Vol 12, No4A 2011

Water pollution
D. SAVA, G. M. PARASCHIV, M. D. SAMARGIU, L. TOFAN.    Influence of Nutrients on Macrophytic Red Algae of the Romanian Black Sea Coast.
M. KOCHUBOVSKI.    Water Safety in Small-scale Supplies and New Approaches.
Water quality
A.-I. COSTESCU, N.-S. NEMEÑ, R. HALBAC-COTOARA-ZAMFIR.    Water Resource Quality Modelling in the Hydrographic Basin of the Bega River.
Water and soil pollution
O. CETIN, D. UYGAN, G. YALCIN.    Impacts of Boron-affected Water in Boron-mining Catchment Area on Soil and Crops.
Soil analysis
C. SAVA, G. STANCIU.    New Analytical Method for Organic Matter Determination.
Risk assessment
V. NOUR, I. TRANDAFIR, M. E. IONICA.    Methods Validation for Determination of Lead, Cadmium and Tin in Fruit Juices by Means of Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.
B. BARUTI, N. PECI, A. VITAKU, I. MALOLLARI, R. ZEQIRI, M. KELMENDI.    Analysis of the Possibilities of Decreasing the Impact of Crushing Operations on Environment .
A. DEVOLLI, L. SHABANI.    Role of Hygiene Control in a Brewery.
M. ZUCCHETTI.    Proliferation Implications for Thermonuclear Fusion.
I. YUKSEK, T. ESIN.    Effect of the Ecological Properties of Traditional Buildings on Life Quality and User Satisfaction.
A. CURTICAPEAN.    Metal-oxygen Clusters of Polyoxometalates Class and Their Applications for Environmental Protection.
G.-M. MATEI, S. MATEI, I. SECELEANU, V. MOCANU, S. DUMITRU, V. COTET.    Influence of Irrigation on Microbial Communities and Soil Organic Matter Evolution in the Chernozem in Marculesti.
GH. CIOBANU, C. CIOBANU, C. DOMUTA, C. GHERGHLES, V. GHERGHELES, A. D. SAMUEL, M. SANDOR, A. VUSCAN, C. COSMA, R. ALBU.    Influence of KxNP Fertilisers in Long-term Field Experiments on Agrochemical Soil Indices and on Winter Wheat Yield and Quality in the Preluvosoil Conditions from North-west Part of Romania.
V. PETKOVA, V. YANEVA.    Thermal Investigations on Phase Transformations of Syrian Phosphorite. Part II.
M. CONTOMAN.    Researches Concerning the Improvement of Some Agrochemical and Microbiological Qualities of Vine-planted Soils under the Influence of Ecological Fertiliser.
M.-C. CURTICAPEAN, M. DRAGAN-BULARDA, A. CURTICAPEAN.    Enzymatic Activity of the Tarnita Dam Reservoir Sediment.
SM. C. PAPADOPOULOU.     Review of Alternative Means Used in Greece for Controlling Lasioderma serricorne (F.) and of the Insect Enemies.
I. COSTACHE, I. NICOLAE.    Helleboro odori–Fagetum Association in the Inferior Basin of the Motru River, Oltenia Region – Romania.
A. M. VASILE.    Implications of Water Chemical Properties of the Anthropic Aquatic Ecosystems on the Health of the Cultured Fish .
Marine ecology
K. Z . ONKOV, G. K. TEGOS.    Information Model for Sustainability Analysis of Fish Resources in Greece.
Solid waste management
L. XHAGOLLI, E. PINGULI, G. HYKA, E. GJERGJNDREAJ.    Development of Waste Management Strategy in Albanian Breweries.
M. MLADENOV, EK. SERAFIMOVA, Y. PELOVSKI.    Examinations on Granulation of Soil-improvers on the Basis of Biomass Ashes.
Biological waste management
B. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, L. TOFAN, R. SIRBU, C. SAVA, A. MEGHEA.    Physicochemical and Microbiological Characterisation of Two Biological Wastes of the Romanian Black Sea Coast .
Environmental protection and sustainable development
A. NEZIRI, P. LAZO, J. BRUMMER, A. PASCHKE.    New Passive Sampling Systems for Monitoring Organic Micropollutants and Heavy Metals in the Shkodra Lake.
M. ROSCIA, D. ZANINELLI, GH. LAZAROIU.    Fuzzy Logic Applied for Sustainable Urban Models.
C. A. BUTIU, M. PASCARU.    Sustainable Development and Concentric Public Participation. The Case of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation Minig Project.
U. AKIN.    Urban Agriculture: An Instrument for Sustainable Urban Development in the Metropolitan City of Istanbul.
G. ARABATZIS, S. TSIANTIKOUDIS, N. DRAKAKI, Z. ANDREOPOULOU.    The LEADER+ Community Initiative and the Local Action Groups in Greece.
M. DEVECI, E. DOGRUCAN.    Effect of Late Planting Date on Morphological Changes in Broccoli Plants (Brassica oleraceae var. italica) Grown at Field and Greenhouse Conditions.
I. VINTILA.    Ecological Footprint Evaluation of Improved Menus Using Fishery Products in the Daily Diets of Ugal Students.
Clean technologies
N. NEGURESCU, C. PANA, M. G. POPA, A. CERNAT.    Experimental and Theoretical Researches of Hydrogen Use in Spark Ignition Engine .
D. SILAGHI, I. IONEL, O. CIRA.    Experimental Data Processing in a Solar Heating System.
C. GEORGESCU, M. MIRONESCU.    Obtaining, Characterisation and Screening of the Antifungal Activity of the Volatile Oil Extracted from Thymus serpyllum.
Environmental management
V. PUSCASU, V. CHIRITA.    Could Be the Environmental Management Differentiated by Hypsometric Levels?.
Y. G. SAVVIDIS, C. N. GEORGIADIS, E. F. DATSI, C. G. KOYTITAS.    Field and Modelling Study on the Hydrodynamics of the Harbour of Nea Moudania (NW Aegean Sea).
N. C. SABAU, M. SANDOR, C. DOMUTA, A. C. TEUSDEA, R. BREJEA, CR. DOMUTA.    Verificatiîn of Conditions for Irrigation Water Application in Drainage Experimental Field in Avram Iancu, the Bihor County (Sub-irrigation) with DrainVSubIR Program.
Environmental education
S. JOVANOVIC, L. J. ZIVKOVIC, O. MILJKOVIC, S. ANDJELKOVIC, N. ZIVKOVIC.    Interdependence of the Predictors of Environmentally Responsible Behaviour .
S. STRBAC.    Environmental Education and Upbringing.
A.-I. COSTESCU, N.-S. NEMEÑ, R. HALBAC-COTOARA-ZAMFIR.    Problems Regarding the Implementation of Ecological Education Concept in the Peoples Area.
Public health
L. SHABANI, J. SULOVARI.    The Probiotic Quality Determination of Fermented Milk Food.
H. STEVANOVIC-CARAPINA, N. ZUGIC-DRAKULIC, M. KASANIN-GRUBIN, A. MIHAJLOV.    Assessment of Air Pollution Impact on Human Health in Pancevo, Serbia.
Environmental legislation
A. SOCOL, S. BRICIU, F. SAS.    The Impact of IAPS 1010 ‘The Consideration of Environmental Matters in the Audit of Financial Statements’ on the Auditor Report on Financial Statements.
Environmental economics
T. HADA.    Aspects Regarding the Contributions of Economic Agents to the Environment Fund.
F. TUDOR.    Fiscality, Parafiscality and the Environment Fund.