Vol 5, No 3 (2004)

Air pollution
K. NIKOLAOU, G. TOSKAS, C. TAXILTARIS, S. BASBAS. Classification of European countries based on air pollution indicators.


Water pollution


I. DIADOVSKI, M. PETROV, L. BRANKOVA, E. BOURNASKI. Integrated pollution assessment of the Mesta river in Bulgaria.


Soil pollution


SV. MARINOVA-GARVANSKA, H. CHULDGYAN. Model study of the influence of heavy metals introduced into the soil with the sludge from the waste waters treatment station en­riched in different stages.


Agricultural pollution


G. N. VASSILEV, D. K. VELICHKOV. Effect of two newly synthesised ecological pure ureacytokinins on biomass production in maize, wheat and sunflower plants.


Industrial pollution


N. RADU, I. RAU, E. MARICA, A. MEGHEA. Environmental impact by nutrients recover­ing from industrial effluents.


R. TEODORESCU, M. ULMANU, M. GHEORGHE. Research in the field of the electro­plating sludge processing.


Risk assessment - storage stability


N. MENKOV, D. HADJIKINOV, M. HADJIKINOVA. Sorption characteristics of dietary hard candy.


Risk assessment


A. TIRLEA, M. R. NEMTANU, M. M. BRASOVEANU. Rheological method for detection of irradiated spices.


E. KUPEVA, S. ANDONOVA, G. RISTOVSKA, A. NEDELKOV, T. O. GRNCAROVSKA. POPs and the environment-activities in the Republic of Macedonia.


G. RISTOVSKA, V. GEORGIEV, D. GJORGJEV, M. KOCUBOVSKI. Risk assessment of noise pollution in urban center Skopje with digital modeling.


N. GUGULIAS, L. MASHEVA, N. MASHEV. Studies of total phenol contents, anthocyans and antioxidant activity of some Bulgarian and Greek red wines.




K. UZUNOVA, N. KUZMANOV. Ecological aspect of rose's breeding.


CH. KLEPS, E. CIOACA. Quality evolution of water sources used for irrigation in Northern Dobroudja.


N. KOSTIC, M. JAKOVLJEVIC, S. BLAGOJEVIC. Classification of surface waters sensitiv­ity to acidification in Vojvodina and Central Serbia.


O. V. KARPUKHINA, K. Z. GUMARGALIEVA, A. G. SOLOVIEV, A. N. INOZEMTSEV. Effects of lead diacetate on structure transformation and functional properties of piracetam.
Y. MARKOVSKA, D. STOYANOVA-KOLEVA. Changes of the photosynthetic structure and function in cadmium-treated transgenic tobacco plants.

M. BALTADJIEVA, ST. PRESILSKI, I. KOUZMANOVA, Y. KARTALSKA. Biological characteristics of yoghurt products from goat milk.


P. NICULITA, M. POPA. Cold chain in food quality and safety assurance.


C. BADUCA, C. MUNTEAN. Superior capitalisation and protection of sandy soils by viticul­ture.


Waste management


I. PAMUKCHIEVA, N. KUZMANOV, K. UZUNOVA. Effect of sewage sludge on growth and development of some indicator cultures.


S. MITOV, J. NINOV, A. LENCHEV, I. GRANCHAROV, A. SULTANOV, A. KAYMAK-TCHIEV, M. MADJAROV. Processes taking place in the waste dumps from mining and ore dressing: generation of acid mine drainage flows and its impact on the environment.


S. A. PAVLOVA. A technology for regeneration of ionite unit of installation for sodium chlorine ionisation water.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


F. K. VOSNIAKOS, S. C. lOANNIDIS, K. SOUTSAS. Ecology orientated considerations of the industrial society.

Abstract / Full paper


Clean technologies


S. A. PAVLOVA. Comparative assessment of two technological schemes for desalination of natural waters.


A. N. UZUNOVA, B. L. VATCHKOV, V. I. VELCHEVA. Heavy metal induced oxidative stress in coincubation system green algae/higher plant.


N. SDRULA, D. POPA, D. GHIZDAVESCU. New tendencies in the field of the indoor air purification.


P. NICULITA, M. POPA, A. MITELUT. New preservation methods of minimally processed food.


A. CIPURKOVIC, R. KUBICEK, P. PETROVSKI. Application of crown ethers for mercury separation from aqueous solutions.


Environmental radioactivity


L. MISHEVA. Radiochemical determination of plutonium in soil samples.


M. BANOV. Survey of lands affected by uranium mining, their reclamation and use in Republic of Bulgaria.


I. BOLOCAN-VIASU, P. ATYIM, O. CROITORU, C. TIGAE, AL. POPESCU, G. ARDELEAN. Mathematical relationships for the assessment of radioactive contamination in a major nuclear accident.


Environmental legislation


B.-A. STERIAN, D. P. LAZAR, V. P. BRATANESCU, V. CUCUIANU, I. RUSU. A scien­tific approach of using some food additives.


Environmental management


J. KUZMANOVA, Y. KARTALSKA. European partnership for vocational training in pro­duction of healthy sound bioproducts.


Environmental education


G. ROTARU, R. ALEXANDRU, L. GITIN. Towards a bioethical training of the food quality and safety specialists.