Vol 11, No 1 (2010)

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Air pollution

A. LIOLIOS, K. NIKOLAOU. Environmental impact assessment of alternative fuel use plans in urban buses of Thessaloniki.,1

Water pollution

G. DEMIR. Decolourisation of azo dyes containing wastewater by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in a rotating biological contactor.
L. CALIN, M. JADANEANT. Constructive solutions regarding the purification of used water coming from the beer industry.
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Soil pollution

V. IANCU, M. MITRITA, J. PETRE, L. CRUCERU. Analytical investigation of some organic compounds from contaminated areas with petroleum products.
H. MANKOLLI, V. PROKO (JAZEXHIU), M. LIKA. Evaluation of mercury (Hg) in the Vlora gulf, Albania, and impacts on the environment.
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Agricultural pollution

C. BABEANU, D. POPA, G. CIOBANU, M. SOARE. Copper toxicity tolerance in germinating wheat seeds.
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Risk assessment

I. TRANDAFIR, V. NOUR, M. E. IONICA. Development of a method for the determination of tin in canned fruit juice by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry.
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V. NOUR, I. TRANDAFIR, M. E. IONICA. Development and validation of HPLC methods for analysis of benzoic acid in various foodstuffs.
S. A. VAIZOGLU, L. AKIN, K. GURSOY, E. KAYA, A. SARI, G. YALCIN, A. YARCI, N. C. YILMAZ, C. GULER. Determination of power frequency magnetic fields in primary schools in Yenimahhalle district, Ankara.
M. DEVECI, G. AKSU. Effects of freezing temperatures that are applied to some vegetable seedlings from Brassicaceae family on the viability ratio in Thrace conditions.
E. MARKU, A. NURO, D. BISHYTI, B. HAXHIAJ. Estimation of an extraction tecnique for organochlorinated contaminants in biota and marine samples.
A. PAPARISTO, E. HALIMI, E. HAMZARAJ, O. LAKNORI, E. KECI. Identification of invasive insects in Albania and the assessment of their potential impact to the country biodiversity.
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Risk assessment – public health

D. NIKIC, D. BOGDANOVIC, M. NIKOLIC, A. STANKOVIC, M. ARANDJELOVIC. Prevalence of building related symptoms in employees of commercial centers.
D. KOLEVA, M. STEFANOVA, TS. GANEVA, V. VELIKOVA, TS. TSONEV, FR. LORETO.    Structural responses of Platanus orientalis L. leaves to elevated CO2 concentration and high temperature.
P. S. KARAGKIOZIDIS. Photopollution impacts and side effects on the ecosystem as well as on the economy.
A. MATEV, HR. KIRCHEV. Maize growing under regulated water deficit irrigation without nitrogen fertilisation.
M. DEVECI, L. ARIN, S. POLAT. Cold resistance of kohlrabi (Brassica oleraceae var. gongylodes).
V. BARBU. The phenotype of some Lactobacillus sp. strains from wheat microbiota.
G. BANDOC, M. GOLUMBEANU. Climate variability influence to the potential evapotranspiration regime of the Sfantu Gheorghe delta shore.
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Marine ecology

L. V. STELMAKH, M. I. SENECHEVA, E. A. KUFTARKOVA. Long-term variability of the structural and functional characteristics of phytoplankton in the Sevastopol bay.
N. KOVALOVA, S. MEDINETS, O. KONAREVA, V. MEDINETS. Long-term changes of bacterioplankton and chlorophyll a as indicators of changes of north-western part of the Black sea ecosystem during the last 30 years.
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Marine areas protection

T. ZAHARIA, D. MICU, V. TODOROVA, D. VAN ELBURG, V. NITA, V. MAXIMOV, M. GOLUMBEANU. The coherence of the Romanian marine protected areas network.
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Solid waste management

C. BUMBAC, E. PENA-LEONTE, C. DUMITRESCU, C. TEODORESCU, I. GHITA. Alternative biotechnological solutions for paper and mill plants solid wastes reusing.
E. ARDELEAN, M. ARDELEAN, T. HEPUT, A. SOCALICI. Possibilities of recycling the lime-dolomite plant dust.
A. SOCALICI, T. HEPUT, M. ARDELEAN, E. ARDELEAN, V. PUTAN. Researches regarding practical application of deferrised steelshop slags in agriculture.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. SEZGIN, L. BAT, T. KATAGAN, A. S. ATES. Likely effects of global climate change on the Black sea benthic ecosystem.
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S. IVAN, I. LUCACIU, G. RUSU, I. VASILE. Toxic effect of some dangerous chemicals on superoxide dismutase enzymatic activity.
G.-M. PARASCHIV, T. BEGUN, A. TEACA, M. BUCUR, L. TOFAN. New data about benthal populations of the Golovita and Zmeica lakes.
G.-M. PARASCHIV, L. TOFAN, V. SCHRODER, M. BUCUR. Analysis of zoobenthal communities from the Razim–Sinoe lagoon complex.
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Clean technologies

C. DUMITRESCU, M. STEFANESCU, E. PENA-LEONTE, C. BUMBAC, S. FLORESCU, I. GHITA, I. NITOI, V. BADESCU. Advanced tertiary treatment of municipal effluents in order to reuse them as water for irrigation.
T. A. MISHARINA, M. B. TERENINA, N. I. KRIKUNOVA, M. A.KALINCHENKO. Retention of odorants by maltodextrins during storage.
D. CEBRUCEAN, I. IONEL, T. PANAIT. Novel technology of coal biomass co-combustion with CO2 capture.
I. IONEL, F. POPESCU, G. PADURE, C. GRUESCU, G. TRIF-TORDAI. Removal of mercury from municipal solid waste combustion gases.
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Environmental management

V. JOVANOVIC, A. NJEGUS. Geographical information system and its application in spatial management. The case of Zlatibor and Zlatar, Serbia.
M. N. ALEXOUDI, S. B. MANOLOPOULOU, TH. T. PAPALIANGAS. A methodology for landslide risk assessment and management.
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Environmental and crisis management

S. BOKAN, M. CHALARIS, P. STAVRAKAKIS, P. SARAFIS. Threats posed by CBRN terrorism and the role of the SEDM-CBSC working group in the prevention and response.
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Environmental informatics

V. I. MEDINETS, I. A. SUCHKOV, N. V. KOVALOVA. Experience and inputs of Odessa National I. I. Mechnikov University team in development and in future using of Environment Data Bases in the framework of the Black Sea Scene projec.
R. SHAKER, L. TOFAN, M. BUCUR, S. COSTACHE, D. SAVA, T. EHLINGER. Land cover and landscape as predictors of groundwater contamination: a neural-network modelling approach applied to Dobrogea, Romania.
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Computer application

K. IOANNOU, P. LEFAKIS, G. ARABATZIS. The use of object-oriented programming for the evaluation of forest developmental projects. The case of forest roads.
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Environmental education and training

A. MARINOS, E. STEFOS, A. SFYRAKI, N. MALTEZOS. Primary school teaching activities evaluating student comprehension in ‘environmental economy’.
CH. LALAZISI, P. LATINOPOULOS. Investigation of the factors of influence on personal environmental norms and on environmental behaviour of lyceum students.
B. KASSELOURI, S. HADJILEONTIADOU. On designing software to support environmental education – the prototype ‘biomass’.
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Environmental economics

S. SANDOR. Environment-concious agriculture and the Hungarian development strategy.
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Study on the growth rate of eucaLyptus species in north Greece