Vol 12, No3A, 2011

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Air pollution

A. IRIMESCU, G. TRIF-TORDAI, A. E. CIOABLA, I. VETRES.    Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction Potential of Cogeneration Plants Fuelled with Biogas.
A. IRIMESCU, G. PADURE, L. CALIN, G. TRIF-TORDAI, N. LONTIS, I. VETRES.    Performance and Emissions of a Port Injection Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled with Gasoline-isobutanol Blends.
Water pollution
C. BARBU, L. UNGUREANU, L. STEFANESCU, E. GHITA, M. CONSTANTINESCU, M. STANCULESCU, A. STEFANESCU, A. SIMIONESCU, A. PREDA.    Study of Some Heavy Metals Distribution in the Jiu River Course Using ICP-MS and in the Olt River Using AAS .

DONG TIAN, L. M. MOGA, C. NISTOR, XIAOSHUAN ZHANG, C. OPRIT. MAFTEI.    A Decision Support System for Water Pollution Assessment and Control in Aquaculture Pond.
Water and soil pollution
C. KOSMA, Y. DELIGIANNAKIS, G. SALAHAS.     NO3 Monitoring in Water, Soil and Plants in the Aitoloakarnania Region Using Ion Chromatography.
Soil pollution
A. BOSNEAGA, L. GEORGESCU, A. ENE.    Evaluation of Soils Pollution with Heavy Metals Using XRF Technique.
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Agricultural pollution
F.VOSNIAKOS, L.LEONDIADIS, I.VASSILIADOU, D.COSTOPOULOU, V.SAKKAS, T.ALBANIS, G.VASILIKIOTIS, K.NIKOLAOU, K.VOSNIAKOS, S.AGGELOPOULOS, D.PATRONAS    Emission of Dioxins and Related Compounds from the Burning of Solid Waste in the Landfill of Tagarades, Thessaloniki (Greece) – Control of Dairy
Products and Olive Oil.
Industrial pollution

G. VASILE, I. GH. TANASE.    ‘In-house’ Validation for Mobile Nickel in Solid Environment Samples.
V. DAESCU, E. HOLBAN, R. ISBASOIU.    Issues Concerning the Consequences of the Application of Emission Mitigation Measures and Mercury Utilisation Stipulated in the EU Strategy on Mercury.
Risk assessment
A. ST. GHENADI, M. BUZDUGAN, D.-C. BOSTAN, L. BIBIRE, A. TIMOFTE, N. ANA, N. ARMEN, M. AGOP.    Modifications in the Schumann Frequency Spectrum Induced by Seismic Waves.
L. BIBIRE, A. S. GHENADI, A. TIMOFTE, L. LEONTIE, M. BUZDUGAN, M. AGOP.    Possible Influences of Aerosols on the Schumann Frequency Spectrum.
M. BUZDUGAN, A. TIMOFTE, L. BIBIRE, A. ST. GHENADI, N. ANA, N. CARMEN, M. AGOP.    ‘Anomalies’ of the Schumann Resonance Induced by Environment.
S. GHEORGHE, G. RUSU, I. LUCACIU, V. IANCU.    Toxicity Biotests for Dangerous Chemicals (Monolinuron and Triclorphon) Control to Evaluate Their Toxic Potential .
M. MOGA, L. PLES, N.BIGIU, I. MANITIU.    An Overview of the Risk of Adverse Reproductive and Developmental Disorders Due to Exposure to Pesticides.
L. UNGUREANU, C. BARBU, L. STEFANESCU, M. CONSTANTINESCU, A. SIMIONESCU, A. PREDA, A. STEFANESCU.    Pesticides in the Jiu River Course. Modelling the Evolution of Pesticides Concentration .
N. PECI, B. SHALA, H. HAJRA, B. BARUTI.    Ash Composition of Kosovo Lignite and Impact on Environment.
D. ISTRATI, B. CONSTANTIN, A. IONESCU.    Effects of Papain on Beef Palatability Traits.
D. ISTRATI, B. CONSTANTIN, A. IONESCU.    Influence of Post-mortem Treatment with Bromelin on Adult Beef Muscle Tenderisation.
M. MOGA, N. BIGIU, I. MANITIU.    Impact of Body Mass Index on Female Fertility.
M. MOGA, L. PLES, N. BIGIU, I. MANITIU, M. BADEA.    Environmental Factors in Congenital Abnormalities.
M. OZYAVUZ, Y. ATASEVEN, E. E. SISMAN.    Biosphere Reserve Approach: A Case Study Igneada Longoz (Flooded) Forests National Park (Kirklareli).
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Marine ecology
T. ZAHARIA, D. ONEA, V. NITA, V. MAXIMOV, V. STAICU, L. LAZAR, R. SIRBU.    Russian Sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedti (B r a n d t & R a t z e b e r g, 1833) Comparative Breeding in Fresh and Marine Water of the Romanian Littoral.
Marine protected areas 
V. MAXIMOV, T. ZAHARIA, R. SIRBU.    Observations Concerning the Ichthyofauna of the Vama Veche–2 Mai Marine Reserve .
Solid waste management
D. JITARIU, I. MOISE, V. SIMIONESCU, P. AUREL.    Some Appreciations of Chemical and Biological Features of the Urban Sludge in the Constanta County, Romania, in View of Its Usage as an Organic Fertiliser.
M. VLAD, T. RADU, O. MITOSERU, F. POTECASU.    Environment Quality Improvement at Hot-dip Galvanisation and the Recycling of Zinc By-products.
Environmental protection and sustainable development
JIE LIU, YAN SHI, D. SARPE, M. NECULITA, XIAOSHUAN ZHANG.    Stakeholder Perception for Sustainable Development and Pollution of Coastal Aquaculture.
S. AGGELOPOULOS, K. GALANOPOULOS, N. TABAKIS.    Financing of Sheep Farms for Agricultural Sustainable Development: the Case of Greece.
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R. YILMAZ.    Determination of the Environmental Problems at a National and Local Public Level: Cases of Tekirdag and Turkey.
M. TEODORESCU, I. DUMITRESCU, E. CRISTIAN, L. CONSTANTIN, L. GHERGHE.    Defining and Monitoring Meaningful Eco-efficiency Indicators for Tracking Business Performance.
R. van VEENHUIZEN.    Inclusive, Green and Productive Cities. The Role of Urban Agriculture.
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Biochemical- and bio-protection
M. MOGA, I. MANITIU, N. BIGIU.    Cooked Meat Intake and the Risk of Breast Cancer.
M. MOGA, I. MANITIU, N. BIGIU.    Exposure to Traffic Emissions and Risk of Breast Cancer.
M. MOGA, N. BIGIU, A. NICOLAU, I. MANITIU.    Occupational Exposure to Anticancer Drugs and Reproductive Outcome.
Clean technologies
C. DE SABATA, F. BARVINSCHI, A. DE SABATA, I. LUMINOSU, T. JURCA.    Ecological Wastewater Cleaning of Swine Farms Using Solar Energy.
M. VLAD, À. CHIRIAC, S. CONSTANTINESCU, S. BALTA.    Removal of the Pollutants from Wastewater through Coagulation-flocculation Process.
Environmental legislation
S. GHEORGHE, I. LUCACIU, R. GRUMAZ.     Detergents Legislative Framework and Ecotoxicological Testing Methodology.
Environmental management
N. MIHAILESCU, A. ZAHANAGIU, R. ISBASOIU.    Improvement of the Environmental Performance and Pollution Prevention by Means of Implementing an Environmental Management System.
A. SCARELLI, J. GARAY, Z. VARGA.    Game-theoretic Model for the Conflict of Producers with the Environmental Policy of the Government.
N. MIHÀILESCU, A. ZAHANAGIU, R. ISBASOIU.    Aspects of the Implementation of ISO Quality Standards within INCDPM – ICIM Bucharest.
E. ZAFEIRIOU, S. SOFIOS, T. KOUTROUMANIDIS    Water Management and Economic Growth. A Macroeconomic Model.
I. VINTILA.    Friendly Environmental Management of the Catering Services in the International NATO Bases.
L. STEFANESCU, A. STEFANESCU, L. UNGUREANU, M. CONSTANTINESCU, C. BARBU.    Expert System and Its Applications for a Sustainable Environment Management.
Public health
D. C. BOSTAN, A. TIMOFTE, L. LEONTIE.    Temperature-humidity Index. Recent Meteorological Measurements in the Moldavia Region.

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