Vol 12, No 1 (2011)

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Air pollution

D. PLESOIANU. Current Situation of the Environement in thå Midia–Navodari Area
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Water pollution

E. MARKU, A. NURO, B. MURTAJ. Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Drinking Water of Tirana City (Albania).
M. VOICULESCU, L. P. GEORGESCU, S. DRAGAN, M. TIMOFTI, A. CALDARARU. Study of Anthropogenic Effects on the Quality of the Lower Prut River.
S. RYANZHIN, N. KOCHKOV, N. AKHMETOVA, N. WEINMEISTER. Coastal Lakes of the Black Sea.
L. N. PETKOV. Copper Electrolytic Extraction from Diluted Solutions.

Water quality

L. MOLLA, D. BOCARI, G. BOCARI, E. ABAZAJ, B. AGOLLI. Estimation of the Safety Parameters of Imbottled Drinking Water in Albania.
À. BACU, F. BABANI, I. MALOLLARI. A Comparative Study on the Efficiency of Use of Different Physical and Biological Parameters for the Evaluation of the Level of Trophy in the Lagoon System of Kune–Vain, Albania.
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Soil pollution

A. SPOLJAR, I. KISIC, M. BIRKAS, J. GUNJACA, I. KVATERNJAK. Influence of Crop Rotation, Liming and Green Manuring on Soil Properties and Yields.
D. PLESOIANU. Degradation of Soils. Geomorphological and Technological Hazards.
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Agricultural pollution

M. CARA, V. VORPSI, F. HARIZAJ, J. MERKURI, V. VLADI. Degradation of the Insecticide Acetamiprid in Greenhouse Cucumbers and an Estimation of the Level of Residues.
Y. ORAMAN. Consumer Responses to Pesticide Residues in Fruit and Vegetables.
I. SIMUNIC, F. TOMIC, T. KRICKA. Leaching Nitrate and Atrazine on the Reclamation Test Field of Different Drainpipe Spacing.
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Industrial pollution

C. D. OANCEA, C. OANCEA. Lead-free Soldering Technology.
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Risk assessment

D. PRIFTI, R. TROJA. Assessment and Management of Microbiological Pollution of Poultry Products Using Natural and Artificial Antimicrobials.
M. N. ALEXOUDI, S. B. MANOLOPOULOU, TH. PAPALIANGAS, C. PATRONIS. Landslide Risk Assessment and Management of the Florina–Pisoderi–Kastoria Roadline (Greece).



D. CONSTANTINESCU. Evaluation of the Thermal Convection Influence in Atmosphere on the Evolution of the Climate Changes.
M. DEVECI, E. DOGRUCAN. Effect of Late Planting Date on Plant Viability of Broccoli Plants (Brassica oleracea var. italica) under Different Growing Conditions of Trakya Region.
F. F. TATLIDIL, I. DELLAL, G. KESKIN. Food Sector in Climate Change Squeeze.
V. DRAGUTINOVIC, O. CVETKOVIC, D. VITOROVIC. Zymogenic Bacillus sp. Revealed in Aleksinac (Serbia) Oil Shale.
E. F. MULLA, S. DRUSHKU. Evaluation of the Impact of Gasoline Quality in Urban Air Pollution in Albania.
E. KUKALI, E. KONGJIKA. The Importance of Genetic Material in in vitro Rhizogenic Ability of the Grape.
P. KONSTANTINIDIS, G. TSIOURLIS. Relevant Historical Records Relating to the Growth of Pinus pinea L. in the East Mediterranean Basin.
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Solid waste management

V. SELIMBASIC, A. CIPURKOVIC, N. DONLAGIC, V. STUHLI, A. DOZIC. Biological Recultivation with Mining Waste Material and Intake of Heavy Metals.
N. COSGUN, H. ARSLAN. Analysis of Recycling and Re-use Possibilities of Temporary Earthquake Houses Construction Materials in the Context of Waste Management.
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Sustainable development

K. M. ANGELOU. The Role of New Media on Environmental Issues.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

V. ST. RAYKOV, I. BIKARSKA, M. PANAYOTOVA, K. LISICHKOV. Fishing Vessel Monitoring System (VMS): Application and Challenges in Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Waters.
E. TOK, Y. KURUCU. Using High-resolution Satellite Imagery to Determine Hazelnut Planted Areas in Istanbul Province.
H. H. TOK, Y. KURUCU, F. PEKER, E. ERCAL, E. TOK. A Rural Development Model for the Thrace Region, Organised Agricultural Zone.
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F. E. ACIKGOZ. Potential Effects of Global Climate Changes on Field Vegetable Growing in the Thrace Region.
G. KESKIN, I. DELLAL. Economic Sustainability of Sunflower Production in Thrace Region of Turkey.
E. KUSHI. Sustainable Tourism and Environment Protection in Albania.
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Biochemical- and bioprotection

A. RANCA, I. FILIP, N. MENABIT. Bio-system Grapevine Breeding in the Murfatlar Vineyard – Romania.
K. VASO, A. BERHAMI, I. KRASNIQI, O. LECI, I. VEHAPI. Synthesis, Characterisation and Testing of Some New Coumarin Derivatives as Possible Antibacterial Agents.
E. KONE, XH. CEKA, V. OSTRENI, B. SHEHU, I. ARAPI. Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Adolescents in Tirana Area (Albania).
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Clean technologies

V. VORPSI, E. SALLAKU, E. JOJIC, A. MACI, E. GJINALI, M. CARA. Management of Animal Waste for Biogas Production as Alternative Energy Source.
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Environmental radioactivity

I. TANASKOVIC, D. GOLOBOCANIN, S. K. PETROVIC, N. MILJEVIC. Natural Radioactivity in Serbian Spa Waters.
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Environmental informatics

K. IOANNOU, D. BIRBILIS, P. LEFAKIS. A Method for Predicting the Possibility of Ring Shake Appearance on Standing Chestnut Trees (Castanea sativa M i l l.).
M. CHALIKIAS, O. CHRISTOPOULOU. Factors Affecting the Forest Plantations Åstablishment in the Frame of the Common Agricultural Policy.
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Computer application on environmental information system

A. A. KORDZADZE, D. I. DEMETRASHVILI. About Coupled Regional Modelling System: the Black Sea–Atmosphere.
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Environmental education

A. GUREL. How Fit for Europe Are Turkish College Youths? Living Conditions, Environmental Consciousness and Education of Agriculture Students in a Comparison between the Sexes.
P. PAPADOPOULOS. Teaching Statistics in Tourism Management Departments.
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Public health

G. VLASCEANU, S. MANEA, A. DUNE, D. MOCANU. Microbial Contamination Verification of Nesterile Products Based on Wine and Medicinal Plants.
D. DUTA, N. BELC, E. LUPEANU, N. CUCU. Nutritional Deficiencies on Ageing.
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Geotechnology-civil engineering

W. SHANG, SH. SUN, Q. BAI. Effect of Matric Suction on Translational Failure Analyses of Landfills Undergoing Vertical Expansion.
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Environmental economics

I. DELLAL, B. A. McCARL, T. BUTT. Economic Assessment of Climate Change on Turkish Agriculture.
O. GAYTANCIOGLU, M. DEVECI. Influence of Field Farming of Vegetable Crops Depending on Traditional Branches of Production on the Income of the Producers in Developing Countries: Turkey Trakya Region Example.