Vol 3, No 4 (2002)

Air pollution

A. G. KELESSIS,  N. M. ZOUMAKIS, M. J. PETRAKAKIS, F. K. VOSNIAKOS. Air pollution levels in Thessaloniki, Greece.


M. UNKASEVIC, L. LAZIC, I. TOSIC, Z. VUKMTROVIC. Effects of soot and aerosol emission on local climate under warfare condition in Serbia.


D. DJARMATI, E. MALJEVIC, S. LABUS, D. RADIC, M. STUPAR, M. SIMIC. Some che­mical characteristics of aerosol sediments after uncontrolled crude oil burning.


V. SPIRIDONOV, M. CURIC, M. ANDREEVSKA. The capability of convective cloud to simu­late the chemical processes in the atmosphere.


D. DJORDJEVIC, D. RADMANOVIC, A. MIHAJLIDI-ZELIC, T. VUKOVIC. Intercomparisons of  Na, K, Mg and Ca in the precipitation from the 23rd WMO-GAW laboratory intercomparison (2000).


Water pollution


S. SAKAN, P. POLIC, I. BRCESKI, M. KNEZEV, A. DJORDJEVIC, P. JAKSIC, D. VUJANOVIC. Water quality parameters of the- Tisza river (July 2001, Yugoslav section).


Soil pollution


L. MALI NOVA Contents of total and mobile forms of heavy metals in soils from stationary sample plots at Yundola, Vitinia and Staro Oriahovo.


Agricultural pollution


S. S. MITIC, Y. V. ZIVANOVIC. A kinetic method for determination of Hg-phenyl acetate.


Industrial pollution                                                               .


Y. ANGELOVA, R. IVANOVA, K. IVANOV. Uptake and localisation of Pb, Cu, Zn and Cd in tuberiferous and root crops, grown in industrially polluted region.


Ecology - Flora I Fauna


S. COSMULESCU, A. BACIU. Climatic factors effect on flowering of fruit tree species.


V. NOUR, M. E, IONICA. Study concerning the influence of the electroionical technology on the apples long-term storage.


N. STOEVA, TZ. BINEVA. Protective effect of Tidiazuron in triticale (Triticale hexaploide L a r.) seeds and plants subjected to gamma-irradiation stress.


H. KUTINKOVA, R. ANDREEV Attractiveness and selectivity of pheromone dispensers with different origin for the leaf miners Leucoptera scitella Z el l., Phyllonorycter blancardella F. and Phyllonorycter corylifoliella H b. in Bulgaria.


M. IVANOVA, T. BABRIKOVA. Monitoring of the beneficial coccinellids in alfalfa agrocenose and possibilities for biological pest control.




Y. VATRENJAK-VELAGIC, E. OMANOVIC, M. DZAJIC, H. NIKSIC. Artificial colours in humanitarian aid (food, drugs) and cosmetics.
Environmental risk assessment


B. K. NAKOV, M. B. NAKOVA, M. A. A. REHAB. Long-term assessment of pollution problems in grapes cenosys.


N. STRAMBEANU, V. RUS, D. PAUNESCU. Estimation of concentrations versus distance for some pollutants from waste deposits.
A. VASSILEV. Use of chlorophyll fluorescence in phytotoxicity testing. I. Use of parameters in dark-adapted leaves.


A. VASSILEV. Use of chlorophyll fluorescence in phytotoxicity testing. II. Use of parameters at steady state photosynthesis.


Solid waste management


A. ALADJADJIYAN, Y. KUZMANOVA, D. HADJIKINOV, A. LAMBREV, N. MARKOVA, N. MENKOV, I. PANCHEV. Perspectives for using biobased packaging in Bulgaria.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


A. MALJA, S. DRUSHKU. Monitoring of the fuel quality in Albania concerning the environ­mental problems.


A. AKYOL. A marketing approach to environmental issues: improving social and environmental orientation as a philosophy.


Clean technologies


A. DUTA, D, PERNIU, E. HELEREA. Adsorption studies of copper and iron from highly diluted solutions.


L. STOICA, C. CONSTANTIN, O. MICU, O. POTRA. New collectors use for separation and recovery of Cr(III) from aqueous systems by flotation.


C. VASILIU, A. I. GUTA, M. COX. The implementation of waste waters management in the copper electroreflning process of Allied Deals Phoenix-Baia Mare, Romania.


N. MARKOVA, Y. KUZMANOVA, A. ALADJADJIYAN, D. HADJIKINOV, A. LAMBREV, N. MENKOV, I. PANCHEV. Study of exploitation characteristics of blends for biobased packag­ing. I. Kinetics of water adsorption of extruded blends.


P. S. RIBED. Submarine vegetation studies using remote sensing: importance in beach management strategies.


Environmental management


E. PANAGIOTOPOULOS, G. KARIOTIS. Network design and impact reduction in non-built areas under inclusion in the city master plan.


C. COMAN, M. GOLUMBEANU. User perception of environmental quality at Mamaia beach, Romania.


I, MALOLLARI, M. BAKALLI, L. XHANGOLLI. Environmental impact on the Albanian coastal region and the relevant strategies.


Environmental radioactivity


S. GANATSIOS. Evaluation of the doses of radioactive material and the population protection countermeasures in a nuclear accident.