Vol. 16, No.2 (2015)

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Vol. 16, Book 2    Part_1  (pages 407-651)     

Vol. 16, Book 2    Part_2  (pages 652-814)

Air pollution – low emission zone, freight transport and logistics

S. Basbas, E. Kladias, S. Kouvatas, I. Politis

Investigation for the Implementation of Low Emission Zone in the Centre of Volos, Greece

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E. Bouhouras, S. Basbas

Policies towards Sustainable City Logistics. The Case of Thessaloniki

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Water pollution

I. Omer, R. Mateescu, L. Rusu, D. Niculescu, E. Vlasceanu

Coastal Works Extensions on the Romanian Touristic Littoral, Its Ecological Impacts on the Nearshore Bathing Areas

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I.-M. Tudor, Gy. Deák, M. Tudor

Zooplankton Distribution and Dynamics in a Gorgova–Uzlina, Sontea–Furtuna, Rosu–Puiu and Matita–Merhei Complex of Lakes from the Danube Delta – Romania

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M. Tudor, I.-M. Tudor, O. Ibram, L. Teodorof, C. Nastase, Gy. Deák

Analysis of Biological Indicators Related to the Surface Water Quality in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

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Soil and agricultural pollution

N.-B. Delia

Assessing the Degree of Dispersion and Distribution of Heavy Metals in Soil and Plants Associated with Area of Influence of a Coal Power Plant

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Agricultural pollution

Weisong Mu, Zhiyong Yan, S. P. Gavrila, L. M. Moga, Jianying Feng, I. Jianu

A Full Carbon Cycle Comparative Analysis in Greenhouse and Open-field Grape Cultivation

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Industrial pollution

M. C. Negulescu, C. M. Barbu, S. Moise, I. V. Matei, I. Pandelica, I. C. Barbu

Evolution of Industrialisation and Pollution in Craiova. The Current State of the Management of Sustainable Development

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Industrial pollution – gas emissions

E. Holban, Gy. Deák, V. Daescu, E. Diacu, A. I. Daescu, G. S. Tanase, P. Marinescu, C. Sirbu, J. Paceagiu

Ways to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Energetic Consumption at Clinker Producing under Romanian Specific Conditions

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Risk management

M. I. Achim, M. Corches, L. Dragolea

Possibilities of Developing a Risk Management Plan for Aries River

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P. Karanikola, T. Panagopoulos, S. Tampakis, M.-I. Karantoni

Perception and Knowledge about Natural Disasters in the Sporades Islands of Greece

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Risk management – medical problems

L. Kokici, M. Lika (Cekani)

Proteinuria among Women of the Region of Shkodra and Its Risk Factors

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B. Constantin, P. Postolache, A. Croitoru, R.-M. Nemes

Occupational Bronchial Asthma – Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects

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P. Postolache, R.-M. Nemes, A. Croitoru, B. Constantin

The Role of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Occupational COPD

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Risk assessment – fish-farming industry-financial distress of Greek firms

C. Lemonakis, Z. Andreopoulou, I. Sfendurakis, K. Lianoudaki, A. Garefalakis

Prediction of Firms Financial Distress: The Case of the Greek Fish-farming Industry

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D. J. Popovic, G. Ostojic, M. Milincic, T. Dordevic, D. Sabic, A. Tatalovic

Climate Change and Regional Conflicts in the Southern Europe with an Emphasis on the Balkan Peninsula over the Past Two Millennia

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D. Ivanova, I. Yanchev

Air Temperature Variability during the First Decade of 21st Century in South Bulgaria

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D. Ivanova, I. Yanchev

Precipitation Variability in South Bulgaria during 21st Century

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C. G. Nicolae, C. Dumitrache, M. Marin, I. Raducuta, G. Bahaciu

Research on the Zoobenthos Structure from ROSCI0066 Danube Delta – Marine Area Site in Autumn Season 2012

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A. Giannakoula, G. Ouzounidou, I. F. Ilias, T. B. Bunnell

Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Lentils for Salinity Stress Alleviation

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L. D. Jianu

Protection and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Species Stachys maritima G o u a n  at the Romanian Black Sea Coast

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Y. Kara, A. Kuru

Allelopathic Effects of Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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Ecology – risk assessment, rubber seed oil biodiesel

R. Hasalliu, E. Mamoci

Influence of Starter Culture on the Growth of Staphylococcus aureus during the Ripening of an Artisanal Cheese Made in Albania

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S. Sheeju Selva Roji, R. Edwin Raj, D. F. Melvin Jose, Z. Robert Kennedy

Effect of Compression Ratio with Biodiesel and Its Blends on Performance and Emission Characteristics of an IC Engine

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V. M. Radu, P. Ionescu, Gy. Deák

Decreasing Nutrients Concentration from Aquatic Environment Using Aquatic Plants

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M. Pajak, A. Cygan, P. Bilanski, Z. Kolodziej

Growth and Development of the Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Forest Environments Strongly Polluted with Heavy Metals

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T. Florijancic, S. Ozimec, D. Jelkic, N. Vuksic, N. Bilandzic, A. Gross Bos­kovic, I. Boskovic

Assessment of Heavy Metal Content in Wild Boar (Sus scrofa L.) Hunted in Eastern Croatia

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S. Ozimec, T. Florijancic, S. Milin Radic, N. Bilandzic, I. Boskovic

Bioaccumulation of Cadmium and Lead in the European Badger (Meles meles L.) from the Croatian Danube Region

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H. Ismaili, B. Gixhar1, E. Dodona, V. Vorpsi

Study of Some Biological Indicators in Different Systems of Vegetation Management of Olive

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Waste management

E. Zebek, M. Szwejkowska, M. Raczkowski

Legal and Organisational Solutions of Municipal Waste Management in Poland in Compliance with Waste Directive 2008/98/EC

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Z. Sapuric, D. Dimitrovski, M. Dimitrovski, M. Kochubovski

European Union Regulations and Standards of Waste Management and Its Implementation in FYR Macedonia

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Environmental management

D. Cirtina, G. Gamaneci

Study Regarding the Elaboration of Certain Management Measures of the Protected Area Oltet Gorges, Gorj County – a Premise of the Sustainable Development

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Environmental management – use of non-biodegradable packaging materials, rural tourism

I. Cenar

Actuality, Trends and Implications on Trading and Use of Non-biodegradable Packaging Materials

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M. I. Achim, L. Dimen, L.-L. Dragolea

Quality Management Services Reflected in the Indicators System for Rural Tourism

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Environmental modelling – forestry

A. Goleva, E. Molle, D. Stefanov, G. Kostov

Coordination of Picus Model Formats in R Language for Population Dynamics in Forest Based on Changes in Single Morphological Parameter

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Clean technologies

F. Mojsovski, D. Dimitrovski

Thermal Conditions for Rice Parboiling Process Realised with the Use of Renewable Energy Resource

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A. E. Yuce, M. Kilic

Separation of PVC/PET Mixture from Plastic Wastes Using Column Flotation Technique

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Environmental radioactivity

E. Altekin, S. Dizman, R. Keser

Radioactivity and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Various Honey Samples

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Environmental education and training

S. Ozturk, K. Enez

Determination of the Perceptions of Secondary Education Students towards Environment and Nature

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Public health

M. Sofronievska, S. Ristovski, M. Kochubovski, A. Glavinov

Environmental Influence in the Incidence of Bladder Cancer

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A. Hancu

Lacunar Infarcts – Analysis of Clinical and Imaging Correlations, Risk Factors and Vascular Comorbidities

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C. Mihailov, O. Surdu, T.-V. Surdu

Evidence of Peloidotherapy Impact in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis

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M. Lika (Cekani), A. Bakaj (Cizmja), I. Malollari

Incidence of Urinary Tract Infections in Some Group of Population in Albania, 2014

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Geoinformatics and environment

S. Sengur, O. Atabeyoglu, N. Erdogan, U. Erdem

Climate Change and Effective Factors and Evaluation of Edremit Coastal Areas

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Sustainable landscape planning

O. Kurdoglu

Effect of Traditional Highland Settlement Texture on Visual Carrying Capacity: Kackar Mountains National Park Case

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N. Oner, B. C. Bilgili, O. L. Corbaci

Determination of Potential Natural Oak Sites for Landscape Design Using GIS in Turkey

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Environmental economics

Weisong Mu, Xiu Juan Wang, L. B. Vlad, Jianying Feng, G. Vlasceanu

Cluster Evaluation for Grape and Wine Industry in China

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Conclusions of 5th International Conference‘Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development’