Vol 10 No1(2009)


Air pollution
F. POPESCU, I. IONEL, C. UNGUREANU. Ambient air quality measurements in Timisoara. Current situation and perspectives.
Water pollution
C. COSMA, M. NICOLAU, V. PATROESCU, M. STEFANESCU, A. BALLO, S. FLORESCU. The incidence of by-products (THMs) disinfection in drinking water.
L. UNGUREANU. A dynamical model of water pollution.

T. ALBANIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, K. NIKOLAOU, G. VASILIKIOTIS, M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEF, CH. DIAMANTOPOULOS, D. LAMPROPOULOU, K. ZAVLARIS, P. SELIMI.    Axios river pollution. Part II: Polychlorinated biphenyls and heavy metals.

Soil pollution

N. DRAGOMIR, S. MASU, C. BOGATU, B. LIXANDRU, M. LAZAROVICI, C. CRISTEA. In situ remediation of soils polluted with heavy metals. Part I. Using of supported materials.
L. DRAGUT, C. BOGATU, V. VERBITCHI, D. IONESCU, I. HARJAN, S. MASU. In situ remediation of soils polluted with heavy metals. Part II. Using of electrokinetic treatment.

Industrial pollution

Z. OSMANOVIC, A. CIPURKOVIC, S. CATIC, I. IMAMOVIC. Decreasing pollutant emissions by re-engineering the production process in FC Lukavac.

Risk assessment

W. STEFANESCU, L. S. IRIMIE. Study concerning the phonic pollution generated by the urban traffic in the town of Timisoara. Part I.
M. AXINI, L. TOFAN. Constantza county protected areas and the identification of their most important threats.
A. H. DOKMECI, A. ONGEN, S. DAGDEVIREN. Environmental toxicity of cadmium and health effect.
C. COSMA, D. CIORBA, A. TIMAR, K. SZACSVAI, AL. DINU. Radon exposure and lung cancer risk in Romania.
A. C. K. BENLI, M. SELVI, A. SEPICI-DINCEL, R. SARIKAYA, M. Z. YILDIRIM, A. OZKUL, F. ERKOC. Acute toxicity of beta-cypermethrin on Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) fingerlings.
K. VOSNIAKOS, C. PATRONIS. Risk analysis of influence of several parameters on the shear behaviour of a filled rock joint using DEM.

M. AXINI. The ferns of the Macin mountains. Scientific importance, protection and conservation.
M. MAZILU. The ecological component of the lasting development.
T. BLAZEVSKA, J. DAMJANOVSKI, E. JASOVIK-SIVEVSKA. 21 century reality and global problems from ecology.

Biochemical- and bioprotection

A. N. UZUNOVA, G. T. CHANEVA, I. I. NACHEV. Cadmium and paraquat toxicity. Effect on growth and lipid peroxidation in maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings .
M. CULEA, M. JIMBOREAN, A. PINTEA, M. CHIRIAC, A. IORDACHE. Cheese amino acids characterisation by isotopic dilution GC-MS.

Waste management

M. ILIESCU, M. FARAGO, M. POPA, M. CRISTEA. Reuse of residual kieselguhr from beer filtration as a fertiliser.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

T. FLOQI, S. SHUMKA, I. MALOLLARI, D. VEZI, L. SHABANI. Environment and sustainable development of the Prespa park.

Clean technologies

M. VASJARI, A. COMO, P. LAZO, I. MELE, A. MELE. CO2 extraction of mercury from contaminated soils.
F. POPESCU. Advantages in the use of biodiesel in an urban fleet. Case study. Major cross-roads in the Timisoara city.

Environmental radioactivity

C. COSMA, I. PETRESCU, C. MEILESCU, A. TIMAR. Studies on the radioactivity of lignite from the area between the Danube and Motru (South-West Romania) and the incidence on the environment.

Environmental legislation

I. O. MUNTEAN, N. CUGLESAN. Implementation of environmental protection laws and the new tasks of local authorities.

Environmental management

V. BURJA. Sustainable development of agricultural holdings and what it means to costs.
S. BASBAS. Environmental evaluation of contra-flow bus lanes.
S. BASBAS, K. NIKOLAOU. An approach for the estimation of traffic noise cost in Thessaloniki.
S. SOFIOS, S. POLYZOS. Water resources management in Thessaly region (Greece) and their impact on the regional development.

Environmental informatics

G. TSANTOPOULOS, J. KARAMICHAS. Communication and Greek environmental organisations: means of communication and influencing factors.
P. MENTZELOU, F. VOSNIAKOS, TH. DARDAVESIS, N. PAPADAKIS, K. NIKOLAOU, CH. ATHANSIADOU. An information system for hospital waste management.

Computer application

G. K. TEGOS, K. Z. ONKOV. Ecological concerns from queries analysis of PC fishery time series database of Greece.