Vol 10, No 4 (2009)

Water pollution
S. LAVROVA, B. KOUMANOVA. A comparative study of the nitrogen-rich pig slurry treatment in aerobic bioreactor and in constructed vertical flow wetland system.

Soil pollution

D. NIKOLOVA, R. POPOVA. Synthesis and thermal dehydration of Cd2H6I2O12•6H2O.
A. CRNKIC, B. CATOVIC, M. MAZALOVIC, S. MICEVIC, R. CELIKOVIC, A. KESIC. Area of lead distribution in urban and rural soils in the region of Tuzla.
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Forest soil analysis

K. KITIKIDOU, D. SEILOPOULOS, A. PAPAIOANNOU. Clustering of nursery seedling data in different compost substrates.
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Industrial pollution

B. ZDRAVKOV, J. J. CERMAK, V. KUCEROVA, M. KUBAL, J. JANKU. Gas survey techniques in soil environmental analysis. Interpretation, quantification and perspectives. Review.
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Risk assessment

A. SOCOL, I. IUGA. Insurance against natural calamities in agriculture – Romania case.
M. MOGA, N.-F. BIGIU. Healthy facts about nutrition in pregnancy.
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E. MENNIS, A. PLATIS, N. NIKITAKOS. Applying stochastic models in maritime safety.
A. NURO, E. MARKU, D. BISHYTI, B. HAXHIAJ, I. BREGASI, B. KONI. Organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls levels in biota and sediment samples of the Vlora bay.
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M. POPA, M. MICLEA, S. VARVARA. The present demands of food quality and the promotion of food safety.
M. BADEA, M. MOGA, N. TAUS, N. BIGIU, S. C. COBZAC. Heavy metals monitoring using TLC.
A. SPOLJAR, I. KISIC, M. BIRKAS, I. KVATERNJAK, D. MARENCIC, V. OREHOVACKI.  Influence of tillage on soil properties, yield and protein content in maize and soybean grain.
A. ALADJADJIYAN, AL. ZAHARIEV. Influence of stationary magnetic field on the absorption spectra of some energy plants.
T. FLOQI, B. HUQI, S. SHAHINI, I. MALOLLARI. Survey of pesticide application. Practices and assurance problems from an important crop-growing region in Albania.
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Marine ecology

R. SADIKAJ, E. PANARITI, M. LIKA, H. MANKOLLI, E. NELAJ, D. ARAPI. Environmental degradation of Albanian coastal areas indicated by lysosomal destabilisation in the mollusca bivalvia Mytilus galloprovincialis L a m a r k, 1819.


Solid waste management

N. OIKONOMOU , S. MAVRIDOU, P. ESKIOGLOU. Utilisation of the solid waste from marble treatment in the production of cement mortars.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

I. CENAR. Protecting the environment by making the human resource valuable.
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Environmental protection

D. POPA, M. POPA. Quantitative study regarding the capillary problems in the building walls.
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P. KANELLIS, V. GIOMATARIS, A. DOMVROGIANNIS, G. STEFANIDIS, D. SAVVIDIS, M. GOGOS, F. VOSNIAKOS, J. TRIANDAFYLLIS. Reduction of NOx emissions by changing the injection timing in a diesel engine fuelled by biodiesel.
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Sustainable development

M. GOLUMBEANU, S. AVDIMIOTIS. Destination management, coastal spatial analysis and GIS. The case of Chalkidiki Greece.
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Biochemical and bioprotection

M. POPA, M. VICA, R. AXINTE, M. GLEVITZKY, S. VARVARA. Correlations on the microbiological and physicochemical characteristics of different types of honey.
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Clean technologies

A. CRISTEA. Environmental pollution during cutting with abrasive and diamond-coated discs in installations.
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E. PAPADOPOULOU. Adhesives from renewable resources for binding wood-based panels.
A. IRIMESCU, L. CALIN, A. JADANEANT. Aspects concerning the efficient use of biogas obtained from sewage water discarded by the beer industry.
T. A. FELEKIS, N. KATSAROS. Environment and nanotechnology: a promising challenge.
I. LAZA, A. E. CIOABLA. Study regarding the reduction of the energetic consumption for compressed air networks.
J. SAVIC, V. VASIC, C. CRISTEA, R. SANDULESCU. Electrochemical behaviour of bis-pyrazole-azo-chromotropic acid and its use as modifier for elaboration of potentiometric sensor for the copper detection.
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Environmental legislation


S. SAZAK. Legal and administrative issues on pollution of Turkish coasts.
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Environmental management

L. NEAMTU, A. C. NEAMTU. Romanian seaside tourism between survival and recognition. A successful model in improving the Romanian seaside.
C. KLEPS. Sustainable agriculture – the sole alternative for the present environmental and climatic constrains.
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Environmental informatics

Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. Adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTS) in public forest service in Greece.
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Computer application on environmental informatic system

S. AVDIMIOTIS. From development to decline. Tracing the life circle notifications of a destination.
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Computer management – computer application

A. K. KOKKINAKIS, Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. Evaluation of fishery viability of river Nestos estuarine wetlands.
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Environmental education and training

T. KOUTROUMANIDIS, Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. E-learning in the internet supporting quality of life and environment within sustainability in the EU.

Public health-environment

T. FLOQI, D. VEZI. Environment and rural health during transition in Albania.