Vol 11, No 4 (2010)

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Air pollution

M. NIKOLIC, D. NIKIC, A. MIRJANA. Air pollution and skin effects in children.
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Water pollution

L. CALIN, A. IRIMESCU, A. JADANEANT. Research regarding the reduction of nitrate concentration in wastewater discarded by the beer industry in the Timis hydrological area.
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Water and soil pollution

D. RISTOIU, K. M. HAYDEE, T. RISTOIU. Chlorinated solvents detection in soil and river water in the area along the paper factory in Dej town, Romania.
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Soil pollution

A. M. MOLDOVEANU, A. C. MOLDOVEANU. Assessment of the impact of soil pollution on human health.
M. MLADENOV, J. JORDANOV, Y. PELOVSKI. X-ray spectroscopy analysis of soils in the region of Eliseina metallurgical plant.
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Agricultural pollution

Y. ATASEVEN, E. OLHAN. Environmental evaluation of pollutions due to agricultural activities in drinking water basins.
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Risk assessment

M. KOCHUBOVSKI. Blood-lead levels in school children as an indicator of lead pollution.
M. ARANDJELOVIC. Occupational bronchial asthma and associated idemnification cost based on court expertise.
S. D. PETROV, T. N. BILEVA. Aradophagini K o z l o v 1970 (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae), new tribus for Bulgarian and Greek fauna.
D. STOYANOVA-KOLEVA, V. KAPCHINA-TOTEVA, S. CHANKOVA. Ultrastructural response of cell-wallless mutant strain Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to cadmium toxicity.
C. BABEANU, C. CONSTANTIN, G. PAUNESCU, D. POPA. Effects of drought stress on some oxidoreductase enzymes in five varieties of wheat.
K. DANOVA, E. CELLAROVA, V. KAPCHINA-TOTEVA. Impact of growth regulators on in vitro regeneration of Hypericum rumeliacum B o i s s.
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R. TROJA, D. PRIFTI, A. PETRE, N. DALANAJ, E. TROJA, K. SINI. Taxonomic studies of yeasts isolated from cold and extremely cold environments (plant biodiversity of the Dajti mountain).
N. STANKOVIC, M. PURENOVIC, M. RANDELOVIC, J. PURENOVIC. Prevention of solid deposit formation processes in geothermal and synthetic mineral waters of high hardness level.
N. KOUTINAS, S. MICHAILIDIS, N. KARAGIANNIDIS, B. TASIOS, K. ROUBOS, G. KOUTINA, A. OSMANTZIKIDOU, A. TSIMPLEKI, K. DELIORIDIS, A. STAVRIDIS, M. KOUTINA. Effect of low winter temperatures in the area of Thessaloniki on twenty one Eucalyptus varieties.
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Marine ecology

E. HAMZARAJ, A. PAPARISTO, O. LAKNORI, O. KOJA, A. CIZMJA. Seasonal dynamics of bacterial indicators in a highly visited seacoast in Albania.
D. AFANASYEV. Phytogeographical structure of macrophyte alga flora of the Black Sea Russian shelf.
R. SIRBU, T. ZAHARIA, B. S. N. PIRJOL, S. NICOLAEV, A. BOLOGA, I. PSEGALINSCHI. The Black Sea ecosystem – important potential source for pharmaceutical industry.
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Waste management

P. PETROV, I. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKI. Possibilities for utilisation in cement industry of solid wastes, generated from TPS ‘Svilosa JSC’.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

E. TRIFONOVA, P. EFTIMOVA. Vulnerability of Varna central beach to extreme storm events.
V. MASLOVA, E. VOSKRESENSKAYA, M. BARDIN. Variability of the cyclone activity in the Mediterranean–Black Sea region.
S. TAMPAKIS, E. MANOLAS, P. KARANIKOLA. Who are the enemies of the forest? The views of loggers and students.
G. OZDEMIR , C. SAGLAM. Sustainable use of medicinal aromatic plants and employment of women in its production: case of Kumbag-Ucmakdere area.
R. YILMAZ, A. KORKUT. Investigation on the environmental awareness level and its developing possibilities in Tekirdag, Turkey.
G. GULER, A. C. YILDIZCI. From quarry to urban park. Giving new life to the Eyup quarry in Istanbul.
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Biochemical- and bioprotection

C. VIZIREANU, A. IONESCU, A. DARABA, D. ISTRATI, R. BURLUC. Rheological and sensory characterisation of gels obtained from vegetal origin hydrocolloids.
A. IONESCU, I. APRODU, A. DARABA, A. MENDONCA, G. GURAU, D. MITROFAN. Effects of transglutaminase upon the functional and rheological properties of poultry protein myofibrillar concentrate.
O. BASTON, O. BARNA, E. PRICOP. Microbial ecology and bioactive amines content of skin during chicken carcasses storage at 4 grad C.
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Clean technologies

M. M. RANDJELOVIC, M. M. PURENOVIC, J. M. PURENOVIC. Physicochemical interaction between microalloyed and structurally modified composite ceramics and sulphide solutions.
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Environmental radioactivity

A. PREDA, D. COSTINEL, C. MLADIN, A. MIU, C. BARBU, S. PINTILIE, S. SBIRNA. Analysis of isotopic ratio of hydrogen from the Olt river by mass-spectrometry.


Environmental legislation

N. TODEA, M. POPA, S. C. DEACONU. Environmental taxes in Romania.
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Environmental management

A. MUNTEAN, F. STREMTAN. Green marketing: a new challenge for Romanian organizations.
L. S. IRIMIE, W. STEFANESCU. Decrease of urban pollution by increasing the mobility and accesibility to the participants in the road traffic.
D. KERESELIDZE, K. BILASHVILI, G. GRIGOLIA, G. BREGADZE, V. TRAPAIDZE, Z. SAVANELI, I. MAKALATIA. Assessment of the flooding in the Black Sea coastal area of Western Georgia.
A. DEDE, A. M. TONAY. Cetacean sightings in the Western Black Sea in autumn 2007.
E. AGIRBAS, K. SEYHAN, N. KASAPOGLU, M. FEYZIOGLU, E. USTUNDAG, C. ERUZ. Recent changes of the Turkish anchovy fishery in the Black Sea with special reference to climate change.
N. VALCHEVA, A. PALAZOV. Quality control of CTD observations as a basis for estimation of thermohaline climate of the western Black Sea.
A. DARABA, A. F. MENDONCA, C. VIZIREANU, E. BOTEZ. Management of critical control points in catering units.
E. TOK, H. O. KONUKCU, Y. KURUCU, H. H. TOK. Monitoring the biomass density using satellite imagery in order to revise the soil erosion classification map in the Beykoz district.
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Environmental modelling

L. DIMEN, N. LUDUSAN, M. POPA. Environment assessment and modelling.
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Environmental informatics

A. KUBAS, D. ALTAS, F. YILMAZ. Analysis of the factors affecting the preference for recreation areas by multidimensional scaling method.
A. KUBAS, I. H. INAN, H. HURMA, E. R. ERBAY, H. GUHER. Analysis of the relations between agricultural production and wetland by the multidimensional scaling method.
H. OREK, V. MYROSHNYCHENKO. Preparation and dissemination of the averaged maps and fields of selected satellite parameters for the Black Sea within the SeaDataNet project.
Public health

C. VIZIREANU, A. DARABA, A. IONESCU. Technological and sensory characterisation of simulated viscous sauces.
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Geotechnology-civil engineering impact and environment
K. VOSNIAKOS, C. PATRONIS, P. LANE. Physical and numerical study of shear behaviour of filled rock joints using DEM.
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