Vol 4, No 2 (2003)

Air pollution
I. CHIRAKAKI. Emissions of volatile organic compounds from metal finishing processes in the greater area of Thessaloniki.


S. LUNGOCI, E. HELEREA, G. LUNGOCI, V. CIOFOAIA. The relationship of ozone, CFCs and ultraviolet radiation, why is ozone so important?  


M. DONCHEVA-BONEVA, N. TZVETKOVA. Atmospheric pollutants in the region of ecological station ”Yundola”. 


D. M. DRAMLIC, M. M. ADZIC. Space distribution of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide concentration in commercial C3Hg/C4Hi q mixture combustion. 


Water pollution


E. IVANOVA, T. STAIKOVA, I. VELCHEVA, P. KOSTADINOVA. Study on the mutagenic effect of waters polluted with heavy metals and cyanides on Allium cepa plant system in vivo.


E.  IVANOVA, T. STAIKOVA, I. VELCHEVA, P. KOSTADINOVA. Somatostatic effect of heavy metal conta­minated waters in the region of the town of Panagjurishte, Bulgaria.


Water quality


PL. IVANOV, N. CHIPEV, D. TEMNISKOVA. Diatoms of the river Iskar (Sofia Plain) and their implication for water quality assessment. Part I. The diatom flora, ecology and community structure.


PL IVANOV, N. CHIPEV, D. TEMNISKOVA. Diatoms of the river Iskar (Sofia Plain) and their implication for water quality assessment. Part II. Diatom indices and their implication for water quality monitoring.


Soil pollution


A. MARKOVIC, M. ZDRAVKOVIC, D. CAKMAK, M. ANTIC, J. POPOVIC. Heavy metal pollution in the soils near Pancevo industrial zone.


V. ANGELOVA, K. IVANOV, R. IVANOVA. Effect of chemical forms of lead, cadmium and zinc in pollu­ted soils on their uptake by tobacco.


Agricultural pollution


N. METIN, A. KUBAS,H. HURMA, E. R. ERBAY. Pesticide usage and its effects on the environment in Thrace region.


Agricultural ecology


S. TENOVA. A research on the possibilities for rice growing under non-flooded conditions.


Industrial pollution


G. CARAIVAN. Biogeophysical (Dowsing) methods to determine the underground pollution with oil Products.


Tz. HRISTEVA, V. MASHEVA, N. TAHSIN. Changes in the rhizosphere microbial cenoses of oriental tobac­co grown in an industrially polluted region.
V. NOUR, M. E. IONICA, P. SAVESCU. Monitoring residual waters from food industrial companies and animal breeding farms in the Oltenia region, Romania.


A. VASS1LEV. Barley seedlings as bio-indicators for water contamination by cadmium.


M. MALETIC, S. JANCHEV, K. DAVKOVA. Heavy metals contamination of topsoil in the surroundings of the smelting-furnace "Zletovo" - Veles, Macedonia.


Transboundary marine pollution


G. BUCHVAROV, D. KIRIN, N. KUZMANOV. Contents of heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Zn) in some species of fishes from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.




R. IVANOVA, T. ALIFAKIOTIS. Changes in metabolic and enzyme profiles of female and male rats treated with supersect 10 EC.


D. KYUTCHUKOV. Vertical distribution of the ornithofauna in the region of the northern Rila mountains - Bulgaria.


C. BABEANU, E. BADEA, G. MARINESCU, G. CIOBANU . Investigations on the biofertiliser effect of humic acids by comparison with other synthetic and biological fertilizers.


G. MARINESCU, C. BABEANU, E. BADEA, E. GLODEANU. Growth and enzymatic response of tomatoes' seedlings and plants to C02 excess.


A. MATEEVA, L. KOLEVA. Using potential of crude leaves powder of basil, lavender and wormwood as methyl-bromide alternative against some storage pests.
L. SHABANI. Microbial pollution of milk by environment as an indicator of its contamination Rate.


Solid waste management


E. MARANON, L. CASTRILLON, M. ULMANU, I. ANGER. Composition and treatment of leachates from sanitary landfills.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


G. KARIOTIS, E. PANAGIOTOPOULOS. Alternative scenarios of air pollution from heating in urban areas.


K. KOUZMOVA. Ecology, environment and man.


G. N. ANDONOV, R. S. MILINA, D. D. PECHLIVANOV , A. S. IVANOV. Determination of the gasoline derived from the crude oil straight run distillation and catalytic reforming units at "Lukoil-Neftochim - JSC", individual hydrocarbon composition.


Clean technologies


B. PELOVSKI, I. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKI, L. PETROV. New sorbents on the base of industrial wastes.


S. GORBANOV, G. RACHOVSKI, A. GORBANOVA-VAROTTO, Z. TCHERVENCOVA, S. KOSTADINOVA. Use of biological sediments from waste waters plant to fertilising crops in field rotation system. I. The effect of biological sediments fertilising on the nutritional regime and productivity of the crops.


C. COSMA, E. P. LEONTE, M. NICOLAU, I. GHITA. Technology for advanced treatment of wastes discharged by animal farms.


P. KOTORI. Suitable cleaning technologies for mercury removal from industrial waste waters.


Environmental radioactivity


I. JORDANOVA, L. MISHEVA, D. STANEVA, M. NAIDENOV, M. BANOV. Evaluation of the radioactive contamination in the region of metal mine "Sliven" and ways to reduce the radio­ logical risk for the population.


Tz.BINEVA, N.STOEVA. Penetration of Cs-134 from contaminated soil into different cultivars of some cereal crops.


Environmental legislation


S. OPRASIC, M. OMANOVIC, K. MIJANOVIC, I. PASALIC. Importance of the ISO stan­dards for casting industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


K. NIKOLAOU. Air quality in European urban areas and the new EC directives.


Environmental management


G. KARIOTIS, E. PANAGIOTOPOULOS, M.-E. THEODORIDOY SOTIRIOU. Urbanisation impact of the city of Serres.


H. H. TOK. Ergene basin environmental management plan.


R. ANDREEV, H. KUTINKOVA, D. IVANOVA. Integrated pest management – basic element of ecologically friendly technologies in the agriculture in Bulgaria.