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Vol. 15, No. 3A (2014)

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Agricultural pollution – boron toxicity

S. Erdal, E. Genc, A. Karaman, F. K. Khosroushahi, M. Kizilkaya, Y. Demir, D. Yanmis

Differential Responses of Two Wheat Varieties to Increasing Boron Toxicity. Changes on Antioxidant Activity, Oxidative Damage and DNA Profile


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B. Kilic, I. Kocacaliskan, I. Terzi

Effects of Walnut Leaf Extracts Prepared in Different Solvents on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Wheat


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K. S. Liu, J. L. Chen, C. F. Huang, Y. C. Chen

Effects of Different Window Treatments on Energy Saving and Light Control Design


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Ecology – school building renovation – risk assessment

Y. T. Liao, C. M. Chiang, K. S. Liu, C. T. Tzeng

Decision-making Factors of School Building Renovations for Improving Built Environment


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Ecology – Green Ports – risk assessment

A. Maritz, C. J. Shieh, S. P. Yeh

Innovation and Success Factors in the Construction of Green Ports


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Ecology – ecotourism – risk assessment

C. J. Shieh, S. L. Hsueh, I. Y. Chang

Correlation Research on Ecotourism Involvement, Tourist Experience, and Behaviour Intention


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C. J. Shieh

Effects of Behavioural Norm Cognition on Tourist Satisfaction with Ecotourism


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K. Karaboduk, O. Karabacak, H. Karaboduk, T. Tekinay

Chemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activities of the Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum


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Biochemical- and bio-protection

K. Karaboduk, O. Karabacak, S. Yiyit Dogan, H. Karaboduk, E. Gunduzer, T. Tekinay

Comparison of Antimicrobial, Antioxidant Capacities and HPLC Analysis of Three Stachys Species in Turkey


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Environmental protection and sustainable development

K. S. Liu, Y. L. Shih, C. T. Tzeng, C. C. Chen

Research on Energy-saving Design Transformation on the External Shell of Existing Buildings – the Example of Kaohsiung City Townhouses


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C. Tanrikulu

Examination of Sex and Gender Identity Differences of Consumers in Green Behaviour


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Environmental management

Y. L. Chen, Y. H. Perng, H. C. Lien

Utility-based Multicriteria Model for Evaluating Real Estate Development Projects


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C. F. Huang, Y. F. Shih, C. C. Wang

Associations among Environmental Beliefs, Environmental Norms, Environmental Passions and Pro-environmental Behaviours in Construction Industry


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T. Y. Chang, A. Su, S. L. Wang, Y. H. Wang

Analysing Relationship between the Performance of Fan and the Area of the Porous Thin Plate


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S. Gunawan, C.-J. Shieh, C. C. Chiang

Exploding the Critical Success Factors in Microenterprises of Practicing Direct Marketing


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A. X. Xu, R. W. Shi, W. H. Lin

Empirical Study of the Store Image on Customer Loyalty Based on the Xiamen Large Shopping Supermarket


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R.-F. Chao

Volunteer Tourism as the Approach to Environmental Management. A Case Study of Green Island in Taiwan


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Computer application – optimum wind design

C. M. Hsieh, M. C. Ni, H. Tan

Optimum Wind Environment Design for Pedestrians in Transit-oriented Development Planning


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Computer application – indoor quality

P. R. Chung, C. T. Tzeng, K. S. Liu

Study on Improving the Indoor Environmental Quality of Old Detached Housing


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Environmental education and training

M. A. Dombayci

Teaching of Environmental Ethics: Caring Thinking


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G. Sart

Role of the Organisational Culture on the Development of Innovation and Technology-based Projects at the Higher Education. Perceptions of the Researchers


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E. Kilinc

Does Good Citizen Consider Environment? The Correlation between Characteristics of Good Citizen and Environmental Attitudes amongst Pre-service Social Studies Teachers


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C. Aladag

Determination of Trainee Teachers Conceptual Frameworks about Environment and Ecology


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A. Ozel, A. Gul, C. Basar, E. Ozel

A Study about Grade 4 and 5 Students Ideas of Environment


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C. Uluyol

Augmented Reality Learnıng. From the Perspectıve of Engineerıng into the Educational Context


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Y.-J. Lee, W.-Y. Chang

Effects of Teacher Training and Teaching Quality on Learning Satisfaction


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F. Oztas, H. Tanriverdi, H. Oztas

School Students Dilema about Environmental Rules and Attitudes. Do They Realy Feel Responsibility for the Environment?


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Public health – environmental medicine

L. Ozaydin, E. Usak

Expectations of Parents from Sportive and Physical Activities for Their Child with Autism and Their Views over Autism Friendly Environment


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Public health – environmental food

A. Gulbandilar, M. Donmez, M. Okur, S. Celikozlu

Determination of Chemical, Microbiological and Sensorial Properties in Gediz Tarhana, a Traditional Turkish Cereal Food


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