Vol 1, No 4 (2000)

P. HOXHA. Slopes instability and its effects on environment.
I. XH. MALOLLARI, P. G. KLEPETSANIS, P. G. KOUTSOUKOS. Effect of natural and synthetic polyelectrolytes in the precipation of strontium carbonate in aqueous media.


P. LAZO, A. CULLAJ. The synthesis and the identification of complex compounds of lanthanide nitrates with crown ether DB-18-6.


Soil pollution


N. NIKOLOV, E. ZLATAREVA. Maximum acceptable concentrations of Cd, Ni, Cr and Hg in agricultural soils depending on pH of the soil.


Agricultural pollution


R. IVANOVA, V. ANGELOVA, K. IVANOV. Extraction and accumulation of heavy metals at crops, developing their consumer part in soil.


N. STOEVA. Physiological responses of young bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)as a result of pre-sowing treatment or the seeds with gamma-rays.


Industrial pollution


E. TSALIKI, A. PARADEISANOS. The environmental education centres in Greece: the case of the Thessaloniki centre in promoting environmental education in an urban industrial area.


A. VENETSANAKOS, V. TSADARI, A. CHRISTOU, A. KATSAROS, P. MANIATAK.OU. Mitigation of SO2, emissions in megalopolis B' lignite fired power plant.


E. GJIKA, K. PECANI. The role of land-based sources in the Mediterranean pollution.


G. GJYLI, V. MAT A, A. CULLAJ. The mercury pollution of the soil of ex-PVC plant in Vlora.
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Clean technologies


R. PAUNOVA, K. TODOROV, D. DAMGALIEV. Reduction process peculiarities for waste slurries recycling.


R. PAUNOVA, K. TODOROV, D. DAMGALIEV. Study of recylcing possibilities of waste electric steel - making slurries.


EK. TODOROVA, B. PELOVSKI, ST. STAMENOV, B. DOMBALOV. Effluents cleaning from suspended solids.


K. NIKOLAOU. Five years studies in vehicle emission reduction using a Ce02 catalytic system.


A.NAYDENOV, D. MEHANDJIEV. Save-energy method for incineration of diluted waste gases by catalytic ozonation.


S. DAMYANOVA, A. DOTCEVA, A. ELIYAS, CH. VLADOV, L. PETROV. Recent development of the hydrodesulphurization catalysts.


G. VISSOKOV, I, GRANCHAROV, A. POPOV, L. BRAKALOV. Thermodynamic investigation of plasma - chemical treatment of systems consisting of mineral raw materials and industrial wastes.