Vol. 13, No. 2

Air pollution

I. Vetres, I. Ionel, M.-M. Cazacu, I. Balin. Necessity of Complementary Vertically-resolved Lidar Observation for Ground Air Pollution Analysis in Western Romania . 409
C. Ivan, F. Popescu. Simple Design Equation to Quantify Indoor Air Quality. 420
I. Meghea, M. Mihai, I. Lacatusu, T. Apostol. Time Series Model Applied to Environmental Monitoring Data Analyses. 426
L. Cаlin, I. Ionel, F. Popescu, N. St. Lontis. Impact Studies of the Air–Flue Gases Mixture in the Corn Drying Process. 435
D. Topi, B. Seiti, K. Dule, E. Halimi. CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuels during the Period 2000–2004 in Albania. 442
I. Beqiraj, S. Drushku, I. Malollari, D. Topi, B. Seiti. Environmental Impact Due to Hydrocarbon Market Activity in Albania during the Period 2000–2010. 451
Water pollution
C. M. Simonescu, C. Deleanu, M. Stancu, C. Capatina. Studies on Zinc Removal from Wastewaters by Chitosan. 462
C. Stoica, I. Lucaciu, M. Nicolau, F. Vosniakos. Monitoring the Ecological Diversity of the Aquatic Danube Delta Systems in Terms of Spatial-temporal Relationship . 476
L. Stoica, C. Constantin, I. Lacatusu. Collector Reagents for Heavy Metal Ions Separation from Polluted Aqueous Systems. 486
D. E. Zavastin, I. Cretescu, M. Bezdadea. Study of Separative Performances of a Cellulose Acetate-polyurethane Blend Membrane for the Treatment of Some Phenolic Aqueous Solutions. 497
S. A. Ene, A. Y. Hoekstra, M. M. Mekonnen, C. Teodosiu. Water Footprint Assessment in North-eastern Region of Romania. A Case Study for the Iasi County, Romania. 506
Esra Bagda, Efkan Bagda. Removal of Basic Blue and Crystal Violet with a Novel Biosorbent: Oak Galls. 517
Water quality
I. Malollari, A. Bacu, A. Bekteshi, F. Babani, S. Uku. Nutrition Factors of the Shkodra Lake Waters and Their Distribution. 532
Risk assessment
St. Gheorghe, I. Lucaciu, R. Grumaz, C. Stoica. Acute Toxicity Assessment of Several Cationic and Amphoteric Surfactants on Aquatic Organisms. 541
A. M. Moldoveanu, A. C. Moldoveanu. Assessment of the Impact of Nutritional and Environmental Factors on the Health of Subjects with Atopic Characteristics. 553
D. Stepan, I. Ionel, W. Stefаnescu, L. I. Dungan. Noise Control in Railway Vehicles. 561
V. Arapi, A. Kasmi, V. Ibro. A Morpho-physiological and Physicochemical Evaluation of Wheat. 571
M. Petre, Al. Teodorescu, Al. Andronescu. Food Biotechnology to Produce High Nutritive Biomass by Submerged Fermentation of Edible Mushrooms. 579
Solid waste management
F. Uysal, A. Baylan. Sterilisation of Medical Wastes in Edirne, Turkey. 585
Environmental protection and sustainable development
D. G. Papageorgiou, K. Bakoglidis. Use of Nanomaterials for the Improvement of Various Industrial and Biomedical Applications. A Review. 593
S. Basbas, E. Bouhouras. Sustainable Mobility and Goods Distribution System. The Case Study of the Central Area of Thessaloniki. 603
I. Stamos, D. Triantafyllos. Bus Rapid Transit as a Contribution to Sustainable Transportation. The Case of Athens, Greece. 611
L. Curcic, J. Stepanov, D. Prokic, D. Aleksic. Interaction between Tourism and Climate Change. 620
E. O. Tore, G. Cevik, M. Gokdemir, Z. O. Eren, Z. Korkmaz. Ecotourism Policy Supported by Environmental Planning Procedure – an Environmental
Planning Experience. Case of Identification of Igneada as an Eco-town. 628
G. Ozdemir, T. Kiper, B. Basaran. Women Organisations in Turkey Rural Tourism. 643
Biochemical- and bioprotection
A. Bacu, F. Babani, S. Uku, I. Malollari. PCR-based Identification of the Presence of Aureococcus and Synechococcus ssp. in the Waters of the Ecosystem
of the Kune–Vain Lagoon, Albania. 651
M. Dinu, G. Vlasceanu, A. Dune, G. Rotaru. Researches Concerning the Growth of Nutritive Value of the Bread Products through the Spirulina Adding. 660
Clean technologies
C. S. Stan, D. Sibiescu, I. Cretescu. Solar Energy-powered Phosphorescent Composites for Utilitarian and Emergency Lightning. 666
V. Ghergheles, C. Ghergheles, Gh. E. Mang, Gh. Ciobanu. Modular Systems Used for the Conversion of the Renewable Energy to Thermal Energy. 674
N. St. Lontis, I. Ionel, Fr. Popescu, G. Padure , M. Apascaritei. Environmental Impact of the Co-combustion of Butanol and Diesel in a Micro-
cogeneration Power Plant . 681
C. Pana, N. Negurescu, M. G. Popa, Al. Cernat. Ecologic Automotive Diesel Engine Achieved by LPG Fuelling. 688
G. Trif-Tordai, I. Ionel, A. Cioablа, D. Cebrucean, F. Popescu. Comparative Results Concerning Co-firing of Biomass Residues with Pit Coal in a Pilot
Plant. 700
Environmental legislation
E. O. Tore, Z. O. Eren, G. Cevik, Z. Korkmaz, M. Gokdemir. Evaluation of Settlements on the Coastal Regions of Thrace Regarding Current Laws and Regulations. 710
Environmental management
G. Popoviciu. Strategies for a Collaborative Eco-development. 720
I. Gavrila-Paven, R. Radoviciu. Awareness Campaigns for Public Opinion Regarding the Necessity of Protecting the Environment. 730
C. Domuta, M. Sandor, Gh. Ciobanu, A. Samuel, C. Ciobanu, A. Domuta, C. Borza, Cr. Domuta, R. Brejea, M. Gatea. Influence of the Crop
 System on Soil Erosion and on the Soil Physical Properties under the Romanian North-western Area Conditions. 736
Computer application
I. Meghea, M. Mihai, I. Lacatusu, I. Iosub. Evaluation of Monitoring of Lead Emissions in Bucharest by Statistical Processing. 746
T. A. Hraniciuc, I. Craciun, I. Giurma. Flood Mapping with Mike Flood Model for a Flood Event Reconstitution. 756
D. Toaca, J. Bartha, N. Marcoie, V. Gabor, D. Toma, A. Lupusoru. Effect of Groundwater Abstraction from Wells on Aquifers764
S. Cvetkovic, M. Cvetkovic. Rationality of the Transport of Stationary Communal Waste . 775
Environmental education
A. T. Evangelia, P. S. Karagkiozidis. Climate Change and Biofuels. 781
Public health
M. Kochubovski, V. Kendrovski. Monitoring of the Ambient Air Quality (PM10) in Skopje and Evaluation of the Health Effects in 2010. 789
E. Pricop, C. Stroia, O. Barna, O. Baston. Level of Microbiological Contamination of Raw Cow Milk between 2004 and 2008 in the Galati County, Romania.797
Geotechnology civil engineering impact and environment
F. Blanco-Silva, A. Lopez-Diaz, S. Zubelzu-Minguez. Renovation of Windows in the Building of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of
Santiago de Compostela (Spain): Energetic and Environmental Study. 802
Environmental economics
L. Horhota. Economic Efficiency and Environmental Protection in Agriculture. 811
World Environment Day – 5th June. 815
New book
‘Radioactivity Transfer to Environment and Food’ by Fokion Vosniakos. 816