Vol. 17 No. 3

You can download Vol. 17, Book 3, pp. 831-1267 here.

Atmospheric pollution

M. Istrate, A. Banica

Recent Dynamics of Air Pollution from Thermal Power Plants – Evidence from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece

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K. Mitreski, M. Toceva, N. Koteli, L. Karajanovski

Air Quality Pollution from Traffic and Point Sources in Skopje Assessed with Different Air Pollution Models

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D. Dimitrovski, V. Djinlev

Calculating PM and NOx Emissions from Public Transportation: the Case of Skopje

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Water pollution

A. Neziri, E. Marku, I. Malollari

Organochlorine Pesticides Concentrations in Surface Waters of Lakes of Shkodra, Ohrid and Prespa (Albanian Part)

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A. Burada, L. Teodorof, A. Ionascu, M. C. Topa, L. P. Georgescu, I.-M. Tudor, O. Ibram, M. Tudor

Temporal Trends and Evolution of Heavy Metals Concentrations in Somova–Parches Aquatic Complex – Last Area of the Danube Floodplain

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D. M. Rosioru, A. Oros, L. Lazar

Assessment of the Heavy Metals Contamination in Bivalve Mytilus galloprovincialis Using Accumulation Factors

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A. Banica, I. G. Breaban, M. Paiu

From Vulnerability towards Resilience Approach in Water Distribution Network – the Issue of Asbestos Cement Pipes

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S. Damyanova, I. A. Ivanova, L. Yocheva

Microbiological Safety of Bottled Natural Mineral Water

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M. Boskovic, S. Stankovic, D. Sokolovic, G. Kocic, D. Jevremovic, G. Filipovic, I. Ristic

Biochemical and Biological Capacities of Saliva in the Diagnosis of Oral Health – Literature Data

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Marine pollution

I. Omer, D. Niculescu, E. Vlasceanu, T. Cristescu, R. Mateescu

Marine Pollution Risks Assessment in the Romanian Coastal Zone

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J. Kolitari, L. Gjyli, P. Carbonara

Preliminary Results and Impact of Marine Litter in Albanian Adriatic Area

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V. Abaza, C. Dumitrache, A. Filimon, A. Oros, L. Lazar, V. Coatu, D. Tiganus

Ecological Assessment of Benthic Invertebrate Fauna from the Romanian Marine Transitional Waters

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A. Filimon, V. Abaza, O. Marin, C. Dumitrache

Community Structure of Zoobenthos Associated with Cystoseira barbata Facies from the Southern Romanian Black Sea Coast

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Agricultural pollution

J. Bernas, J. Moudry Jr., Z. Jelinkova, M. Kopecky, P. Konvalina, J. Moudry

Energy Crops Growing – Impact on Greenhouse Gases Emissions

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B. Georgievski, V. Kostik, L. Stojanovska‑Georgievska, M. Kochubovski, Sh. Memeti

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Aflatoxins in Raw Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Soil pollution

D. M. Cocarta, G. E. Dumitran, M. A. Diminescu, L. Vuta

Removal Efficiency and Gas/Particle Partitioning of PCBs Emissions from Thermal Treatment of PCBs Contaminated Soil

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A. E. Calistru, D. Topa, J. Rostek, D. U. Puschmann, S. Peth, R. Horn, G. Jitareanu

Soil Physical Properties and Winter Wheat Yield as Affected by Different Tillage Systems

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Risk assessment – soil erosion

V. Spalevic, G. Barovic, A. Fikfak, S Kosanovic, M. Djurovic, S. Popovic

Sediment Yield and Land Use Changes in the Northern Montenegrin Watersheds: Case Study of Seocki Potok of the Polimlje Region

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V. Mandic, S. Dordevic, D. Stanojevic, Z. Bijelic, V. Krnjaja, Z. Tomic, V. Dragicevic

Effect of Bacterial Seed Inoculation on Nitrogen Dynamics, Number of Bacteria in Soil under Maize, and Maize Yield

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Solid waste management

D. E. Popescu, C. Bungau, M. Prada, C. Domuta, S. Bungau, D. M. Tit

Waste Management Strategy at a Public University in Smart City Context

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C. Postolache, D. Stamen-Niculcea

Material Flow Analysis Method Applied to Waste Resulted from Railway Infrastructure

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F. Ivanovski, Z. Sapuric, D. Dimitrovski

Functionality of Packaging Waste Management System in FYR Macedonia

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A. Wächter, I. Ionel, R. Wächter, L. A. Varga, A. Negrea, V. Minzatu, C. Muntean, M. Ciopec

Encapsulation of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Residues into Coal Fly Ash Rock Matrix

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A. Baryga, B. Polec, K. A. Skibniewska, E. Seciu, J. Grabara

Utilisation of Residual Waste from Sugar Beet Pulp Fermentation as Fertiliser in Sustainable Agriculture

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Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. Srbinovska, D. Dimitrov, C. Gavrovski, V. Dimcev

Loss of Load Probability of Wireless Sensor Networks Powered by Photovoltaic Cells

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J. Malenovic Nikolic, D. Vasovic, G. Janackovic, A. Ilic Petkovic, I. Ilic Krstic

Improving the Management System of Mining and Energy Complexes Based on Risk Assessment, Environmental Law and Principles of Sustainable Development

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N. C. Valentin, D. Jitariu, O. Nitu, C. Gabriel, T. Cosmin

Social Customer Relationship Management Usage Analysis and Its Impact on Sustainable Development of Romanian Commercial Organisations

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Z. P. Batman, O. Demirel

Importance of Ecology-based Tourism and Tourism Planning Approach in Meryemana Creek (Macka-Trabzon) Route

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C. Todosi, M. Niculita, B. Boca, D. Bucur

Reservoir Sedimentation Analysis Using GIS Techniques in the Bahluiet Catchment in the Perspective of Sustainable Agricultural Development

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Y. B. Ergen, M. Ergen

Using Multi-criteria Evaluation to Determine Suitable Land Use Areas in Coastal Zones. Case Study of Zonguldak City, Turkey

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R. M. Petrescu-Mag, D. C. Petrescu, N.-F. Sima, R. Sima

Informed Product Choice in the Organic Food Sector: from Guaranteeing the Legal Rights to Facing Sustainability Challenges

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S. Akdemir, E. Bal

Modelling of Ambient Factors and Quality Changes for Peach Cold Storage

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Clean technologies

L. Favier, M. Harja, A. I. Simion, L. Rusu, Y. Kadmi, M. L. Pacala, A. Bouzaza

Advanced Oxidation Process for the Removal of Chlorinated Phenols in Aqueous Suspensions

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K. Miteva, S. Aleksovski, G. Bogoeva-Gaceva, D. Dimitrovski

Evaluation of Density and Viscosity of Blends of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and Commercially Diesel Fuel

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D. Tashevski, I. Shesho, D. Dimitrovski

Binary Co-generation Power Plant with SOFC – Environmental Aspects

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L. Smoczynski, H. Ratnaweera, M. Kosobucka, M. Smoczynski, K. Pieczulis-Smoczynska, I. Cretescu

Size of Aggregates Formed during Coagulation and Electrocoagulation of Synthetic Wastewater

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Environmental radioactivity

M. Zucchetti, M. Al Ghadban, R. Testoni

World Energy Issues and Advanced Nuclear Fusion

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A. Angjeleska, E. Dimitrieska-Stojkovic, Z. Hajrulai-Musliu, S. Bogoevski, B. Boskovski, B. Stojanovska Dimzoska, R. Uzunov

Evaluation of Dose for the Population Due to Natural Radioactivity of Uncultivated Soil from the Surrounding of the City of Skopje

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Sustainable landscape planning

I. Unsal, Y. Kurucu

Research on Development of Natural Threshold Analysis Model for Land Use Decisions: the Case of Urla (Izmir)

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M. Sbarcea, M. Tudor

Tradition and Modernity in Danube Delta Architecture Contemporary Intervention towards Sustainable Settings

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V. Djekovic, N. Milosevic, A. Andjelkovic, N. Djurovic, G. Barovic, D. Vujacic, V. Spalevic

Channel Morphology Changes in the River Pestan, Serbia

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C. Maior, P. A. Darau, M. L. Brad, N. Boja

Considerations about the Optimum Size of the Natural Parks

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Z. Polat, O. Demirel

Evaluation of Alternative Tourism in the Light of Natural, Cultural and Visual Resources in Turkey Landscape

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Public health – environmental medicine

L. Rusu, M. Harja, D. Suteu, A. Dabija, L. Favier

Pesticide Residues Contamination of Milk and Dairy Products. A Case Study: Bacau District Area, Romania

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L. A. Tuta, O. Surdu, L. Daba, I. C. Mihailov

Effects of Peloid Therapy on Serum sCD27 Levels in Patients with Moderate Chronic Kidney Disease and Osteodystrophy

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M. Cipa, E. Marku

Long-term Exposure in Ballsh Oil Refinery: an Investigation on Occupationally Exposed Workers with Special Reference to Cardiovascular Diseases

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Conclusions of the 1st International Workshop ‘Water Added Value to Health and Life’,Steaua de Nare Complex, Eforie Nord, Romania

B.EN.A. Participation in the Frame of the 3rdInternational Conference ‘Water Across Time in Engineering Reasearch’ (WATER2016), Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania