Vol 1, No 2 (2000)


ST. GORBANOV, I. MANOLOV, SV. KOSTADINOVA. Balances of  N, P and K of agricultural soils of  Southern Bulgaria and risk of soils contamination with nitrates and phosphates.


Agricultural pollution


L. MASHEVA, N. MASHEV. Studies on the effect of phytohormones and antioxidants with a view to obtaining ecologically sound grape production.


AR. KRUSTEV, R. IVANOVA, T. NOUNEVA, Y. TONCHEVA, CHR. CHRISTEV. Studies of sheep homeostasis breeded in the vicinity of the factory on non-ferrous metals in the Plovdiv's region.

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V. DJOUVINOV. Forest significant environmental parameter.
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Industrial pollution


R. DHIMITRI. Some chemical and technical data of gazoil produced in AIbania and traffic pollution.

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Y. PELOVSKI. Cleaning systems for waste gases from thermal power stations.


N. KOLEV. On possibility of increase or burning gases for heat and electric energy production.


SL. K. IVANOV, M. BONEVA. The influence or lubricating oils and greases on the environment.


G.GJYLI. Outline of chemicals situation in Albania.

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D. L. DOUCHANOV. Environmental and health effects of fossil fuel use.

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Clean technologies


L. PETROV. Catalytic processes for industrial wastewater cleaning from cyanides.


G. VISSOKOV. PIasmachem istry and ecology.

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V. KOLA. On the possibility of air purification from benzine vapours using activated carbon obtained from olive stones.

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Solid and waste management


K. ADAM. Mining and the environment. Waste management in polymetallic sulphide mines.


D. HAXHIMIHALI. Environmental impacts by industrial activities and possibilities of launching Cleaner Production Programmes in Albania.



Rick assessment


K. KOCI, E. MARKU, DH. DIMARELI. About the process of bioaccumulation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the food chain of the biota of the Karavasta lagoon.


A. KRASTEV, R. IVANOVA, H. HRISTEV. The effect of the pyrethroid Sumi-alpha on some haematological and histological indices following a single oral administration to sheep.


A: KRASTEV, R. IVANOVA, N. KUSMANOV. Study on the effect of some insecticides on forage cultures and their influence on the homeostasis in ruminant animals.