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Vol.13, No 3A

D. S. Klaoudatos, A. Anastasopoulou, C. Papaconstantinou, A. I. Conides.,The Greek Experience of Artificial Reef Construction and Management, 1647
G. Bandoc,Statistical Analysis of Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Precipitation in the Coastal Region Sfantu Gheorghe, 1656
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Marine ecology – water quality
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Marine ecology – pollution
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Marine ecology – phytoplankton communities
YANJU HAO, DANLING TANG, L. BOICENCO,Variations of Phytoplankton Community Structure in Response to Increasing Water Temperature in the Daya Bay, China,1721
Marine ecology – heavy metals bioaccumulation
A. Oros, M.-T. Gomoiu,A Review of Metal Bioaccumulation Levels in the Romanian Black Sea Biota during the Last Decade – A Requirement for Implementing Marine Strategy Framework Directive (Descriptors 8 and 9),1730
Marine ecology – antioxidants
T. Negreanu-Pirjol, B. Negreanu-Pirjol, R. Sirbu, G. M. Paraschiv, A. Meghea,Comparative Studies Regarding the Antioxidative Activity of Some Therapeutic Marine Algae Species along the Romanian Black Sea Coast,1744
Marine ecology – risk assessment
C. GASPAROTTI, E. RUSU,Methods for the Risk Assessment in Maritime Transportation in the Black Sea Basin,1751
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Marine ecology – management
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T. Zaharia, D. Micu, V. Nita, V. Maximov, R. Mateescu, A. Spinu, M. Nedelcu, G. Ganea, M. Golumbeanu, C. M. Ursache, M. CristeaPreliminary Data on Habitat Mapping in the Romanian Natura 2000 Marine Sites,1776
Marine ecology – fishery management
E. Anton, S. Nicolaev, G. Radu, V. Maximov,Research on the Selectivity of the Pelagic Trawls Used in the Romanian Coastal Fishery with Small Tonnage Vessels,1783
Marine ecology – legislation
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Marine ecology – computer application
D. Butunoiu, E. Rusu,Matlab Interface Associated with Modelling Surface Waves in the Nearshore,1806
Marine biological research
M. Yankova, V. Raykov,Growth, Mortality and Yield per Recruit of Horse Mackerel (Trachurus mediterraneus) from the Bulgarian Black Sea Waters,1817
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Marine biological research – antioxidants
Feng Liu, Chun-E Liu, D. Lorena, Xiaoshuan Zhang, Zetian Fu,Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Collagen Peptide Additive Extracted from Cod Skin,1836
Marine biological research
R. Sirbu, T. Zaharia, A. M. Bechir, G. Lilios, S. Nicolaev, F. N. Roncea,Important Characteristics of the Marine Environment of the Romanian Littoral Coast – Favourable for Pharmaceutical Utilisations,1842
Marine biological research
M. Panayotova, V. Raykov, P. Ivanova, I. Dobrovolov,Landings, Distribution, Size Structure and Genetics of Pontic Shad (Alosa immaculata Bennett, 1835) in the Bulgarian Black Sea Area,1856
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S. Tanaskovic, R. Thalji, G. Markovic, D. Stojanovic,Initial Assessments of the Multicoloured Asian Ladybird Harmonia axyridis Palas, 1773(Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in the Western Serbian Region,1907

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D. Zivkovic, E. Begovic, A. Kostov, S. Ekinovic,Advanced Trends in Design of Lead-free Alternative for Traditional Free Machining Brasses,1914
I. Vasilean, V. Cristea, L. Dediu,Comparative Study Regarding Larval Development of Huso huso and Hybrid Huso huso × Acipenser ruthenus in a Recirculating Aquaculture System,1921
I. Velcheva, A. Arnaudov, E. Georgieva, P. Atanasova,Influence of Copper on the Hepatic Morphology of the Gibelio Carp (Carassius gibelio)1928


F. Tudor,Short Considerations about the Opportunities and the Threats Regarding the Development of Living Aquatic Resources,1933
M. Nagi, I.-D. Carabas, P. Ilies, E. Ghita,Experimental Determination of Exploitation Feature and Efficiency of Compact Heat Exchangers with Wavy Fins1942


M. S. Riaz, M. A. Hanif, S. Noureen, M. A. Khan, T. M. Ansari, H. N. Bhatti, Q. Imran,Coagulation/Flocculation of Tannery Wastewater Using Immobilised Natural Coagulants,1948

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C. A. Simion, A. Ranca, N. Mocanu, N. Paunescu,Fishery and Aqua Culture in the South-eastern Regions of Romania. The Extension of the Measurement Scale from Environmental to Ultra-low Level Values,1958

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M. Mazilu, F. Stancioiu,Quality Management in General and the Environment Management. A Natural Relationship,1964

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S. Baskaya, E. Baskaya,Position and the Importance of Wildlife Undergraduate Education on Environmental Protection in Turkey,2026
V. David, M. Sturza, A. C. Bala,Creation of Geodatabase on the Implementation IACS-LPIS in Romania,2035
J. Muransky, J. Hodolic, D. Vukelic,System for Environmental and Economic Analysis of Products – EcoCAD,2040
Doctor Honoris Causa to Prof. Dr. F. Vosniakos, President of B.EN.A.,2049
Conclusions of the 2nd International Conference on ‘The New Generation of Green Infrastructure’, 8–9 November 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2050