Vol 4, No 3 (2003)

Air pollution

J. TRIANDAFYLLIS, SP. KATOPODIS, F. VOSNIAKOS, V. GRAMMATIKIS, E. KALAFATIS, D. MANTZARIS, CH. MALLAS. Use of sunflower oil in direct injection engines.


Air pollution monitoring


T. STAFILOV, R. BOJKOVSKA, M. HIRAO. Air pollution monitoring system in the Republic of Macedonia.


D. IGHIGEANU. D. MARTIN, R. MACARIE, E. ZISSULESCU, I. CALINESCU, H. IOVU, E. CIRSTEA, G. CRACIUN, A. IGHIGEANU. Air pollution control by DC, pulse and micro­wave discharges.


R. DEBIASI, M. BICHIR, E. MITRAN. Proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparison for cadmium and lead - pollutants of the atmosphere.


Water pollution


A. MIHO , H. LANGE-BERTALOT. Considerations on biodiversity and trophic state of lake Ohrid (Albanian part) from a microalgae point of view.


Water quality


D. KIRIN, G. BUCHVAROV, N. KUZMANOV, K. KOEV. Biological diversity and ecological evaluation of the fresh water ecosystems from the Arda river.


Water pollution monitoring


V. IORDACHE. The difficulties in assessing the effects of the Yugoslavian conflict in the lower Danube river system pointed out the need for changing the monitoring system.


A. BOLMA , A. SERBANESCU, A. STANCA, R. CARABA, V. BADESCU, M. RADU. Mo­dern techniques and methods for identification and dosage of the organic pollutants from the transboundary waters.


Water pollution by petroleum products


L. TOFAN, M. BRATU, F. ZISU, V. SERBAN, G. PARASCHIV. Bioaccumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons by mussels from the Romanian Black Sea coast - physiological and biochemical al­terations.


Industrial pollution


Y. PELOVSKY, I. DOMBALOV, E. TODOROVA. Methods for cleaning industrial odour pollu­tion in Crystalchimia AD plant.


G. KOCASOY. Environmental exploitation of hazardous wastes by developing countries.


A. M. MASTRAL, M. S. CALLEN, T. GARCIA, M. STEFANOVA, S. P. MARINOV. PAH and their heteroanalogues in emissions of lignite fluidised bed combustion.


V. ANGELOVA, K. IVANOV, P. ZAPRJANOVA. AAS defining of the mobile forms of Pb, Cu, Zn and Cd in soils from industrially polluted regions.


S. SAKAN, D. DJORDJEVIC.,P. POLIC, A. MIHAJLIDI-ZELIC. The mobility of Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb in sediments at the Pancevo oil refinery locality.
Soil pollution


K. ARNAUDOVA, D. GREKOV. A study on the development and productivity of mulberry silk­ worms (Bombyx mori L.) fed leaves from heavy-metal polluted regions.


N. SIMEONOVA, S. TODOROVA. Analysis of the effect of contamination with heavy metals on the humus status of soils in the region of the non-ferrous works by Plovdiv.


Agricultural pollution


K. SAPUNDJIEVA, J. KOUZMANOVA, Y. KARTALSKA. Effect of trophy (acetochlor) herbicide upon soil microbiological activity.




HR. KUTINKOVA, R. ANDREEV. Possibilities for monitoring of apple clearwing moth Synanthedon myopaeformis B o r k h. (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) by sex pheromones in Bulgaria.


E. PENA-LEONTE; M. NICOLAU, I. LUCACIU, S. ILIESCU, P. COSMA. Environmental pollution generated by animal breeding farms.
B. SKRBIC, S. CUPIC, J. CVEJANOV. Determination of heavy metals in beet sugar samples from Vojvodina province.

Clean technologies


A. ALADJADJIYAN. Use of physical factors as an alternative to chemical amelioration.


E. E. SISMAN, A. B. KORKUT, B. ETLI. Ecological approach on environmental pollution.


S. DRUSHKU, A. MALJA. Physico-chemical estimation of lubricant oils traded in Albania.


G. P. VISSOKOV. Nanoscale processes in the environmental protection.


D. MARTIN, E. CIRSTEA, G. CRACIUN, D. IGHIGEANU, A. IGHIGEANU, I. CALINESCU, H. IOVU. Preparation of polyelectrolytes with low monomer residual concentration.
V. STANKOV-JOVANOVIC, T. PECEV, V. MITIC, J. PEROVIC, B. JOVANOVIC. Natural zeolite application in textile waste water treatment.
I. XH. MALOLLARI, G. KAPEDANI. A rewiew concerning sewage as a source of phosphorus and treatment processes to remove phosphates from waste water.


C. COSMA, I. NITOI, V. PATROESCU. Pre-treatment technology of waste water discharged from the washing process of 'Denim' textile texture.

Abstract / Full paper


I. MALOLLARI, T. HEMA, B. BARUTI, F. DOBROSHI. Reuse of phosphates recovered from sewage treatment plants.

Abstract / Full paper


M. SCIBAN, M. KLASNJA. The kinetics of copper (II) adsorption from water by some natural materials.

Abstract / Full paper


Environmental radioactivity


F. VOSNIAKOS, K. ZAVLARIS, T. PAPALIAGAS. Indoor concentration of natural radioacti­vity and the impact to human health.


Environmental management


G.  KARIOTIS, E. PANAGIOTOPOULOS, M.-E. TH. SOTIRIOU. Urban upgrading through the unification of building blocks.


M. BANOV, M. NAYDENOV. Environmental disturbance caused by the extraction of leadzinc ore.


M. BURTICA, G. NICOLAE. Environmental and economic programme.