Vol 3, No 2 (2002)

Environmental protection and sustainable development


A. TRIANTAFYLLOU, O. MANOLIADIS, A. BARONOS, I. ZUBURTIKUDIS. C. VATALIS, G. CHARALAMPIDES. Application of an uniform ambient index for air quality management in West Macedonia, Greece.


M. A. V, ZLATANOVIC-TOMASEVIC. Measurements of noise level in the city of Belgrade.


Environmental management


E. TINMAZ, F. UYSAL, A. AKPINAR. Waste management in the example of Corfu Airport.


Environmental legislation


T. HEMA, L MALOLLARI. Albanian environmental legal frame and the challenges towards ap­proximation with EU legislation.


Environmental monitoring


M. ANDREEVSKA, Z. KARAMANOLEVSKI, L. TALEVSKA-TODOROVA. Air quality monitoring in the region of the Power Plant Bitola.


R. ANGELOVA, D. IVANOVA. System for monitoring of agriculture in polluted industrial regions.


D. M. DRAMLIC, P. S. MILUTINOVIC, Z. J. GRSIC, M. M. POPOVIC. Possibility of the detection of a low concentration hydrogen sulphide gas using the semiconducting gas sensors of the SNO2 type.


M. KAMBUROVA. N. NIKOLOV . Determination of microelements in vegetable crops using sapropelles as amendment for soils.


T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, V. SERBAN, A. V. STROE, M, CRASMARU. Testing Ce(III) com­plex compounds with α-ketoglutaric acid action of some aquatic invertebrates.


G. GAIDAJIS. Deposition rates of total settleble dust and its elemental composition at mountainous background areas in Northeastern Chalkidiki, Greece.


Air pollution


G. CHARALAMPIDES, A. G. TRIANTAFYLLOU, K. VATALIS, K. R VOSNIAKOS. Air pollution effects as recorded by mineral participate analysis.


S. TENOVA. Measurement of the atmosphere pollutants emitted by the Hooded paddy fields.
S. RAJSIC , M. TASIC, V. NOVAKOVIC. Concentrations of heavy metal in dry and wet depo­sition in Belgrade atmosphere during NATO campaign.


Z. S. MICHAILIDIS. Simulation of the vehicle pollutants frequency distributions by generating transformations, additions and mixings of distributions.


G. GAIDAJIS. Considerations on the dissociation of ambient ammonium aerosols based on field measurements of atmospheric gases and aerosols.


Water pollution


V, MARTINOVIC-VITANOVIC V. KALAFATIC. Consequences of war destruction of Oil Refinery - Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) on the Danube and its biota.


Industrial pollution


M. BADEA, R. MIHALACHE, N. IFTIMIE, V. DAESCU. Evaluation of environmental impact of some building materials involved in industrial activities.


A. MASTRAL, M. S. CALLEN, T. GARCIA, M. STEFANOVA, S. P. MARINOV. Heterocyclic aromatic compound emissions from Maritza-East lignite fluidised bed combustion.


Agricultural pollution


A, SATRALLAH, A. DAHCHOUR, M. BADRAOUI, E. ESSASSI, M. J. SANCHEZ-MARTIN. Adsorption-desorption and mobility of 14C-ethofumesate in Moroccan soils.


Environmental risk assessment


S. NOCEV, L. DIMITROVSKA. Experiences within application of an environmental manage­ment system.


A. A. CIGNA, F. K. VOSNIAKOS, G. VASILIKIOTIS, P. FOSTER. Environmental impact assessment of a nuclear power plant in the South-Eastern Mediterranean area.


D. IVANOVA. Climatic analysis of the conditions in South-Eastern Bulgaria. Their effect on the agroclimatic resources.


G. K. BOTEV, Zh. D. KALITCHIN. Determination of combined effect on the human health of toxic air pollutants formed during fires in buildings.


Ecology - agricultural and soil pollution


E.  MARKU, K. KOCI, T. BINO. The involvement of EGG toxic concentrations of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the conservation of the migratory species of Dalmatian pelican Pelecanus crispus.




E. PAVLOVA. Content of macro- and microelements in needles of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) within the system for "monitoring of forest ecosystems".


K. C. MATHUR, R. SHRIVASTAVA, V. BH. REDDY, U. K. CHAUHAN, P. V. KHADIKAR. On the rank order and the Kruchal-Willis H-test on the meteorology of Maihar location situated in India.


D. KIRIN, G. BUCHVAROV, N. KUZMANOV. Biological diversity and ecological evaluation of the freshwater ecosystems of the Arda river.


N. KUZMANOV, D. KIRIN, G. BUCHVAROV. Ecological evaluation of the waters of the Arda river after the reservoir "Studen Kladenets".


Marine ecology


G. SAMOILESCU. The influence of sea water upon explosion on board of oil carriers and avoidance methods.


G. SAMOILESCU. Prevention of marine pollution due to electrostatic fields.


Environmental radioactivity


C. VARLAM, V. PATRASCU. 3H and 137Cs levels in marine components from the coastal Black Sea area.


F. VOSNIAKOS, K. ZAVLARIS, E. N. SOSSIDOU, A. ALADJADJIYAN, D. IVANOVA. Investigation of Cs-137 and K-40 transfer from soil to plant and comparative measurements in the Central Macedonia of Greece.

Solid waste management


V. VANCHEVA, Y. KOUZMANOVA A. ALADJADJIYAN, H. GUNCHEV, M. TSVET-KOVSKI. Solid wastes landfill of Sevlievo Municipality.


S. KOSEVA, S. TASEVSKA. Recycling of polyethylene basket carriages.


Clean technologies


ST. CHRISTOSKOVA, M. STOYANOVA. Elimination of formaldehyde from waste waters.
L. GHERGHE, T. VELEA, J. L. CORTINA. Treatment of waste waters in the extractive metal­lurgical industry.


E.  A. RYABENKO, A. M. YAROSHENKO, G. Z. BLUM, G. E. ZAIKOV, V. G. ZAIKOV. Ecological aspects of manufacture and application of highly pure liquid substances.


D. M. DRAMLIC, Z. J. GRSIC, M. M. POPOVIC. Control and reduction of nitrogen oxide in combustion processes.