Vol. 13, No 2A

Air pollution
S. Fara, L. Fara, I. Luminosu.
Environmental Control in Isolated Mountain Area by Standalone PV System,
G. T. Proias, I. K. Larissi, A. G. Paliatsos. Effect of Surface Ozone Exposure on Vegetation in the Greater Area of Volos, Greece,827
D. E. Constantin, M. Voiculescu, L. Georgescu, C. Trif, E. Karakolios, A. Mamoukaris, K. Xipolitos. Imprint of Road Vehicles Dynamics on Atmospheric Pollution. Case Study: Bucharest City 2007–2010, 837
M. C. Matei, C.-S. Nes. Extensive Use of the Railway System – an Efficient Way of Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Transportation Sector,844
Noise pollution
G. E. Mocuta.
Noise Pollution Emitted as a Consequence of the Urban Transport Development,


Water quality


O.-V. Nistor, E. Botez, D. G. Andronoiu, G.-D. Mocanu. Water Quality in the Galati District,862


Water pollution


M. Mititelu, F. Nicolescu, C.-A. Ionita, T.-O. Nicolescu. Study of Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants in Some Fishes of the Danube River,869


Soil pollution

M. Mititelu, T.-O. Nicolescu, C.-A. Ionita, F. Nicolescu. Heavy Metals Analysis of Some Wild Edible Mushrooms,875

A. Jurisic, I. Kisic, Z. Zgorelec, I. Kvaternjak. Influence of Water Erosion on Copper and Sulphur Distribution in Vineyard Soils,880
Agricultural pollution
M. G. Bita, V. Ghivercea, M. Dinu, P. Chilom. Biochemical Aspects of Oxidative Stress in Capsicum annuum (Red Pepper),890
V. Cotet, D. Dana. Preliminary Data Concerning the Charachterisation of Mineral Nutrition Status of Winter Wheat Plants at ARDS Livada and RDSB Tg. Mures,896
M. H. KOVACS, D. RISTOIU, T. RISTOIU. Pah Transfer from Soil to Selected Vegetables Grown on Industrially Contaminated Soil,900
Risk assessment
M. Ghidurus, A. Mitelut, P. Niculita, M. Popa, M. Turtoi, M. Geicu. Nitrate Accumulation in Autochthonous Varieties of Vegetables,906
V. David. Hazard Mapping for the Natural Disasters,913


R. Ivanova, H. Hristev. Changes in the Protein Profile of Weaned Lambs after Their Single and Chronic Treatment with Karate,920

E. Kukali, E. Kongjika, M. Kasmi. Influence of Irrigation on Olive and Grape Culture,925
L. Nikolova. Effect of Duck Genotype on Loading of Integrated Fishponds with Organic Matter,931
C. Maior, P. A. Darau, M. L. Brad. Principles of Scalar Ecology Regarding the Degradation of the Meadow Forest Ecosystems,936
N. Boja, F. Boja, A. Teusdea, S. Puscas, M. Cartis. Study on the Impact of Soil Processing on Some Physico-mechanical Properties, 941
M. Pesakovic, D. Djukic, L. Mandic, R. Miletic. Microbiological Activity and Productivity of Soil in Plum Orchard,951
D. Djukic, L. Mandic, V. T. Emtsev, J. Rabrenovic, M. Pesakovic, A. Stanojkovic. Effect of Bioplant-K and Slavol on Soil Microbial Activity and Growth of the Ornamental Plant Species Ficus nitida and Euonymus compacta,960
Solid waste management
F. Tahiri, Z. Mrasori, I. Orana, I. Balaj, V. L. Makolli. Economic and Environmental Interest of Organic Waste Treatment in Kosovo,968
I. Moise, C. Stefan, D. Jitariu, P. Aurel. Aptitude of Soils in Limitrophe Romanian Black Sea Coastal Area to Urban Sludge Application as Agricultural Fertiliser ,972


Environmental protection and sustainable development

V. Petkova, V. Yaneva. Effect of Mechanochemical Activation on the Chemical Activity, Structural and Thermal Properties of Carbonate-substituted Apatite from Syria. Part I. Chemical, Structural and Spectroscopic Investigations,979

V. Petkova, V. Yaneva, I. Dombalov, Y. Pelovski. Effect of Mechanochemical Activation on the Chemical Activity, Structural and Thermal Properties of Carbonate-substituted Apatite from Syria. Part IІ. Thermal Investigations,995
F. BOJA, N. BOJA, A. TEUSDEA. Decrease of the Polluting Effect on the Environment through the Usage of Modern Sprayers,1008
E. Tigan, O. Brinzan. Indicators of Sustainability – Ecological Footprint Analysis of the Arad County,1019


Biochemical- and bioprotection

M. E. Idomir, M. Badea, N. Taus, G. Cenusa, M. Frigescu, F. Chirovan, I. Dima. Staphylococcus аureus Nasal Carriage and MRSA Spread in Scholar Communities,1025
M. Petre, A. Nicolescu, M. Dobre. Fully Controlled Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Safety System to Protect the Environment,1032


Clean technologies

M. Popescu, G. E. Mocuta, A. Raduta, A. Magda. Safely CMT Welding Case Study,1038
G. Padure, A. Irimescu, L. Calin, G. Trif-tordai, A. E. Cioabla, I. Vetres. Theoretical Study of Emissions for Stationary Spark Ignition Engines Fuelled with Biogas,1047
G. Padure, A. Irimescu, L. Calin, G. Trif-tordai, A. E. Cioabla, I. Vetres. Initial Theoretical Development of an Isobutanol-methane Dual Fuel System for a Spark Ignition Engine,1053
M. G. Bita, D. R. Grecu, D. Tutunea, A. Popescu, M. Bica. The Importance of Medicago sativa Extract on the Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel ,1061
Gh. Lazaroiu, I. Oprea, L. Mihaescu, T. Prisecaru, I. Pisa, G. Negreanu, C. R. Mocanu. Biomass Briquettes from Pitcoal-wood: Boiler Test Facility Combustion Case Study,1070


Environmental management

V. Tisan, A. Dascalescu, M. Coman, V. Oros. Rutem. Regional Center for Training in Environmental Protection, Management and Monitoring,1082
M. Coman, G. Taro, V. Oros. Comparative Aspects Regarding the Environmental Management in Romania and Ukraine,1086
S.-V. Tahas, L. Muntean, D. Ristoiu, G. Rosian, L. Dimen. Statistical Analysis of Temperature Trends at Cluj-Napoca, Romania, over the Last 35 Years Using the Student t-test,1090
C. Grecea, I. Ienciu, L. Dimen, A. C. Bala, L. Oprea. Cadastral Support for an Efficient Town Planning in Timisoara, Romania,1099
C. C. Musat, I. S. Herban. Study on Reverse Engineering of Historical Architecture in Timisoara Based on 3D Laser Point Technologies,1107
S. Kapiki. Implementing Sustainable Practices in Greek Eco-friendly Hotels,1117


Computer application on environmental information system

V. David. Generation of Digital Terrain Model for a Flood Area,1124


Environmental education

F. Tayci, F. Uysal. Determination of the Level of Environmental Knowledge, Consciousness and Environmental Attitudes of Elementary Education Students in Corlu, Turkey,1131

M. Golumbeanu, S. Nicolaev, T. Zaharia, F. K. Vosniakos. Tool of Training as an Important Component of the Environmental Education and Public Awareness,1139


Public health – environmental medicine

G. Vlasceanu,  M. Bulancea, St. Manea. Arguments for the Use of Medicinal Wines by Patients with X Metabolic Syndrome ,1148
Е. Condrea, А. C. Stanciu, I. Botescu, L. Nicodim, C. R. Bucur. Particularities of the Relationship: Traceability Systems – Quality Systems and the Foods Safety,1160
C. C. Visan, R. Segal. Food Temperature Control and Monitoring,1169
M. Turtoi, P. Niculita, M. Popa, M. Ghidurus, A. Mitelut, I. Vatuiu, R. Cramariuc. Inhibition Effect of Pulsed Electric Field Treatment on Escherichia coli Growth,1176
R. Ivanova, V. Nikolov, Hr. Hristev, P. Batcalov. Investigation of Some Blood Biochemical Indices of Cows of Bulgarian Rhodope Cattle Breed under Lowland Conditions,1185


Geoinformatics and environment

M. Sturza. Influence of Deformations in Selecting Cartographic Projections Necessary for Drawing Maps Used in Applications of Environmental Engineering Field,1192


Geotechnology – civil engineering impact and environment

I. S. Herban, C. C. Musat. Measuring and Determining the Dynamic Deformation of Constructions Using Modern Technologies and Techniques,1200


Environmental economics

M. D. Mares, V. Mares. Green Documents through Electronic Data Management,1208
M. S. Chalikias. Effect of Natural Recourses and Socioeconomic Features of Tourists on the Greek Tourism,1215



Conclusions of the International Conference on ‘Sustainable Landscape Planning and Safe Environment’, 21–24 June, Istanbul


Greeting by His All-Holyness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew