Vol 5, No 1 (2004)

Air pollution

S. HADZI JORDANOV, D. SLAVKOV, A. DIMITROV, P. PAUNOVIC. Corrosion beha­viour of steel and copper as influenced by local atmospheric conditions.


Water pollution


A. GUTA, C. VASILIU, C. GURGU. Study of advanced arsenic removal from industrial acid waste waters by liquid-liquid extraction.


E. SOKOLOVSKI, B. ZDRAVKOV, IV. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKI. Transfer and de­gradation of some persistent organic pollutants in water systems in Bulgaria.


Soil pollution


N. JANA, P. LAZO. Environmental impacts of chromium sterile dump in Bulqiza region.


E.  SOKOLOVSKI, V. HRISTOVA, Y. PELOVSKI, IV. DOMBALOV. Pesticides degrada­tion and transfer in soil systems.


Agricultural pollution


B. SKRBIC, S. CUPIC, J. CVEJANOV, A. ONJIA. Determination and distribution of heavy metals in crops harvested in 2001 from different parts of Serbia.


Industrial pollution


S. P. MARINOV, M. STEFANOVA, P. GADJANOV, I. KOSTOVA, V. STAMENOVA. Polycyclic aromatic compounds and sulphur contents in ashes at Maritza-East lignite com­bustion.


F.  MANEA, C. RADOVAN, V. DALEA. Removal of tannin from waste waters by elec troflotocoagulation.


SL. K. IVANOV, J. PETROVA-IVANOVA, M. BONEVA. Cleaning of polluted with fuels and fresh and used oils soil and water.


Environmental risk assessment


ST. STOYCHEV. Global climate changes and food resources.




C. BABEANU, G. MARINESCU, E. BADEA. Influence of some natural and synthetic grow­ing factors on peroxidase system in leaves of greenhouse plants.


N. SHABAN, N. STOEVA. Influence of the suspension fertilisers 'Lactofol' and some herbi­cides on green beans and peas. I. Yield and productivity of plants.


PL. SERAPHIMOV, V. SABEV, D. IVANOVA, I. GOLUBINOVA. Influence of meteoro­logical factors on the dynamics of biomass accumulation by Solana nigrum L. at different degrees of weed infestation of soybean stands of analysis.


V. SABEV, PL. SERAPHIMOV. Efficiency of soybean production depending on the system of weed vegetation control.


Marine ecology
T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, V. SERBAN, R. SIRBU, E. STEFANESCU. Study regarding some Ln (III) complexes with biguanide derivatives action on marine species Euxinia maeotica (Crustacea Amphipoda) metabolism.


I. MALOLLARI, L. SHUKA. Albanian aquaculture in the coastal zone - a simple case of the assessment of the Mediterranean aquaculture development.


Waste management


A. ALADJADJIYAN, I. KOUZMANOVA, V. VANCHEVA, I. LECHEVA. Energy aspects of agricultural waste management.


M. TZVETKOVSKI, Y. KUZMANOVA, V. VANCHEVA, A. ALADJADJIYAN, Y. IKOVA. Current state and perspectives of solid waste management in Plovdiv municipality.


F.  K. VOSNIAKOS, A. ALADJADJIYAN. Quantitative assessment of the organic wastes problem in the Mediterranean area.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


H. UZUN, I. PITI. Coastal erosion recovery and saving.


H. DENIZ. Environmental impact on aquaculture in Turkey.


Clean technologies


G. BURTICA, M. LIKAREC, A. POP, R. PODE, E. POPOVICI, A. IOVI, A. NEGREA. Contributions regarding Romanian volcanic tuffs exploitation in environmental protection.


SH. KALINOVA, CH. YANCHEVA. Studies on new technologies for biological recultivation in Bulgarian dump.


M. JITARU, C. CIRTIU, C. FILIP, A. KATONA, M. SCHIOPU. Control on the waste waters composition after electrochemical reduction processes of nitroaromatic compounds.


M. JITARU, R. IACOB, M. POPA. Voltamperometric methods for the copper ions determi­nation in waste waters.


Environmental radioactivity


V. TZOLOVA, M. BANOV, P. IVANOV. Anthropogenic changes of cinnamon soils caused by uranium mining.


Environmental legislation


P. BUDULAN, D. IZSAK, R. BOGZIANU. Waste management - the new Romanian legisla­tion.


V. JOLDZIC. Problems of trans-boundary pollution from the aspects of legislation.


Environmental management


A. AKATA, A. KUBAS, A. AKYOL. Adaptation of quality and environmental standards. Findings from textile industry in Thrace region.


A. CONIDES, C. PAPACONSTANTINOU, F. LUMARE, G. SCORDELLA. Management aspects for the coastal fishery of the shrimp Penaeus (Melicertus) kerathurus (F o r s k a 1, 1775) in Amvrakikos gulf (Western Greece).


Environmental education


M. NICOLAU, N. ROTARU, G.-L. SERBANESCU, M. RADU, L. TURTURICA, L. MAXIM, A. BRULEA, A.-C. MACEDON, V. COJOCARU, S.-D. TENU, P. SOARE. A. ION. Education and awareness of pupils regarding the prevention of pollution, protection and preservation of the environment in view of solid waste management.


N. NAYDENOV. Union of Chemists in Bulgaria and environmental problems.


I. KOUZMANOVA, A. ALADJADJIYAN, D. IVANOVA. Needs and perspectives for the environmental professions in Bulgaria.