Vol 3, No 1 (2002)

Environmental protection and sustainable development

A. ALADJADJIYAN. Energy sources for sustainable society.

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Environmental management


V. EROGLU, H. SARIKAYA, L. AKCA, Z. SEN. Environmental protection activities in the Bosphorus on local and regional scales.

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Environmental legislation


M, ULMANU, E. MARANON MAISON, D. DUMITRIU, I. ANGER, L. CASTRILLON PELAEZ, A. GUTA. Implementation of the Directive 9/271/EEC concerning the treatment of urban waste water and its role in reducing phosphate discharge.

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Environmental radioactivity


F. VOSNIAKOS, K. ZAVLARIS, T. PAPALIAGAS, A. ALADJADJIYAN, D, IVANOVA. Measurements of natural radioactivity concentration of building materials in Greece.

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H. FLOROU, P. KRITIDIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, G. G. POLIKARPOV, V. EGOROV, R. DELFANTI, C. PAPUCCI, A. ALADJADJIYAN. Dispersion of 137Cs in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea: the time evolution in relation to the sources and pathways.

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Air pollution
AL. DIMITROV, P. PETKOV. Study of the mechanism of action of antismoke additives for diesel fuels.

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A. G. TRIANTAFYLLOU, K. F. VOSNIAKOS, N. VOLIS, L. MALOUTAS, A. PATRA, C. VATALIS, D. COUCOULIATAS. Air quality in urban area in West Macedonia region, Greece.

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M. KATSANTONI, K. PENKYOVSKA, K. KAZASHKA, J. TRIANDAFYLLIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, A. ALADJADJIYAN. Measurements of car exhaust gases and noise from automobiles in the major area of Kozani.

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Water pollution


R. SOUFI, E. VARADINOVA, Y. UZUNOV. Recent assessment and long-term changes in the saprobiological state of the Struma river (South-Western Bulgaria).


E. VARADINOVA, Y. UZUNOV. Recent assessment and long-term changes in the saprobiolo­gical state of the Mesta river in South-Western Bulgaria.


Soil pollution


S. GORBANOV, S. KOSTADINOVA, A. GORBANOVA-VAROTTO. Manganese and nickel toxicity in some Bulgarian soils and the effect of liming on the soil properties.


A. MARKOVIC, M. ZDRAVKOVIC, M. ANTIC, J. POPOVIC B. JOVANOVIC, D. CAKMAK. Organic and inorganic colloids as potential inhibitors of soil contamination.


Industrial pollution


A. MALJA , S. DRUSHKU. Experimental data on the extraction of organic material from bituminous sands of Selenica (Albania).


M. KIROVA, H. HRISTEV, R. IVANOVA. Modern aspects of the qualitative characteristics of meat from regions with developed metallurgical activity.


D. DOUCHANOV. Environmental problems and control of pollution in iron industry.


Risk assessment


S. HADZI JORDANOV, P. PAUNOVIC, D. SLAVKOV, A. DIMITROV. A case history of hazardous waste formed in a chemical plant accident.


M.-E. TEODORESCU, B. CRISTIN. Environmental risk assessment of pesticide using adaptive equilibrium criterion model.


B.  PEEV, K. KOUZMOVA. Climatic changes in the agricultural regions of Bulgaria.


K. KOUZMOVA. Climate changes in the region of Vidin and their effect on the agroclimatic resources.


D. IVANOVA, T. MAKROGIANNIS. Climatic analysis of conditions in the region of North­ern Greece and Southern Bulgaria.


D. IVANOVA, G. BALAFOUTIS. Air quality estimation from point and area sources using the RAM model.


R. IORDANOVA, A. UZUNOVA. Physiological response of coniferous seedlings to simulated acid rain.


V. M. KAPCHINA-TOTEVA, A. N. UZUNOVA, S. G. CHANKOVA. Effect of CdCl2 in the coincubation system of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii/Pisum sativum.


Marine ecology


T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, V. SERBAN, M. BRATU, A. DINCA, V. COATU, M. CRASMARU. Preliminary data concerning the use of Pontogammarus (Euxinia) maeoticus Sowinsky, 1894 (Amphipoda-Crustacea) as a biomonitor for the metal ions (Mn, Pb, Cu, Zn, Ca, Mg) Pollution.
Ecology - lake monitoring


D. HAXHIMIHALI, N. JANA. Evaluation of water quality and possible pollution sources in the Albanian part of Ohrid and Prespa lakes.


Solid waste management


S. KRSTIC. An integrated model for education, information and decision support on polymer waste management.


Clean technologies


S. DRUSHKU, A. MALJA. Sulphonation and oxidation of some Albanian coals for increasing the ion-exchange capacity.


L. STOICA, C. CONSTANTIN, I. CIOLOBOC. Alkylhydroxamic acids as new collectors in ion and precipitate flotation.
P. A. LITCHEVA. Catalytic purification of gases polluted with methanol.


L. STOICA, I. JITARU, A. RAZVAN, O. MICU, C. PLAPCIANU. The use of precipitate-flotation as new route for mixed oxides precursors obtaining


P. KOVACHEVA, K. ARISHTIROVA. Basic zeolites as environmentally friendly catalysts.


M. D. RADULOVIC, O. G. CVETKOVIC, M. M. VRVIC, P. S. POLIC, D. M. JAKOVLJEVIC. Peat (Vlasina lake, Yugoslavia) as a substrate for pullulan biosynthesis with Aureobasidium pullulans strain CH-1.


C.  BOGATU, D. BOTAU, M. GHEJU, D. COCHECI. Study of azodyes oxidation with Fenton reagent by UV-VIS spectroscopy.


H. H. SOMEDA, M. R. EZZ EL-DIN, R. R. SHEHA, H. A. EL-NAGGAR. Adsorption of some phenolic contaminants from aqueous solutions onto activated carbon.


C. VASILE, M. BREBU, Y. SAKATA, H. PAKDEL, C, ROY, R. MIRANDA. Solid waste treatment by pyrolysis methods.


M. PETRE, G. ZARNEA, M. E. TEODORESCU, P. ADRIAN, E. GHEORGHIU, V.GHEORDUNESCU. Long-term biodegradation of cellulose wastes by using immobilized microorganisms in continuous bioreactors.


G. CAZACU, M. C. PASCU, L. PROFIRE, C. VASILE. Environmental friendly polymer mate­rials. I. Polyolefins-lignin based materials.


V. A. KASAIKIN , J. A. ZAKHAROVA. New approach to the removal of textile dyes from waste waters.