Vol. 13, No1 (2012)

Air pollution
G. E. Mocuta, M. Popescu, C. A. Rosca, Noise Pollution Emitted by Rail Transportation Systems

A. Irimescu, D. Iorga, L. Mihon, R. Hentiu,Emissions Model for Spark Ignition Engines Fuelled with Gasoline–Bioethanol Blends

T. Floqi, I. Malollari, A. Trajce,Preliminary Data and Assessment of Air Pollution in Albania
Water pollution
A. Ongen, Y. Gunes, I. Talinli,Treatability of Pesticide Industry Effluent by Ozonation and Coagulation. A Real Effluent Investigation
A. MADZGALJ, H. SMAILHODZIC, V. GUZSVANY, F. GAAL, P. TREBSE and M. FRANKO, Thermal Lens Spectometric Detection of Selected Neonicotinoids and Hexavalent Chromium

Water quality control

M. Barbu, T. Ionescu, G. Ifrim, S. Caraman, V. Cristea, E. Ceanga,Results Regarding the Water Quality Control in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Soil pollution
M. Albulescu, H. Popovici, L. Turuga, S. Masu, A. Chiriac,Analysis of Heavy Metals Content of Soil and Vitis vinifera in Two Vineyard Areas of the Caras-Severin County, Romania
Agricultural pollution
A. Gurel, Z. Senel,Global Climate Change and Adaptations in Agriculture
C. Stoica, I. Lucaciu, Gh. Batrinescu, B. Stanescu, E. Birsan,Evolution of an Aquatic Ecosystem (the Suceava River) for a 3-year Period in Terms of Ecological Dynamics
Gh. Voicu, A. Soare,Protection of Waters against Pollution by Nitrites and Nitrates from Agricultural Sources
M. Petre, A. Teodorescu, M. Dobre, A. Nicolescu, Gh. Mencinicopschi,Biotechnological Model to Get Ecological Mushroom Products in Food Safety System
Industrial pollution
P. Kotori, A. Beqiraj, A. Cullaj, E. Beqiraj (Goga),Distribution of Mercury in Contaminated Zones and Rehabilitation of the PVC Hot Spot in Vlora
A. Vitaku, B. Baruti, I. Malollari,Erosion Impact of Heavy Toxic Compounds on a Complex Pollution Caused by Mining and Metallurgical Wastes in Trepca, Kosovo
Risk assessment
D. Stepan, I. Ionel, L. Dungan, R. Balogh,Interactions between Infrastructure, Vehicles and Environmental for Rail Traffic
A. Teusdea, T. Modog,The Dragan Dam Monitoring by the Fourier Correlation Analysis of the Horizontal Deformations
M. Lukic, S. Maric, S. Radicevic, M. Mitrovic, N. Milosevic, M. Djordjevic,Importance of Resistant/Tolerant Fruit Genotypes for Environmental
R. Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir,The Romanian Banat Region Challenging Climatic Changes
C. Domuta, M. Sandor, Gh.ciobanu, Cr.domuta, C. Ciobanu, I. Borza, R. Bre­jea, A. Vuscan,Influence of the Long-term Irrigation Use (1976–2008) on the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Preluvosoil in the Crisurilor Plain Conditions
K. Xhaxhiu, A. Como, T. Kota,Syntheses of Inorganic Species in Supercritical CO2. How Feasible Are They?
S. Gheorghe, I. Lucaciu, L. Pascu,Biodegradability Assessment of Cationic and Amphoteric Raw Materials
S. Ch. Papadopoulou, C. Th. Buchelos,The Fungus Beetle Adistemia watsoni W. in Greece: Presence, Habitats and Control Measures To Be Taken
R. Hasalliu, E. Beli, J. Terpollari, XH. Hamiti,Effect of pH of Cheeses on the Growth of Staphylococcus aureus
P. Stefchev, Z. Alexieva, R. Kirilov, Ch. Dikov, Pl. Stefanov,Two-step Electrodeposition Method for a Highly Efficient Solar Absorbing Coating
A. Bechir, G. Lilios, R. Sirbu, E. S. Bechir, M. Maris, D. A. Maris,The Necessity to Implement Safety Measures to Prevent Mercury Pollution Determined by Specific Dental Activities
Marine ecology
R. Sirbu, T. Zaharia, A. Bechir, G. Lilios, S. Nicolaev,Characterisation of Marine Habitats Ecosystem and the Macro-algae Biodiversity along the Romanian Black Sea Shore
Waste management
G. Mosoarca, A. Negrea,Studies Regarding the Effects of Settling Tanks Sludge Recycling on Organic Matter Concentration from Treated Water
Solid waste management
X. G. Huang, L. Liu,A Theoretical Study on Physical Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Sediment Dynamic Release Rate
V. Selimbasic, S. Maric, I. Petric, A. Dozic,Anaerobic Batch Fermentation of Cattle Manure. Effect of Ammonia
Environmental protection and sustainable development
I. Politis, P. Papaioannou, S. Basbas, I. Stamos,How Do Large-scale Infrastructure Projects Contribute to Environmental Improvement. The Case of Thessaloniki Outer Ring Road
C. A. Rosca, G. F. Mocuta, M. Popescu, I. Ionel, D. S. Stepan, M. Matei,Sustainable Development of Transport in the West Region of Romania
C. Papanastasiou,Eliciting Residents Attitudes towards Voluntary Participation for Improvements in the Quality of the Urban Open Space
F.F. TATLIDIL, Z. BAYRAMOGLU and D. AKTURK, Biogas Production Potential in Agriculture
Abstract / Full paper

O. Brinzan, E. Tigan, D. Radu,
Food Consumption and Sustainability
D. Radutoiu, I. Costache, J. Hanganu,Preliminary Data in the Sorting of the Meadows in Oltenia, Romania
S. Matsiori, S. Aggelopoulos, A. Tsoutsou, Ch. Neofitou, K. Soutsas, D. Vafidis,Economic Value of Conservation. The Case of the Edible Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus

Biochemical- and bioprotection
L. Dediu, V. Cristea, A. Docan,Bioremediation of Recirculating Systems Effluents as a Method to Obtain High-quality Aquaculture Products
C. Sava, R. Sirbu, A. Leon,Hyphenated Techniques Applied to Active Principles Determination in Ceramium rubrum Algae of the Black Sea
Clean technologies
I. Luminosu, A. De Sabata, C. De Sabata, T. Jurca,Solar Collectors from Recyclable Materials
S. Kocabey, S. Nogay, C. B. Fidan, B. Dursun, S. Gorgulu, C. Gokcol, T. C. Akinci, E. Aykut,Environmental Assessment of Wind Energy Conversion Systems in Turkey
Environmental management
L. Constantin, M. Teodorescu,Implementation of Environmental Management Accounting Systems in Romanian Companies – Methodology and Case Studies
S. Tsiantikoudis, G. Arabatzis, A. K. Kokkinakis, Ε.-F. Pechlivanis,Water Resources, Quality of Life and Threats. The Case of the Evros Prefecture (Greece)
Environmental informatics
A. Teusdea, E. Fodor, O. Haruta, G. Gabor,Pattern Recognition Applied to Ips typographus and Hylesinus fraxini (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) Systems of Galleries
Computer application on environmental informatic systems
E. A. Tasoulas, Z. S. Andreopoulou,Integrated Administration ΙCT System in Forest Environments Supporting Proper Management
I. Ienciu, L. Dimen, N. Ludusan, C. Grecea, T. Borsan, L. Oprea,Dynamics of the Rill and Gully Erosion Using GIS Technologies
C. Grecea, I. Ienciu, L. Dimen, A. c. Bala, L. Oprea,Impact of Surveying Engineering on the Environmental Protection Problems
G. Droj, GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Management
Environmental education
L. Dimen, I. Ienciu, N. Ludusan, M. Popa, L. Oprea,Possibilities of Integrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education Curricula
Public health
D. Arapi, R. Sadikaj, I. Malollari, L. Papa, V. Kolaneci,Ecosystem of Cultivation Ponds of Sea Shrimp (Marsupenaeus japonicus) and Utilisation of Its Natural Food Components
Environmental economics
M. Botezatu, J. Andrei,Implications of the Environmental Factors on the Economic Efficiency of Capital Investments. A Romanian Perspective in Terms of a Sustainable Economy
S. Konyali, T. Kiper,Effect of Climate Changes on Agricultural Product Quantity and Yield and Its Reflection on Sustainable Development. The Case of the Thrace Region
Y. Oraman, E. Yilmaz, I. H. Inan,Consumers Food Scares and Trust. A Thrace Region Study

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