Vol 10, No 3 (2009)

Air pollution

I. HAIDUC, C. ROBA, L. BOBOS, L. FECHETE-RADU. Urban aerosols pollution. Case study – Cluj-Napoca city.
W. STEFANESCU, L. S. IRIMIE. Study concerning the phonic pollution generated by the urban traffic in the town of Timisoara. II.
Z. OSMANOVIC, E. TURKIC, S. PRIMORAC. Re-engineering the system for production of maleic acid anhydrides with the goal of lowering pollutant emissions.
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Water pollution

C. CRISTEA, B. FEIER, F. GENESTE, R. SANDULESCU, C. MOINET. New modified porous electrodes for the removal of heavy metal ions from aqueos solutions.
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Water quality

A. CRISTEA. Passive bactericide devices in increasing the safety of water supply installations.
N. BUSHATI, A. NEZIRI, I. MALOLLARI, F. BUSHATI. Bacteriological investigations of wells water near the Shkodra lake.
M. CVIJOVIC, D. GOLOBOCANIN, S. TRIFUNOVIC, N. MILJEVIC. Alum-treated drinking water in Western Serbia.
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Soil pollution

C. CAPATINA, C. M. SIMONESCU. Impact of slag deposits in the Gorj County.
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Risk assessment

K. S. KAYIHAN, T. ESIN. A study aimed to determine primary ecological building criteria for Gebze (Turkey) and a model building design.
K. IOANNOU, G. ARABATZIS, P. LEFAKIS. Predicting the prices of forest energy resources with the use of artificial neural networks (ANNs). The case of conifer fuel wood in Greece.
G. M. PARASCHIV, V. SCHRODER, L. TOFAN, M. BUCUR. New data about zoo-benthal populations of Romanian littoral lakes.
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Marine ecology

A. COCIASU, L. VARGA, L. LAZAR, D. VASILIU. Recent data concerning evolution of the eutrophication level indicators in Romanian seawater.
Y. G. SAVVIDIS, C. N. GEORGIADIS, E. F. DATSI. Investigating the waters flushing of the inner basin of Nea Moudania harbour (Northern Greece).
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

K. STEPANOVA. Environmental quality and economic development. Sustainability strategies (Odessa region case study).


Clean technologies

D. POPA, M. POPA. Ecological technologies in controlling the walls moistening process.
M. ABDUL BARY AL AFOORI, N. TABAKOVA, V. BESCHKOV. Technology for treatment of waters contaminated by emulsified vegetable oil.
K. LISICHKOV, V. S. RAYKOV, S. KUVENDZIEV.Application of modern precise eco-technology process for separation of fish oil from animal samples.
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Environmental radioactivity

A. A. CIGNA. A simple method for the evaluation of the dose due to scattered radiation in radiotherapy.
H. FLOROU, V. TSYTSUGINA, G. G. POLIKARPOV, F. K. VOSNIAKOS, N. EVANGELIOU. A comparative study on genotoxic effects in Oligochaeta from areas with elevated natural and artificial radioactivity.
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Environmental management

C. VOSNIAKOS, C. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, I. GRAMMATIKOPOULOS, C. PATRWNIS.  Permeability coefficient of bentonite – kaolinite mixtures for GCLs.
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Environmental informatics

A. K. KOKKINAKIS, Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. Modelling the fishery production of bordering but ecologically varying coastal lake ecosystems.
D. MINETOS, S. POLYZOS. Multivariate statistical methodologies for testing hypothesis of land-use change at the regional level. A review and evaluation.
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Computer application of environmental information system

D. CHOUVARDAS, M. S. VRAHNAKIS. A semi-empirical model for the near future evolution of the lake Koronia landscape.
CH. BECHEV, N. NIKOLOVA, M. TEOHAREVA, K. TENEKEDJIEV. Testing the quality of environmental data by an internet-based tool.
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Environmental education and training

Z. M. PALAMPANIDOU, S. HADJILEONTIADOU. Perceptions of the teachers of the county of Kozani about the impacts from the lignite exploitation.
A. K. ANDREOPOULOU, A. K. KOKKINAKIS. Development of an educational system for the protection of delta of rivers Axios – Loudias – Aliakmon using multimedia.
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