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Vol. 19, No. 2

You can download Vol. 19, Book 2, pp. 453-965 here.

Atmospheric pollution

Z. Vranjanac, N. Zivkovic, D. Vasovic, G. Janackovic, D. Dimitrovski

Comparative Analysis of CO2 Emissions Indicators in EU Countries and Western Balkan Countries –  Assessment of Their Contribution to Climate Change

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D. G. Calinoiu, G. Trif-Tordai, I. Ionel, A. E. Cioabla

Sun Photometer – Remote Sensing for Aerosol Assessment

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Xue Xiangmei, Xu Yang

Temporal and Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Air Pollution Index (API) and Its Correlation with the Improvement of Environmental Tax Law

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Cao Junjie, Xiao Shengxiang, Fan Tuanqi

Analysis of Etiological Components of Skin Disease Caused by Suspended Particles in Air Pollutants

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Zhao Chunqi

Analysis of Health Effects of Developing Sports under Air Pollution Based on the Grossman Model

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Water pollution

N. Troni, R. Hoti, D. Omanovic, I. Hashani, J. Halili

Quality Estimation and Chemical Characterisation of Water Resources of Lepenci River by Dpasv

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P. Sauer, J. Prasek

Private Subject in Wastewater Treatment Regional Coalition Project: the Case of Chemical Industry Factory

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C. Onet, A. Teusdea, A. Onet, E. Pantea, N.-C. Sabau, V. Laslo, T. Romocea, E. Agud

Comparative Study of Dairy and Meat Processing Wastewater Characteristics

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Zhang Zi-Ying, Hu An-Yan

Construction Method and Application of Water Environment Security Assessment System in Taizhou Bay of Zhejiang Province

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Yang Wang, Linjiang Yuan, Feng Yan, Jiaqi Zhao

Characterisation of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) during Reconstruction of Ammonium Removal Activity in an Anammox-SBR System in Wastewater Treatment

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C. Trifanov, G. Romanescu, M. Tudor, I. Grigoras, M. Doroftei, S. Covaliov, M. Mierla

Anthropisation Degree of Coastal Vegetation Areas in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

Marine ecology

M. B. Kilic, A. Alkan, D. Fidan, B. Zengin, O. Kalipci

Investigation of Discharge Levels of Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients from Yesilirmak River to the Black Sea

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Levent Bat, Murat Sezgin, Fatih Sahin

Heavy Metal Contamination of Aquatic Resources from Turkish Black Sea Waters

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V. Abaza, C. Dumitrache, A.-D. Spinu, A. Filimon

Ecological Quality Assessment of Circalittoral Broad Habitats Using M-Ambi*(n) Index

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T. Begun, A. Teaca, M. Muresan, D. Vasiliu, D. Secrieru, B. Pavel

Environmental Assessment of Two Mpas from the Romanian Black Sea Coast

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N. Machitadze, N. Gelashvili, V. Gvakharia, K. Bilashvili, V. Trapaidze, N. Gaprindashvili, A. Maghlakelidze

Monitoring of Beach, Marine and Riverine Floating Litter within Georgian Black Sea Coastal Area

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S.-E. Biris-Dorhoi, M. Tofana, D. R. Popoviciu, T. Negreanu-Pirjol

Oxidative Stress Evaluation in Organic Pollution Conditions on Some Marine Algae Species

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V. Coatu, N.-A. Damir, A. Oros, L. Boicenco, L. Lazar

Revised Methodology of Black Sea Chemical Status under Water Framework Directive

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Soil pollution

K. Baceva Andonovska, T. Stafilov, V. Matevski

Accumulation of Some Toxic Elements in Relation to Their Mobility in Centaurea leucomalla Bornm. Species from the Vicinity of an As–Sb–Tl Abandoned Mine, Allchar, Kozuf Mountain

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Agricultural pollution

M. Marin, E. Pogurschi, C. Nicolae

Use of Volcanic Tuff in Dairy Farms – Solution for Environmental Protection

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Clean technologies

B. N. Malinovic, T. Djuricic, A. Vucanovic

Influence of Hydraulic Retention Time on Cyanide Removal by Electrocoagulation Process

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V. O. Abramov, A. V. Abramova, V. M. Bayazitov, N. E. Kruchinina, T. D. Gutul, A. S. Sidorenko

Use of Ultrasound for Stabilisation of Nanodispersed Structure of Alumosilicic Reagents for Wastewater Treatment

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M. Ilie, G. Ghita, M. Matei, Gy. Deak, D. F. Dumitru, A. M. Moncea, F. Marinescu, L. A. Laslo, D. F. Fronescu, V. Daescu

Numerical Modelling and Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Processes in Sewage System

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Risk assessment

A. Kovacs, N. Bican-Brisan, C. Malos, Z. Torok, C. Botezan, A. Ozunu

NaTech Risk Assessment at Gas Exploitation Well in Romania

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T. Kitova, E. Uchikova, D. Amaliev, N. Ahmad, D. Milkov, A. Tenev

Environment and Congenital Malformation – Neural Tube Defect

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T. Florijancic, B. Urosevic, S. Ozimec, A. Marinculic, M. Brmez, I. Boskovic

Survey of Emerging Food-borne Trematode Parasite among Wild Animals in Eastern Croatia

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D. Arapi, R. Sadikaj, V. Spaho, I. Malollari

First Registration of Oilfish Ruvettus pretiosus (Cocco, 1833) (Pisces: Gempylidae) in the Waters of the Albanian Coast of the Adriatic Sea, Morphometry

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D. Prodan, M. Filip, M. Moldovan, I. Perhaița, F. Scurtu, L. Silaghi Dumitrescu, A. Dreanca, I. Marcus

Physicochemical Characterisation of Some New Dairy Beverages Based on Lactoserum

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A. Onet, D. C. Ilies, S. Buhas, D. Rahota, A. Ilies, S. Baias, F. Marcu, G. V. Herman

Microbial Air Contamination in Indoor Environment of University Sports Hall

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P. Barghini, V. Giovannini, M. Fenice, . S. Gorrasi, M. Pasqualetti

High Lutein Production by a Halo-tolerant Strain of Dunaliella sp. (Chlorophyceae) Isolated from Solar Salterns in Central Italy

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Environmental management

J. Zaucha

Methodology of Maritime Spatial Planning in Poland

A. D. Ancas, I. L. Cirstolovean, M. Profire Mihai

Influence of Soil Pollution on Glass Reinforced Plastic Water Pipes

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M. M. Coros, A. I. Popa

Study Regarding the Potential of Wine Businesses and Tourism to Contribute to Sustainable Development in Alba County

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D. G. Ertin, A. B. Karakaya, M. Ozyavuz

Edirne Saraclar Street Pedestrian Comfort Analysis

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

F. Kurak Acici, O. Kose, O. Demirel

Evaluation of Trabzon/Surmene Memisaga Mansion in the Scope of Sustainable Tourism

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Yong Ye, Cheng-Tang Zhang

Ordering Strategy Based on Quantity Discount for Promotional Products

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Yi Quan, Xiaohui Yuan, Hao Xiang, Guo Min, Li He

Research on Power Dynamic Optimisation of Short-term Hydropower Scheduling and Its Environmental Impact Assessment Based on Support Vector Machines

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М. Kandeva, Zh. Kalitchin

Tribological Investigations of Tribosystems during Lubrication Using Vegetable Oils and Mineral-vegetable Oil Composites Containing Metal-plating Additive. Part I: Friction

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F. Nicolae, I. Roman, A. Cotorcea

Econological Model to Sustainable Development of Maritime Affairs

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Zhao Jianguang, Liang Man-Gui, Fan Jingjing

Low-power Precision Scalable Multifunction Wireless Sensor Networks Localisation Algorithm

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O. Yayayuruk

Sorption of Cationic and Anionic Dyes Using Poly(acrylamide) Grafted Onto Cross-linked Poly(4-vinyl pyridine) from Aqueous Solutions

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Fan Jianling, Ma Liansheng, Su Houde

Free Vibration of Graded Metallic Foam Circular Plate in Thermal Environment

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Environmental information

C. Negrei, A. Craciun, M. Tudor

Contributions to Analysis of Flows of Environmental Information on the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

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Computer applications and environmental information systems

B. Karakaya Aytin, D. G. Ertin, M. Ozyavuz

Preparation of Noise Maps of Balkan Campus of Trakya University (Edirne-Turkey) by Using Geographic Information Systems

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E. Sakin, Y. K. Koca, A. Celik

Estimation of the Above–Below Ground Plant Biomass of South-eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey with Geostatistical Modelling

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K. G. Panitsidis, Z. S. Andreopoulou, A. K. Kokkinakis, I. Gitas

Information System Development Using Open-source Tools for Spread of Fresh Water Fish Fauna in Inland Water Ecosystem of Greece

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Environmental education and training

V. Pesic, N. Shaban, V. Weingerl, E. Kadhum, B. Korunoska

Agriculture, Energy and Material for Sustainability in the Education Process

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E. Mihlayanlar, I. Yuksek

Construction and Architecture Students Perceptions of Renewable Energy and Determination of Awareness Level of Its Usage

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Public health – environmental medicine

S. C. Cambrea, L. C. Petcu, D. M. Iliescu

Relations of Environmental Factors and Evolution of Boutonneuse Fever in the County of Constanta – Romania

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L. E. Stanciu, C. Oprea, E. I. Pascu, E. Circo, M. G. Iliescu, E. V. Ionescu, D. M. Iliescu

Impact of Contrast Therapy with Techirghiol Sapropelic Mud on Blood Elements of Elder Patients

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Y. Kara

Determination of Total Phenolic Contents and GC-MS Study of Vitex agnus-cactus Linn. (Chaste Berry) Grown in Pamukkale, Denizli

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Sustainable landscape planning

Sertac Gungor, Ahmet Tugrul Polat

Relationship between Visual Quality and Landscape Characteristics in Urban Parks

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Environmental economics

J. Staniszewski

Attempting to Measure Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture in Countries of the European Union

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Conclusions of the53rd Croatian and 13th International Symposium on Agriculture

Conclusions.International Conference GREDIT2018 – Green Development, Infrastructure,Technology