Vol 3, No 3 (2002)

Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. TSANTOUKA, P. MENTZELOU, F. VOSNIAKOS. A virtual ecotouristic village for the Balkan region.


Environmental education


M. NICOLAU, N. ROTARU. Quality integrated Management System ISO 900I-ISO 17025 implemented to INCD - ECOIND, Bucharest.


I. FARMAKIS, S. PARASKEVOPOULOS. Students' environmental perception of the meaning of the neighbourhood unit in the Greek urban environment.


L. PASΗKO, K. VASO. Changes in the chemistry teaching at the pre-university level in the course of the social-economic development in Albania.


Environmental management


S. SAZAK, H. K. CAKIR. The motives underlying the behaviour of the agent hi determination of the city form.


Environmental legislation


N. TENEVA, I. MILUSHEV, J. FOTEV. New Bulgarian legislation in the water management.


Environmental monitoring


C.  BOGATU, D. BOTAU, E, BRINZEI, L. DUDA. Use of UV spectrophotometry for determination of organic compounds in water.


E. BRINZEI, L.DUDA, D. PAUNESCU. Modelling by numerical methods of ground water net­work impurity from neighbourhood of chemical wastes deposits.


Air pollution


E. TINMAZ, A. OZKAN, A. AKPINAR. Aircraft originated air pollution in the example of Corlu airport.


M. DIMITROVSKI, R. BOJKOVSKA. Influence of traffic on the air pollution in Skopje.


D.  IVANOVA, V. VLACHOVA. Atmospheric air pollution dynamics in the region of the town of Plovdiv during the period 1995-2000.


Y. PELOVSKJ, N. KOZAREV, L DOMBALOV, S, STOYANOV. Transboundary air pollution by Maritsa-East Thermal Power Stations.


Water pollution                                                                 ·


D. VUJANOVIC, M. KILIBARDA, P. JAKSIC. Tisza river basin - past and future.


Industrial pollution


V. GREGORIADIS, A qualitative and quantitative assessment of emissions produced by industrial steam generators in the Master Plan Area of Thessaloniki.


G. TORE, N, KARAKAYA. Characterisation of a jean-washing industry 'processes' waste water and biological treatability.


Environmental risk assessment


H. INCE. Investigation of effect of drought in dams of Thrace region.


K. KOUZMOVA, P. KOSTADINOVA, I. VELCHEVA. Ecological monitoring of mesobiontic fauna in areas of intensitive and biological farming.


M. BEROVA, Z. ZLATEV. Growth and photosynthesis responses of young bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants to herbicide stress. Probable protective effect of polyamine diethylenetriamine.


P. KOSTADINOVA, T. I. AHMED, K. KOUZMOVA. A study on the allelopathic potential of Convolvulus arvensis leaves and roots.


I. VELCHEVA, K. KOUZMOVA, P. KOSTADINOVA. A study of biodiversity in an agricul­tural region adjacent to the protected 'Chinar Dere' site.


N. E. BOIKO, G. G. KORNIENKO, O. A. VOROBYEVA. Cortisol and thyroid hormones at early stages of the development of the Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedti Brandt.


C. TAXILTARIS, S. BASBAS, K. NIKOLAOU. Heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and their environ­mental impacts in central urban areas.


K. NIKOLAOU, S. BASBAS, G. TOSKAS. Noise levels based on urban traffic modelling.


Environmental radioactivity


S. STOYCHEV. The Chernobil nuclear disaster and its traces in Bulgaria at present.


B. RADOSEVIC, J. KOVACEVIC, V. JOVIC. Natural occurring uranium in Serbia and possible environmental effect.


Solid waste management


R. TEODORESCU, M. ULMANU, I. ANGER, E. MOREH, D. TANASE. Technological as­pects regarding chromium valorification from electroplating sludge for environment depollution.


A. ALADJADJIYAN, V. VANCHEVA. Recycling of paper and plastic wastes in Plovdiv region, Bulgaria.


D. Y. BOJINOVA. Combined method for utilisation of industrial waste product.


E. TODOROVA, I. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKI. Thermal decomposition of hospital waste.


Clean technologies


A. K. SIMEONOVA, T. I. GODJEVARGOVA, A. D. DIMOV, D. DINKOV. Copper removal in fixed beds by modified polyacrylonitrile sorbents.


R. C. SHAH. Two phase flow in replenishment of ground water through homogeneous porous media.



I. D. DOBREVSKY, S. A. PAVLOVA. A modification of Siroflock process under dynamic conditions.


P. LITCHEVA, K. IVANOV. Catalytic detoxification of methanol on the Co-Cu-0 system.