Vol 4, No 1 (2003)

Air pollution


R. SHEHU, A. MALJA, S. DRUSHKU. Potential sources of the atmosphere pollution from sulphur dioxide in Albania and its limitation.


D, M. DRAMLIC, M. M. VUKOLIC. Determination of dominant reaction and the degree of doping in commercial semiconductor tin (IV)-oxide gas sensors in interaction with hydrogen.


Monitoring of air pollution


K. C. MATHUR, S. K. PANDEY, CH. VIJAY BHASKER REDDY, A. PANDEY, P. V. KHADIKAR, P. D. SHRIVASTAVA. Statistical studies on carrying capacity of cement and lime industries. Environmental pollution aspects. Part 1. Correlation of air quality index (AQI) with ambient air quality.


Water pollution


N. STOEVA, Z. ZLATEV, M. BEROVA, A. VASSILEV, V. KERIN. Possibilities for biological test application for the purpose of monitoring the contamination of the irrigation waters with arsenic.


Soil pollution


R. IVANOVA, V. ANGELOVA, V. DELIBALTOVA, K. IVANOV, D. SHAMOV. Accumulation of heavy metals in fibre crops flax, cotton and hemp.


N. TAHSIN, T. HRISTEVA, V. MASHEVA. Productivity and rhizosphere microflora of different sun­ flower genotypes grown in an industrially polluted region.


Soil re-cultivation


C. BABEANU . The evolution of the mine spoil's agrochemical parameters on the Rovinari field as a result of the biological re-cultivation.


C. BABEANU, E. BADEA, G. MARINESCU. The enzymatic activity as an indicator of the initial stage of the soil forming process.


Agricultural pollution


H. BOZUKOV, N. MANOLOVA, N. NIKOLOV, I. RASHKOV. Alternative approach of pesticides appli­cation against tobacco pathogens and pests.


V. DZHUVINOV, H. KUTINKOVA, R. PENEV. Possibilities for ecological production of apple fruits.


E.  SOSNOVSCHI, L. TOFAN, T. NEGREANU. The study of morphological and physiological changes at Triticum vulgare in the experimental conditions of contamination with NO2 and SO2 .


Agricultural ecology


M. B. NAKOVA. Verticillium wilt on cotton - ecological disease management possibilities.


H. SAMALIEV. Susceptibility of stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci to the bacterial symbionts from entomopathogenic nematodes Steinernema spp. and Steinernema abbasi.


Agricultural protection


D. STOYANOVA, M. KITANOVA, A. UZUNOVA. Functional and structural response of pea leaves to copper ions treatment .


Risk assessment


S. M. LOMAKIN, G.E. ZAIKOV. Polyhalogenated flame retardants and dioxins.




D. BEZLOVA. Ecological peculiarities of Strandzha Nature Park.


E. PAVLOVA, L. MALINOVA. Coefficients of biological accumulation in wood species in the East Rhodopes region.


N. E. BOIKO, G. G. KORNIENKO. The effect of hexachloran and mineral oil on the dynamics of thyroid hormones in larvae of the Russian sturgeon Acipenser guldenstadti B r a n d t.


N. E. BOIKO. Hexachloran and oil contaminations alters memorisation of odors in sturgeon Acipenser guldenstadti Brandt.


D. POPA, A. POPA. Concepts of viticultural soil management in respect of ecological strategies.


Marine ecology


D. MIRCEA, M. CRASMARU. Ecobiochemical characterisation of aquatic environment within the artificial habitats of Constantza beach.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


F. K. VOSNIAKOS, S. C. IOANNIDIS. The industrial society towards ecology.


M. TSANTOUKA, D. GEROMOSHOS, M. GOLUMBEANU. Agrotouristic development in the area of "Nymfeo" - Florina, Greece.


M. SARI, M. KADIOGLU, M. ARABACI, A. ERTAN. Ecological sharing of water for healthy management of fisheries and irrigation under drought conditions in Bend-i Mahi river, Van, Turkey.


Clean technologies


M. ULMANU, I. ANGER, E. MARANON-MAISON, L. C. PELAEZ, R. TEODORESCU, E. MOREH. Single and competitive separation of copper and cadmium from aqueous solution on adsorbent materials.


G.  VISSOKOV, IV. GRANCHAROV, D. GERGOV. Plasmachemical purification and utilisa­tion of wastes.


TZ. GODJEVARGOVA, ST. MIHOVA. Removal of copper from aqueous solutions by immo­bilised cells of Saccharomyccs cerevisiae and Phanerochaete chrysosporium.


F.  K. VOSNIAKOS, C. DOULGERIS. Decontamination of milk from the radioisotopes iodine-131, cesium-134 and cesium-137.


F. K. VOSNIAKOS, K. A. HATZIIOANNOU, C. DOULGERIS. Preservation and maturing of dairy products by using an irradiation process.


Environmental radioactivity


TZ. BINEVA, A. NAJDENOV, N. STOEVA. Penetration of Cs-134 from contaminated soils into different peas cultivars.


Environmental management


A. ERTAN. Agricultural application and extinct bird species.


H. H. TOK . The optimisation of soil, plant and environmental originated data for the soil ferti­lisation in Thrace region.


Agricultural management


N. KUZMANOV, D. IVANOVA. Productivity and nitrate content in radish and onion in case of nitrate fertilisation and herbicide Afalon 50 WP applications.


Environmental education


E. PANAGIOTOPOULOS, G. KARIOTIS, M.-E. THEODORIDOU SOTIRIOU. Pedestrian way design for the road safety of school students.