Vol. 16, No. 4 (2015)

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Atmospheric pollution

R. Ivan, O. Falup, I. Mircea, I. Ionel, M. D. Vasilescu

Greenhouse Gases Emissions Forecasts for Different Climate Change Policy Portfolios. Romanian Case Study

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D. Dulcea, I. Ionel

NOx Emission Reduction from Romania Power Plants – Still an Actual Necessity

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D. Dimitrovski, V. Djinlev, M. M. Dimitrovski, Z. Sapuric

Determining Hot Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emissions from Passenger Vehicles as a Parameter for Multisectoral Decision Making Process

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Water pollution

M. C. Topa, M. Timofti, A. Burada, C. Iticescu, L. P. Georgescu

Danube Water Quality during and after Flood near an Urban Agglomeration

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M. Pasqualetti, S. Tempesta, V. Malavasi, P. Barghini, M. Fenice

Lutein Production by Coccomyxa sp. SCCA048 Isolated from a Heavy Metal-polluted River in Sardinia (Italy)

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B. N. Malinovic, M. G. Pavlovic, N. Halilovic

Electrochemical Removal of Nitrate from Wastewater Using Copper Cathode

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Agricultural pollution

M. Genisel, Y. Demir, Z. Gorcek, H. Turk, D. Yanmis, A. Karaman, E. Genc, F. K. Khosroushahi

Effect of Lead Stress on Antioxidant Mechanism and DNA Profile in Different Wheat Cultivars

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Industrial pollution

M. Genisel, H. Turk, S. Erdal, T. Sisman, Y. Demir, S. M. Kohnehshahri, M. Kizilkaya

Changes in Inorganıc Composıtıon and Accumulatıon of Heavy Metals in Aquatıc Plants Growıng in the Areas Contamınated by Cement Factory

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L. Kim, G. G. Vasile, B. Stanescu, S. Calinescu, G. Batrinescu

Distribution and Bioavailability of Mobile Arsenic in Sediments from a Mining Catchment Area

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Risk assessment

M.-L. Lungu, A. Vasilachi, R. Vlasceanu, R. Mateescu, E. Vlasceanu, D. Niculescu, E. Memet

Hydro-morphological Risk Phenomena Induced by the Climatic Changes within Romanian Black Sea Coastal Zone

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C. Botezan, Al. Ozunu, H. Stefanie

Vulnerability Assessment: the Case of the Aries River Middle Basin

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I. Sirodoev, S. Cheval, A. Dumitrescu, C. Merciu, N. Vaidianu, M. Paraschiv, A. Schvab, I. Saghin, Z. Prefac

Contribution of the Built-up Space to the Creation of Urban Heat Island in Bucharest Municipality

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Marine ecology

V. Jovanovic, D. Vukelic

Using Geosocial Analysis for Real-time Monitoring the Marine Environments

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M. Fagaras, M. Niculescu, B. Rodica

The Plant Community Secali sylvestri–Alyssetum borzaeani (B o r z a 1931) Morariu 1959 in Romania and Bulgaria

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L. Niculescu, M. Niculescu, R. Soare, D. Bonea

Plant Communities Characteristic for the Mountainous and Subalpine Springs and Streams in the Parang Mountains (Southern Carpathians), Romania

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E. Stanescu, F. Vosniakos, D. Scradeanu, I. Paun, I. Lucaciu, B. Stanescu, L. Cruceru, G. Vasile, V. Iancu, M. Niculescu

Assessment of the Abiotic Components of the Danube River and Main Tributaries from Southern Part of Romania

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M. Vrahnakis, G. Fotiadis, Y. Kazoglou

Range Land and Forest Habitat Quality of the Endemic Prespa Trout after Road Improvement Works

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Ecology – bacterial biodiversity

P. Barghini, A. Aquilanti, S. Silvi, S. Gorrasi, B. Juarez-Jimenez, K. Cordova-Salas, M. Fenice

Study on the Bacterial Diversity of the Productive Marine Salterns ‘Saline di Trapani-Paceco’, Trapani, Italy

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Waste management

N. Ilies, V. Farcas, C. Gherman, V. Chiorean, D. Popa

Soils Efficient Improvement Solutions with Waste Materials and Binders

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I. Boskovic, M. Vukcevic, M. Krgovic

Role of Binder in the Process of Geopolymerisation of Red Mud-based Products

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

L. Dimen, T. Borsan, I. Vintan, L. Gaban

Creating and Managing a Database for Planning and Monitoring the Achievement of the Objectives of Sustainable Development in Zlatna Locality, Alba County

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I. Cenar, D. C. Mihaltan, D. Vitan

Non-governmental Organisations and Environmental Protection. Realities and Perspectives

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M. Paiu, O. G. Iancu, I. G. Breaban

Geochemical Distribution of Potentially Toxic Elements from a Rehabilitated Mine Dump and the Influence on Vegetation. Study Case Ostra Mining Area, Romania

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O. Surdu, L.-A. Tuta, T. V. Surdu, M. Surdu, C. I. Mihailov

Sustainable Development of Balneotherapy/Thermalisme in Romania

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Chr. Moulogianni

A Step by Step Impact Assessment Process for Rural Development Plan Measures

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N. C. Dinuca, D. R. Tarziu

Forest Re-cultivation of Sterile Dumps as a Result of Lignite Exploitation on Day

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M. Moreira da Silva, J. Aníbal, D. Duarte, L. Chícharo

Sarcocornia fruticosa and Spartina maritima as Heavy Metals Remediators in Southwestern European Salt Marsh (Ria Formosa, Portugal)

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E. Vlasceanu, D. Niculescu, S. Petrisoaia, A. Spinu, R. Mateescu, M.-L. Lungu, A. Vasilache, R. Vlasceanu, E. Memet

Romanian Shore Vulnerability Due to Storm Induced Erosion within the Last Decades

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Biochemical and bio-protection

L. Tomoiaga, M. Comsa, F. Serbu, M. Lupean

Sustainable Solutions to Limit Biological Decline of the Grapevine, Caused by Wood Pathogens, in Tarnave Vineyard

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Clean technologies

P. Sauer, P. Fiala, A. Dvorak, O. Kolinsky

Coalition Projects in Wastewater Treatment: the Case of a Drinking Water Reservoir in the Czech Republic

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J. C. Leyva-Díaz, J. Martín-Pascual, M. Fenice, M. M. Munio, J. M. Poyatos

Comparison between a Membrane Bioreactor, a Hybrid Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor-membrane Bioreactor and a Pure Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor-membrane Bioreactor on Membrane Fouling

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M. Stefanescu, C. Cosma, I. Cristea, I. Nitoi, C. Bumbac, V. Badescu

Drinking Water Treatment with Recovered Flocculant from Alumina Fabrication Process

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I. Ionescu, O. Tiron, C. Bumbac, V. Badescu, C. Cosma

Impact of Heavy Metals on the Viability of Activated Sludge

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N. Itu, C.-B. Campeanu, G. Beleniuc, V. Simionescu, G.-V. Beleniuc

Physicochemical Indices Evolution and Free and Bound Terpenes Content during the Grapes Maturity

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Environmental legislation

M.-B. Decebal, L.-A. Pop

Some Aspects on Legal Obligations and Rights Decontaminating and Cleaning Active Areas of Bad Privatised State Enterprises

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Environmental management

A. Stefanache, A. Dughila, O. G. IANCU, I. Cretescu, C. D. Stan

Hydrogeological Study of Natural Sulphurous Components from the Nicolina Area of Iasi Municipality Used in Therapeutic Procedures

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M. Ungureanu, C. Dragota, D. C. Ilies, I. Josan, O. Gaceu

Climatic and Bioclimatic Touristic Potential of Padis Karst Plateau of the Bihor Mountains

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S.-N. Boemi, S. Avdimiotis

Sustainability Assessment in Tourist Facilities

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A. P. Kyriazopoulos, G. Arabatzis, E. M. Abraham, Z. M. Parissi, G. Kyprianou, K. Soutsas

Citizens Perceptions of Current Land Management in the Rangelands of the Akama Peninsula, Cyprus. A First Approach

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Environmental education and skills in eco-tourism

P. D. Mihály, I. Ionel, L. Makra, Z. Csépe, I. Matyasovszky, Z. Sümeghy, G. Tusnády

Role of Education and Skills in Eco-tourism in Szeged, Hungary. A Questionnaire-based Study

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Public health – environmental medicine

L. Condur, G. Lilios. Environmental Factors Influence Correlated with Prognostic Biomar-

kers in Arterial Hypertension Evolution

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V. Dotas, V. A. Bampidis, I. Nikolakakis, G. Vatzias, I. Mitsopoulos, L. Hatzizisis, D. Dotas

Effects of Dietary Dried Mountain Tea Leaves (Sideritis scardica G r i s e b.) Supplementation during Late Gestation and Lactation on Sow Performance and Offspring Growth

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I. M. Dumitru, E. Dumitru, L. Alexandrescu,  A. Hangan, S. Rugina, G. Lilios

Human Microbiome, Clostridium difficile and Health

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M. L. Vica, L. M. Junie, A. I. Grad, A. Tataru, H. V. Matei

Determination of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Frequency by Simultaneous Detection of Six Pathogens Using PCR Methods

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G. Lilios, M. R. Apetroaei, E. Dantes

Environmental Factors Influence on Human Health-alkaline Water Usage

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E. Dantes, G. Lilios, A. P. Fildan

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure – an Independent Risk Factor for Lung Cancer?

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1st International Conference ‘Ecology and Protectionof Marine and Freshwater Environments’ – Ecoprowater 2015

Conclusions of the International Symposium ‘Protectionof the Black Sea Ecosystem and Sustainable Management of Maritime Activities’

Conclusions of the 3rd International Conference‘Harmonisation of Environmental Research and Teachingwith Sustainable Policy’ HERTSPO2015


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