Vol 10, No2 (2009)

Air pollution

C. CAPATINA, GH. LAZAR, C. M. SIMONESCU. Study of air pollution by mining exploitation.
K. NIKOLAOU, H. TSARSITALIDIS, N. PAPADAKIS. Traffic and air pollution temporal evolution in the city of Serres, Greece.
A. KANDILIOTIS, K. NIKOLAOU. Energy and environmental assessment of district heating and natural gas industrial use in Kozani, Greece.
D. PATRONAS, A. KARIDA, A. PAPADOPOULOU, A. PSIHA, K. XIPOLITOS, G. KOKKINIS, K. VOSNIAKOS, B. GRAMMATIKIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, K. VASDEKIS. Air pollution and noise pollution due to traffic in three Greek cities.
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Water pollution

M. CULEA, A. IORDACHE, O. COZAR, D. RISTOIU. Trihalomethanes analysis in drinking water.
N. PAPADAKIS, P. TSOUMBARIS, G. SARGIOTIS, P. GEORGIANOS, K. NIKOLAOU. Hygienic evaluation of the water supply and sewerage systems in the Evros prefecture, Greece.
P. TSOUMBARIS, N. PAPADAKIS, G. SARGIOTIS, P. GEORGIANOS, K. NIKOLAOU.  Determination of heavy metals in drinking water of the Evros prefecture, Greece.
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Soil pollution

N. DRAGOMIR, S. MASU, C. BOGATU, M. LAZAROVICI, C. CRISTEA. Mobilisation of heavy metals from mining wastes by phytoremediation with lotus species.

Agricultural pollution

V. BURJA. Sustainable development of Romanian agriculture – realities and perspectives.

Risk assessment

M. GINOVSKA, H. SPASEVSKA, K. NAJDENKOSKI. Quality control and environmental impact of high-voltage insulating oils for X-ray generators.
A. SHEHU, P. LAZO, L. PJESHKAZINI. Evaluation of metal species in sediments, using the BCR sequential and single extraction procedure.
I. SELITSANIOTIS, K. NIKOLAOU. Planning for the upgrading and increasing of urban green in the city of Larissa, Greece.
S. DUKA, A. CULLAJ. Evaluation of chlorophyll as the primary index for trophic state classification.
AL. SIRBU, V. PASLARU. Comparative studies between phospholipase and DATEM effects in bread-making.
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Marine ecology

V. ST. RAYKOV, M. YANKOVA, E. PETROVA. Stock condition, population dynamics and peculiarities in biology of the turbot (Psetta maxima L.) in relation with measures for its rational exploitation off Bulgarian Bl.
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Environmental protection and sustainable devevlopment

C. BURJA. Sensitivity of investments projects for sustainable development in agricultural holdings.
C. BURJA. Analysis of Romanian competitiveness from sustainable development perspective.
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Bio- and biochemical protection

M. CULEA, S. GOCAN. Flavonoids determination in herbs by GC and GC/MS.
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Clean technologies

K. STEPANOVA. Renewable energy in tourism: opportunities and benefits.
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Environmental radioactivity

A. A. CIGNA. Impact of the Chernobyl accident in Western Europe.

Environmental management

G. GULER, A. C. YILDIZCI. Measuring the effects of the bridges on Istanbul green system.
A. K. KOKKINAKIS, Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. Teaching and learning sustainability in fisheries in lake ecosystems using ICT-based systems.


O. RUBEL. Introductions of approaches of the payments for ecosystem services for ecological tourism.
S. KHARDZEISHVILI. Ecotourism in Georgia.
C. I. LUNGU, CH. CARAIANI, C. DASCALU. Reporting green information from environmental management perspective.
S. APAK, SADI UZUNOGLU, A. F. ACIKGOZ, SERNAZ UZUNOGLU. Protecting and promoting human health with environmental role. The case of the Balkan countries.
A. K. KOKKINAKIS. Ecological risks affecting the vulnerable fish fauna of rivers in West Macedonia (Greece).
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Computer applications on environmental information system

C. A. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, C. F. VOSNIAKOS, C. PATRONIS. A new model for the prediction of secondary consolidation index of highly compressible soils.
Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU, A. K. KOKKINAKIS, G. D. ARABATZIS. Supporting fishery co-operatives of coastal wetlands through internet presentation.

Environmental education

C. GACHE, L. D. DIMA. Case study: the environmental education in a Romanian university (‘Al. I. Cuza’ University – Faculty of Biology) and in the Natural Sciences Complex Museum from Constanta.
D. HATZIDIAKOS, A. GANATSIOS, V. PAPAVASILEIOU. The importance of environmental literacy through an interdisciplinary approach to education.