

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L. Oprea

Green Cadastre of Romania – between Necessity and Realisation

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Environmental management

J. Malenovic-Nikolic, D. Vasovic, G. Janackovic, L. Milosevic, I. Ilic Krstic

Realisation of the Goals of Sustainable Development Based on Application of Energy Indicators in Environmental Engineering

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L. Milosevic, E. Mihajlovic, G. Janackovic, D. Vasovic, J. Malenovic Ni­ko­lic

Novel Approach to Landfill Fire Protection Engineering Based on Multi-criteria Analysis and Principles of Sustainable Environmental Management

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J. Tomaskinova, J. Tomaskin

Life Cycle Assessment of the Nature and History Park Il-Majjistral (Malta, EU)

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S. Yaprak, O. Yildirim, T. Susam, A. Delen

New Approach for Agricultural Research and Monitoring of Land Slide: Using of UAV System

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Clean technologies

D. C. Petrilean, S. I. Irimie

Comparative Energetic Sustainability Indicators for Paroseni Central Heating Power Plant Considering Its Cogeneration and Condensing Operation

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Sujun Cheng

In2O3 Nanowires Electrodes for Photocatalytic Water Splitting

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St. Simic, P. Kovac, S. Sovilj-Nikic, M. Kandeva, Zh. Kalitchin, D. Jesic, D. Golubovic

Research about Possibility for Incineration in Fluidised Bed of Waste Materials Produced by Processing of Used Lubricating Oils

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E. Serafimova, Y. Pelovski, V. Petkova

Integrated Treatment of Wastes for Production of Soil Conditioner

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E. D. Bobric, E. Rusu, N. Melniciuc-Puica, I. G. Breaban

Investigation of Carbon Content from Neamtu Catchment Soils Using FTIR Spectroscopy

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Environmental informatics

L. Buga, L. Boicenco, A. Giorgetti, G. Sarbu, A.Spinu

EMODnet Chemistry – Data Aggregation and Product Generations in the Black Sea

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M. Brajuskovic, D. Mijanovic, D. Brajuskovic, V. Spalevic

Indicators of Regional Differences in Ageing Population of Montenegro

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B. Akdemir, C. Saglam, K. Belliturk, A. Z. Makaraci, A. Y. Urusan, E. S. Atar

Effect of Spatial Variability on Fertiliser Requirement of Olive Orchard Cultivated for Oil Production

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L. Dimen, T. Borsan, L. Gaban

3D Modelling of Historical Monuments Using Photogrammetric and GIS Software for Restauration

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Computer applications

O. Koksal, B. Altunkaynak, Y. Ataseven, C. Cevher, Z. Yasan Ataseven, G. Gul Yavuz, U. Gul

Evaluating Factors Affecting Farmers Information Sources in Agricultural Production Practices in Turkey

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Environmental education and training

O.-R. Ilovan, M. E. Dulama, C. N. Botan, K. X. Havadi-Nagy,  C. Horvath, A. Nitoaia, S. Nicula, G. M. Rus

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development in Romania. Teachers Perceptions and Recommendations

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I. Ionel, M. D. Vasilescu, R. M. Balogh, D. Bisorca, L. Makra, R. Ionel

Career Development of an Engineering Student through Counselling and Internship

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D. C. Ilies, R. Buhas, M. Ilies, A. Ilies, O. Gaceu, A. C. Pop, F. Marcu, S. D. Buhas, M. Gozner, S. Baias

Sport Activities and Leisure in Nature 2000 Protected Area – Red Valley, Romania

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D. Petkou, G. Tsantopoulos, E. Manolas, C. Skanavis

Impact of the Mass Media on the Attitudes and Behaviour of Elementary School Teachers

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Public health – environmental medicine

M. G. Iliescu, D. Profir, O. Surdu, V. Marin, S. Demirgean, R. E. Almasan, L. E. Stanciu, C. Oprea, D. M. Iliescu, E. V. Ionescu

Statistical View through Balneal Activity in Techirghiol Medical Area

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M. Arbune, G. Lilios, I. M. Dumitru

West Nile Virus Human Infections – a Re-emerging Vector Born Disease in the South East of Romania

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A. L. Rachisan, A. Hrusca, A. Stefanescu, T. L. Pop

Role of 8-iso-prostaglandin F2α in Evolution of Chronic Liver Diseases in Children

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Sustainable landscape planning

M. Ozyavuz, B. Karakaya Aytin, D. C. Ertin

Analysis of Bioclimatic Comfort of Tekirdag (Turkey) Province with Geographical Information Systems

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F. B. Sanli, A. Delen

Assessment of Vegetation Indices for the Determination of Agricultural Crop Types

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Environmental economics

B. Czyzewski, A. Matuszczak, A. Muntean

Influence of Agricultural Policy on the Environmental Sustainability of European Farming

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Hu Yunpeng, Wang Jianping, Sun Hailing

Optimisation of Pricing and Subsidies for Urban Rail Transit PPP Projects Based on Satisfactions of Main Stakeholders

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