Vol 4, No 4 (2003)

Air pollution

I. GRZETIC. Traffic pollution in the streets of Belgrade.


Air pollution monitoring


R. DEBIASI, E. MITRAN, I. NICOLESCU. Cobalt quantitative determination in the atmosphe­ric emissions and imissions by spectrophotometric method.


Water quality


N. KUZMANOV, D. KIRIN, G. BUCHVAROV, K. KOEV. Ecological evaluation of the waters of the Arda river after the reservoir 'Ivaylovgrad'.


G. CHARALAMPIDES, O. MANOLIADIS. Isotopic tracers in subsurface hydrological system.


Soil pollution


M. DUMITRU, C. CONSTANTIN, C. IVANA. PAHs content in soil from Moldova Noua-Orsova area.


V. ANGELOVA, R. IVANOVA, K. IVANOV. Accumulation of heavy metals in    leguminous crops (bean, soybean, peas, lentils and gram).


Industrial pollution


M. STOEVA, M. BEROVA, ZL. ZLATEV. Effect of arsenic on some physiological indices in maize (Zea mays L.).


V. POLEKSIC, S. JEREMIC. Effects of acute cyanide poisoning on fish gills.


Environmental risk assessment


I. POPOV, N. TZANKOV, V. ZVETANOV. Using the material accounting approach for assess­ment of the pollution of surface and groundwaters for case study region in South Bulgaria.


B. SHKURTAJ, A. BITRI. Water quality survey and the measures for protection and rehabilita­tion of the Patos-Marinza oilfield, Albania.




D. KECHAYOV, A. TRIFONOV. Noise effect of tractor Stayer 942 upon the subsidiary agricultural workers.


V. KANAZ1RSKA, V. VANCHEVA. Influence of calcium and magnesium levels on biological development of tomato plants.


Z. ZLATEV, M. BEROVA, N. STOEVA, A. VASSILEV. Use of physiological parameters as stress Indicators.


A. OROS, I. PECHEANU, R. MIHNEA. Some aspects concerning trace metals bioaccumulation in Mytilus galloprovincialis along the Romanian Black Sea coastal area.


V. ZLATANOVIC-TOMASEVIC. Measurement of noise level in eleven cities in Serbia.


G. E. ZAIKOV, YU. A. MALKANDUEV, S. YU. KHASHIROVA, A. M. ESMURZIEV, A. I. MARTYNENKO, L. I. SIVOVA, N. A. SIVOV. Synthesis of new monomers on diallylguanidine basis and their ability to radical (co)polymerization.


M. HAJDAR, E. RUZDIC. Characterisation of heroin samples obtained in the area of the Fede­ration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Marine ecology


F. AONOFRIESEI. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics along the Romanian shore.


Solid waste management


D. BOJINOVA, Y. PELOVSKI. Agrochemical investigations on new nutrition composite pro­ducts.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


D.  PETROVA, I. DOMBALOV. Influence of some anthropogenic factors on the global war­ming.


S. APAK. International trade, pollution and environmental quality in the Balkan countries.


C.  TAXILTARIS, S. BASBAS, K. NIKOLAOU, G. TOSKAS. Impacts of urban telematics ap­plications  on environment, energy and traffic.


Clean technologies


V. DAESCU, GH. PANCESCU, GH. CONSTANTINESCU. Evaluation of the environmental impact caused by the replacement of crude oil by coal and/or petroleum coke in Romanian ce­ment mills.


R. YILMAZ, S. J. BUTT, A. KORKUT. Plant diversity and effects of environmental problems in Turkey.


E.  B. O. GUNGOR, M. BEKBOLET. Investigation of DTPA for the remediation of heavy metal contaminated agricultural soils.


Environmental radioactivity


D.  STANEVA. Influence of the soil type on the aggregation of some short- and medium-living fission products and neutron activation of the system 'soil-plant'.


I. YORDANOVA, M. IOVTCHEV, M. PIMPL. Uranium and plutonium content in soil and plants from the water catchment basin in the Rila mountains, Bulgaria.


I. YORDANOVA, D. STANEVA, L. MISHEVA, M. NAIDENOV. Radiological status of soils in the region around NPS 'Kozlodouy'.


Environmental legislation


N. ROTARU, M. NICOLAU, J. BRATU, I. LUCACIU, C. ANDREESCU, G. BRATU. ECOCERT – ecological products certification body.


Environmental management


E.  PANAGIOTOPOULOS, G. KARIOTIS. Spatial location - management of animal breeding sites and protection of the environment.


M. BURTICA. Economic instruments for environmental protection.


O. G. MANOLIADIS, G. KARANTOUNIAS. Applications of genetic algorithms in water resources management - the Koufos irrigation project in Greece.


VL. KENDROVSKI, D. GJORGJEV, P. RISTEVSKI. Climate change and human health in the Republic of Macedonia - needs for action.


Environmental education


M. MATACHE, K. DONERT. Environmental education in Europe.