Vol 11, No 2 (2010)

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Air pollution

W. STEFANESCU, L. S. IRIMIE. Solutions for limitation of urban phonic pollution using the road traffic fluidisation methods.

Water pollution

A. ODOBASIC, H. PASALIC, S. CATIC, A. BRATOVCIC.    Speciation of copper in the lake Modrac water with DPASV.
A. GIOURI, M. VAVELIDIS, V. MELFOS, C. CHRISTOPHORIDIS. Geochemical study of the Bogdanas river waters at the Assiros–Lagada area, Northern Greece.
T. FLOQI, I. MALOLLARI, D. VEZI, A. TRAJCE. Water quality – a key issue of drinking water supply in Tirana.
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Soil pollution

G. VASILE, I. GH. TANASE. Mobility test applied to a certified reference material BCR-483 – sewage sludge amended soil.
N. IVANKOVIC, M. KASANIN-GRUBIN, I. BRCESKI, N. VUKELIC.    Possible sources of heavy metals in urban soils: example from Belgrade, Serbia.
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Industrial pollution

A. SOCALICI, T. HEPUT, E. ARDELEAN, M. ARDELEAN.    Research regarding using the wastes with carbon content in siderurgical industry.
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Risk assessment

T. ESIN, I. YUKSEK. Ecological analysis of building elements of traditional buildings in the rural area of Thrace region (Turkey).
M. CHALARIS, P. STAVRAKAKIS, P. SARAFIS. Assessing the threat of terrorist use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons in the South-east European Countries.
E. BERGELE, M. CHALARIS. International treaties concerning chemical and biological agents. Their implementation in Greece.
M. CULEA, A. IORDACHE, O. COZAR. Allergens determination by GC-MS.
S. D. PETROV, T. N. BILEVA. Economical and public health importance of rodents.
H. KIRCHEV, Z. TERZIEV, A. MATEV. Grain qualities of triticale (X. triticosecale W i t t m a c k) varieties grown under the ecological conditions of Thrace and Dobrogea.


V. TZENOVA, I. MITOVA. Influence of the soil moisture regime on the nitrogen and plastid pigments content in wheat varieties.
R. BERCU, M. AXINI. Comparative features of some aquatic ferns from the Danube delta.
M. POPA, R. AXINTE, S. VARVARA. Considerations regarding the quality of honey on heating and storage – changes in hydroxymethylfurfuraldehyde content of the honey from Transylvania (Romania).


K. DONEVA. Effect of irrigation of crops on soil thermal properties.
K. SINI, P. N. SKANDAMIS, G.-J. E. NYCHAS. Shelf-life establishment of dairy products based on quality and safety determinants.
Y. KIRKOVA. Irrigation regime effect on soil and plants.
L. GURGU, V. BARBU. Southern blot analysis for 21-mer identification from pDR3.3 .
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Solid waste management

M. ARDELEAN, A. SOCALICI, T. HEPUT, E. ARDELEAN.    Research on obtaining lubricating powder from various types of wastes.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

S. TAMPAKIS, P. KARANIKOLA, T. KOUTROUMANIDIS, CH. TSITOURIDOU. Protecting the productivity of cultivated land. The viewpoints of farmers in Northern Evros.
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Clean technologies

A. KICSI, C. COJOCARU, M. MACOVEANU, D. BILBA. Response surface methodology applied for zinc removal from aqueous solutions using Sphagnum peat moss as sorbent.
A. M. BUBURUZAN, M. MACOVEANU, C. COJOCARU, C. CATRINESCU. Experimental design to optimise the removal efficiency of o-xylene from gaseous flux by adsorption.
E. ARDELEAN, M. ARDELEAN, A. SOCALICI, T. HEPUT. Recycling of slag from the aluminium industry to steel refining.
C. COJOCARU, V. C. CRETU, C. PREDA, M. MACOVEANU, I. CRETESCU. Response surface methodology applied for investigation of diesel oil spill removal from water surface using textile sorbents.
R. SIRBU, T. ZAHARIA, V. MAXIMOV, A. M. BECHIR, M. MARIS, B. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, D. ARTENIE MARIS, T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, M. LECA, E. M. CADAR, R. M. STOICESCU, L. MOCANU, S. JURJA. Clean bio-technologies for obtaining new pharmaceutical formulations based on collagen gels and marine algae extracts for medical applications.
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Environmental radioactivity

A. A. CIGNA. Anthropogenic radionuclides in surface sea water and fallout.
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Environmental legislation

E. OLHAN, Y. ATASEVEN. The implementations of inspection and certification system in organic farming. A case study of Turkey.
G. ARABATZIS. Development of Greek forestry in the framework of the European Union policies.
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Environmental management


P. PARASCHOU, K. NIKOLAOU. Management, conservation and revelation of suburban forests. The case of the suburban forest of the hill ‘Ag. Panteleimonas’ of Florina.
N. DASCALESCU, C. KLEPS. Functional, environmental, ecological and socio-economic effects of the hydropower developments as main renewable resource in Romania.
I. C. CEYLAN, O. KOKSAL, I. KUTLAR. Determination of effective factors on adoption of integrated pest management practices.
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Environmental informatics

K. S. IOANNOU , P. D. LEFAKIS. Data logger. An application for recording GPS data and exporting them to GIS applications.
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G. ARABATZIS, A. KYRIAZOPOULOS. Contribution of rangelands in quality of life. The case of the Viotia prefecture, Greece.
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Computer application on environmental informatic system

S. HADJILEONTIADOU, T. VASILAKOGLOU. Design and development of the Ge|oDist software. Contribution to the distinction of environmental problems.
L. D. MOSTEORU, M. JADANEANT, S. MOSTEORU.    Aspects regarding the influence of dry heat sterilisation on the environment.
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Environmental education and training

E. STEFOS, A. MARINOS, N. MALTEZOS. Environmental education as an axis of materialisation of aims and objectives of chemistry in the secondary education. Applications in High School of Ialysos, Rhodes.
V. AVRAMIDOU, Z. AGELIDIS. Mobile phones in our life.
M. AXINI, R. BERCU. Theoretical and practical activities concerning the development in pupils of conscience concerning the coastal wetlands.
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Public health – environmental medicine

D. BADIU, F. RONCEA, N. ROSOIU. Realisation of some dermatological emulsions and salves from lipid extracts of two mussels from the Black sea.
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Geoinformatics and environment

L. PASHOVA, I. YOVEV. Geodetic studies of the influence of climate change on the Black sea level trend.
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