Vol 12, No2 (2011)

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 Air pollution
 M. VOICULESCU, L. P. GEORGESCU, C. M. DRAGOMIR.    Analysis of Stability and Continuity of Pollution Datasets.
M. ZOUMAKIS, M. PETRAKAKIS, P. KASSOMENOS, A. KELESSIS, N. BOURNIS, N. ZOUMAKIS, N. PAPADAKIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, M. STALIOPOULOU, G. EFSTATHIOU, TH. KOZYRAKI, M. KAPNISTI, D. PATRONAS.    Human Discomfort Due to Environmental Conditions in Urban Thessaloniki, Greece. Part I. Air Quality Stress Levels.
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Water pollution
N. I. ALBOIU, M. DEGERATU, G. BANDOC, M. GOLUMBEANU.    Non-attenuated and Attenuated Transport Numerical Modelling of Two Dangerous Arenic Hydrocarbons Present in a Permeable Subsurface Environment.
M. A. RASHEED, P. L. S. RAO, B. A. RADHA, M. LAKSHMI, A. M. DAYAL.    Assessment of Ground Water Quality Using ICP-MS in the Eastern Region of Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Industrial pollution
B. BARUTI, A. VITAKU, I. MALOLLARI, N. PECI, Z. ELEZAJ, H. HAJRA.    Environment Impact during Coal Exploitation in Kosova.
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 Risk assessment
I. YILMAZ, U. GECGEL.    Some Heavy Metal Contents of Chicken Meat, Liver, Heart, Veal Liver and Lamb Kidney Sold in Tekirdag, Turkey.
 M. M. MORSHED, D. OMAR, R. MOHAMAD, S. A. WAHED, M. T. ISLAM.    Sampling and Analysis of Chlorpyrifos Airborne Residue Emitted under Treated Field Conditions.
M. ZOUMAKIS, P. KASSOMENOS, M. PETRAKAKIS, N. ZOUMAKIS, N. BOURNIS, A. KELESSIS, N. PAPADAKIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, M. STALIOPOULOU, G. EFSTATHIOU, TH. KOZYRAKI, M. KAPNISTI, D. PATRONAS.    Human Discomfort Due to Environmental Conditions in Urban Thessaloniki, Greece. Part II. Thermal Stress Levels .
M. ZOUMAKIS, P. KASSOMENOS, N. ZOUMAKIS, G. EFSTATHIOU, N. PAPADAKIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, A. KELESSIS, M. PETRAKAKIS, N. BOURNIS, M. STALIOPOULOU, TH. KOZYRAKI, D. PATRONAS.    Human Discomfort Due to Environmental Conditions in Urban Thessaloniki, Greece. Part III. Combined Effect of Temperature and Humidity.
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R. RISTIC, B. RADIC, N. VASILJEVIC.    Characteristics of Maximum Discharges on Torrential Watersheds in Serbia.
Y. KURUCU, U. ALTINBAS, H. UYSAL, M. BOLCA, M. T. ESETLILI, F. OZEN, G.YONTER, N. OZDEN, G. YOLCU, H. KARAKURT, N. ALTUN.    Creating Potential Erosion Risk Map of the Karaburun Peninsula by Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing Technique.
D. G. ANDRONOIU, L. GITIN, E. BOTEZ , G.-D. MOCANU.    Researches Concerning the Production and Characterisation of a Dessert Based on Fresh Cheese and Peach Pulp.
E. DELIAN, L. BÀDULESCU, C. BÀDESCU, I. BURZO, A. DOBRESCU.    Influence of Substrata Composition on Leaves Elemental Concentration and Plant Growth of Highbush Blueberry.
I. BANU, I. APRODU, A. I. NICOLAU.    Occurrence of Fusarium Mycotoxins (Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone) in Wheat and High Fibre Wheat Bread in Eastern Romania.
L. GITIN, R. ALEXANDRU, O. BUZIA, M. DEJU.    Food Pathological Aspects Concerning the Health State of the Population in Galati Area.
A. D. SAMUEL, C. DOMUTA, G. CIOBANU, M. SANDOR, C. CIOBANU, R. BREJEA.    Enzymological Study of the Evolution of the Technogenic Soil Submitted to Biological Recultivation in the Bauxite Mine from Pàdurea Craiului (Romania).
G. GULER.    Possible Conflicts between the Recreation and Ecology in the Costal Region of the Black Sea. Òhe Cilingoz Case .
Marine ecology
G. RADU E. ANTON, M. GOLUMBEANU, V. RAYKOV, M. YANKOVA, M. PANAYOTOVA, V. SHLYAHOV, M. ZENGIN.    State of the Main Black Sea Commercial Fish Species Correlated with the Ecological Conditions and Fishing Effort.
Marine geo-ecology
G. CARAIVAN, C. FULGA, M. GOLUMBEANU.    Holocene Sedimentary Processes in the Agigea Barrier Beach Area.
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Solid waste management
A. MIHAJLOV, A. PUDA, F. JOVANOVIC, H. STEVANOVIC-CARAPINA.    Reporting by Selected Analytical Tools for Environmental Management. Hazardous Waste Management in South Eastern Europe.
G. PERKOULIDIS, A. KARAGIANNIDIS, S. KONTOGIANNI, L. F. DIAZ.    Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries. Present Problems and Future Perspectives.
J. MARKU.    Influence of the Concrete Mix Design on Alkali-Silica Reactivity .
D. DEMI, J. MARKU.    The Use of Fly Ash in Cements Produced in Fushe–Kruja Cement Factory.
G. PERKOULIDIS, A. MALAMAKIS, A. KARAGIANNIDIS, M. WITTMAIER, B. BILITEWSKI.    Cogeneration of Renewable Energy from Organic Waste in Insular Settings: A Case for the Vietnamese Island of Phu Quoc.
G. PERKOULIDIS, A. KARAGIANNIDIS, N. PHILIPPOPOULOS, A. MALAMAKIS.     Biomass Energy Recovery in Hellenic Wood Production Facilities.
M. KOCHUBOVSKI.    Health Care Waste Management – One Practical Approach.
S. GOREN.    Evaluation of Medical Waste Treatment Systems in Turkey.
Environmental protection and sustainable development
E. LENETI, V. TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, D. BILALIS, P. YFANTI, D. HELA, G. MANOS.    Crop Parameters of Oilseed Rape Varieties for Biofuel Production under Meditteranean Conditions.
A. LAME, M. SARACI, Z. GACE, B. SEITI.    Environmental Friendly Substances as a Good Choice in Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel against Acid Solution.
C. A. DRAGOLICI , F. DRAGOLICI.    Experimental Analysis of Water Diffusion in Hydrated Cement Paste Used for Radioactive Waste Conditioning.
Biochemical- and bioprotection
A. BEHRAMI, K. VASO, O. LECI, M. PLAKOLLI, I. KRASNIQI, I. VEHAPI.    Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of 2H-[1]-benzopyran-2-one Derivatives. Comparison with Streptomycin.
Clean technologies
J.-G. CAO, X.-M. LI, YUZHU OUYANG, WEI ZHENG, QI YANG.    Manganese Waste Water Treatment: Biosorption of Manganese by Serratia sp.
E. GJINALI, I. MALOLLARI, A. KOPALI.    Wastewater Treatment System in Albania Using Constructed Wetland and Reuse Technologies.
M. BARBU, S. CARAMAN, G. IFRIM, G. BAHRIM, E. CEANGA.    State Observers for Food Industry Wastewater Treatment Processes.
O. BARNA, O. BASTON, R.-M. BURLUC, C.-P. SEREA.    Research Regarding Ecological Method for Cereal Storage and the Influence on Flour Granularity .
Environmental management
SHAH MD. ATIQUL HAQ, A. ABEBE, K. VERHASSELT, A. H. M. B. HUSSAIN.    Unequal Ecological Exchange and Its Underlying Causes.
A. POPA, M. DRAGHICI, M. POPA, P. NICULITA.    Consumer Choice and Food Policy. A Literature Review.
G.-D. MOCANU, E. BOTEZ, D. G. ANDRONOIU, L. GITIN.    Researches Concerning the Production of a Fermented Dairy Drink with Added Carrot Juice.
M. CONTOMAN.    Researches on the Influence of Mineral and Ecological Fertilisation on the Intensity of Physiological Processes and Productivity in Vines.
K. G. KOLOVOS, G. KYRIAKOPOULOS, M. S. CHALIKIAS.    Co-evaluation of Basic Woodfuel Types Used as Alternative Heating Sources to Existing Energy Network.
G. BUYUK, E. AKCA, M. SERDEM, S. ISFENDIYAROGLU, T. NAGANO, T. KUME, S. KAPUR.    Effect of 50-year Reclamation on Soil Quality in a Sand Dune Area of Central Anatolia.
Computer application
S. VITO, M. IFTI, I. MALOLLARI.    Computer Simulation of Struvite Precipitation from Synthetic Wastewaters .
Environmental education
Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU.    Introducing Computer and Network Services and Tools in Forest Service and the HR Factor.
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Public health – environmental medicine
A. MENDONCA, A. DARABA, D. MANU, F. WOODS.    Inactivation of Salmonella enterica on Whole Tomatoes and Serrano Peppers Immersed in PRO-SAN, a Biodegradable Vegetable Sanitiser.
E. YILMAZ, I. YILMAZ, H. M. VELIOGLU, H. URAN.    Effects of Avian Influenza on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour in Tekirdag.
Y. H. GAO, M. SCHUMANN, X.Y. ZENG, H. CHEN.    Changes of Plant Communities and Soil Properties Due to Degradation of Alpine Wetlands on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau .
Conclusions of the 3rd UAB – B.EN.A International Conference Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, 26th–27th May 2011, Alba Iulia, Romania......799 Text