Vol 1, No1 - 2000

Enviromental radioactivity

F.K. VOSNIAKOS, K.S. FARMAKIS, The radioactive contamination in Greece due to Chemobil accident and its impact to the environment

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G.CHARALAMPIDES, G. ABERG, A. G. TRIANTAFYLLOU, K. VATALIS, The natural isotope as tracers in environmental st

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Air pollution

A.G. TRIANTAFYLLOU, F. VOSNIAKOS, G. CHARALABIDIS, N. PAPADAKIS, On the air pollution in West Macedonia region, Greece.

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G. VASILIKIOTIS, J. BARTZIS, I. HATZIANESTIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, G. PILIDIS, Determination of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere of the city  Thessaloniki, Greece.

T. MAKROGIANNIS, E. BORA-SENTA, TH. FILANDROS. Stochastic models of climatological time series: an application to the air temperature time series in Thessaloniki Greece.

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V. N. BESCHKOV. Waste management and air pollution.
K. BARZEV. Environmental protection from the automotive transport.


Water pollution

I. MALOLLARL Treatment of the "red water" and solid disposal waste from Albanian explosive manufacture.


NUZMANOV. K, D. DIMITROVA, V. POPOV, A. TOMOV. Monitoring and identification of heavy metals  )'content and some ion groups in surface waters and sediments in Maritza river basin, Bulgaria.


G. VASILIKIOTIS, G. ZACHARIADIS, J. STRATIS,' F. VOSNIAKOS. Profile of heavy metals distribution in water and sediment samples from river Evros (Southeast Europe).


N. PAPADAKIS. Public health correlation with water and sewage quality.

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L. BOYADZHIEV, Extraction of heavy metals from waste waters by liquid membrane techniques.

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Marine ecology

 A. CULLAJ, V. CELO, D. BABI. Analytical investigation of heavy metals content in sediments of Albanian coast.


A. OVTCHAROVA, D. DIMITROVA. Investigation of the rainfall influence in case of secondary salinity with sea water.

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Research and education for sustainable development

M. PYROVETSI. Research and education in ecology for a sustainable biosphere.

Environmental education


K NIKOLAOU. Present and future of the environmental education.


Z. B. VUKMIROVIC, How to recognize the real enthusiasm of youth for environmental protection

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N. KATSAROS. Principles of environmental education in European Union countries.

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I. VANGJELI. Environmental education in Albania.

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V. TOMOV. Structure and contents of the environmental study at the Rousse University.

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G. BUCHVAROV, D. KIRIN, A. KOSTADINOVA. PI atyhelminth parasite assemblages in two species of snakesAibrc/H^andA^T ft.ffiKta.

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