Vol 5, No 2

Air pollution
Z. ZLATEV, D. SYRAKOV. Studying pollution levels in Bulgaria by using a fine resolution dispersion model.


Water pollution


V. ASTRATINEI, M. CONSTANTINESCU. Microbial bioassays based on inhibition of bio-luminescence applications on the Siret river basin from Romania.


L. TOFAN. D. SECRIERU, M. SKOLKA, M. ARCUS, G. PARASCHIV, M. BRATU. Im­pact of waste waters discharging on the qualitative state of coastal ecosystem from Vadu-Gura Buhaz.


A. G. ANGHELESCU-DOGARU, I. POPESCU, G. C. CHITANU. Maleic polyelectrolytes as ecologically favourable additives in chrome tanning process.


F. VOSNIAKOS, E. VOINEA, M. NICOLAU. J. PETRE, L. CRUCERU. Biological analy­sis of the Danube delta aquatic ecosystem.


Soil pollution


A. GORBANOVA-VAROTTO, S. GORBANOV. Profile distribution of heavy metals in surface pollution of soils with different physicochemical properties.


D. ISTRITEANU. V. lORDACHE, M. DUMITRU. Alternation of soil quality from the power plants influence area.


Agricultural pollution


SH. KALINOVA. Efficiency of alternative systems for control of  Orobanche  ramoza L. in to­bacco.


D. VESELINOVIC, D. MARKOVIC, A. SAVIN, Lj. IGNJATOVTC. Distribution of Pb and Cd amounts in plant parts of maize during time.


Industrial pollution


A.TECUCEANU, V. DAESCU, G. CONSTANTINESCU. Study on the impact of Romanian industrial production (food industry- brewery and cement industry).


Environmental risk assessment


V. D. JABLANOVIC. Nonlinear model of the marginal social benefit of producing chemi­cals.


M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEV, J. KARADJINSKA-BISLIMOVSKA. Comparison of blood-lead level and dehydratase ALAD in school children from Veles.


M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEV. Environmental health risk assessment of the air pollu­tion and blood-lead level in school children from Veles.




Z. CHERVENKOVA, G. GOTZIS, A. MATEV. Evapotranspiration of sugar-beet 'Radnevo' variety cultivated under agroecological conditions.


D. BEZLOVA, E. PAVLOVA. Possibilities of ecotourism in the Struma river valley.


Marine ecology


M. BRATU, L. TOFAN, V. COATU, M. CRASMARU. Comparative study of catalase activi­ty from mid gland of three molluscs species from, the Black sea.

Waste management


M. MATACHE, L. ROZYLOWICZ, C. PATROESCU, M. ROPOTA. Sterile deposits im­pact on environment quality in the Moldova Noua region.


L. STOICA, N. ROTARU. Recovering depollution of dyes from aqueous solutions.


L. DJORDJEVIC, G. PEROVIC, S. BIJELOVIC, D. PEROVIC, S. KUZMANOVIC. Impor­tance of recycling and establishing a credible database on waste in Republic of Serbia, including data on generation and movement of waste.


M. GHEORGHE, N. SCHIOPU, C. MUNTEANU. Recycling of the plating wastes as se­condary materials for pavement concrete. Technical and environmental aspects.


D. ISTRITEANU, V. IORDACHE, M. DUMITRU. Solution study for an ash dump rehabi­litation.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


S. A. SEMENOV, K. Z. GUMARGALIEVA, G. E. ZAIKOV. Modern ideas about biodamaging of materials and technical articles.


Clean technologies


C. BABEANU, E. CONSTANTINESCU, D. POPA. Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus ferti­lisers on the agrochemical properties of ash crops - from Isalnita power plant - cultivated with corn.


G. VISSOKOV. Complex purification and utilisation of waste industrial gases under non-equi­librium plasma conditions.


G. VISSOKOV. Environment protection by plasmachemical thermal destruction and utili­sation of hazardous waste.


K. DINKOV, T. ZLATEV. Ecological efficiency under membrane milk processing.


I. NITOI, C. COSMA, A. BALLO, M. NICOLAU. Consideration regarding degradation of 4-chlorophenol from waste water by advanced oxidation processes.


Environmental radioactivity


TZ. BINEVA, N. STOEVA, D. STANEVA, L. MISHEVA, I. YORDANOVA. Radiosensitivity of oats cultivars in case of treatment of the seeds with gamma-rays.


N. STOEVA, TZ. BINEVA. Growth and photosynthesis response of young pea plants (Pissum sativum L.) to gamma-irradiation stress. Probable protective effect of synthetic growth regu­lator DROP.


HR. HRISTOV, S. MARINOVA, A. ALADJADJIYAN, ST. GORBANOV. Measuring the con­tent of natural and technogenical radionuclides in soils from mining regions in East Rhodopes.


Environmental management


O. TUTUIANU. PCB management in the Romanian power transmission grid.


S. AVDIMIOTIS, E. CHRISTOU. GIS applications in tourism planning. 'A tool for sus­tainable development involving local communities'.


Environmental education


M. NICOLAU, N. ROTARU, M. RADU, L. TURTURICA, L. MAXIM, A. BRULEA, G. L. SERBANESCU, S. D. TENU, P. SOARE, A. ION. Elaboration of a draft course for environmental protection and its implementation in Romanian secondary schools.