Vol 5, No 4

Water quality
M. PERISIC. Control of Al content in surface waters.


L. YURUKOVA, G. GECHEVA. Biomonitoring in Maritsa river using aquatic bryophytes.


Soil pollution


R. LACATUSU, S. CARSTEA, M. LUNGU. Soil quality - guiding factor of food quality.
I. PAMUKCHIEVA, N. KUZMANOV. Accumulation of heavy metals in potatoes and leaf- stem mass where sewage sludge from MWWTP - Plovdiv was applied.


Agricultural pollution


M. IANCU, N. TANASESCU. Effects of soil management system and fertilisation on some environmental components in an intensive plum orchard.


G. N. VASSILEV, N. G. VASSILEV, B. YORDANOV, SP. GENCHEV. Synthesis and biological activity of ecologically pure 4-phenylthioureidosalicylic acid and 4-allylthiourei-dosalicylic acid.


Industrial pollution


L. TOFAN, M. BRATU, F. ZISU. Physiological and biochemical impact of petroleum  hydro­carbons accumulation in mussels from the Romanian Black sea coast.


Risk assessment


M. BIBICU, L. CATANA, M. DINCA. Potential risk for the health of consumers determined by nitrates and heavy metal content of fresh and processed horticultural products.


M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEV, G. RISTOVSKA, V. RIZOVA, B. MANEVSKA, V. RISTOVA. Evaluation of the sanitary-hygienic status of the water supplying in the city Sv. Nikole contaminated by aluminium and trihalomethanes and the health status.




J. KUZMANOVA T. DJURKOV, M. BALTADJIEVA, Y. KARTALSKA. Comparative investigations regarding the effect of traditional Bulgarian lactic acid cultures upon basic tech­nological indices of yoghurt and cheese varieties.


V. CUCUIANU, V. BRATANESCU, B. STERIAN. The edible mushrooms - an organic food and its potential use for health.


C. MUNTEAN, C. BADUCA. Yielding of sand viticulture for obtaining wines with anthocyans contents.


A. SIRBU, R. ALEXANDRU. G. MARIN. Food consumption and quality in the transition period of Romania.


G. K. TEGOS, K. Z. ONKOV. Ecological aspects of data series computer analysis concerning quantities of sea fish catches in Greece by principal species and fishing areas.


F. CATOVIC, M. BEHMEN, E. ZLOMUSICA. Trends in the development of the electric power systems based on wind energy in world and in Bosnia arid Herzegovina.

Ecology and health


S. UZUNOVA, L. CHIPILSKA, T. IVANOV, T. VRABCHEVA, A. TACHEV, S. LAZA-ROVA. Hygienic study of Bulgarian antimicrobial soaps for general use.


Marine ecology


M. XHULAJ, E. SHEHU. Biodiversity, chemical pollution and the related problems in lagoon complex of Narta and surrounded wetlands.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


S. A. YUKSEL. Environmental impact on aquatic animal health and aquaculture in the south­ west coast of Turkey.


S. KARAGIANNIS. Development of activities friendly to the eco-tourism. The region of Samaria gorge.


Clean technologies


L. STOICA, C. CONSTANTIN, C. GAIDAU, I. LACATUSU. Removal of Cr(III) ions from tannery aqueous systems.


L. STOICA, O. MACU, C. CONSTANTIN, I. LACATUSU. Recovering separation of Ni(II) and Fe(III) from aqueous systems by flotation (DAF).


D. I. MARTIN, I. MARGARITESCU, M. R. NEMTANU, I. TOGOE, C. OPROIU, D. IGHIGEANU, E. MATEESCU, G. CRACIUN, N. IACOB. Application of accelerated electron beam and microwave irradiation to biological decontamination of foods, medical objects and waste waters.


V. NOUR, M. E. IONICA. Vacuum packing - preservation technique used for extending the shelf-life of certain vegetal products.


Environmental radioactivity


M. M. BRASOVEANU, M. N. GRECU, M. R. NEMTANU, A. TIRLEA, R. MINEA. Irradiated dried fruits identification.


M. R. NEMTANU, A. TIRLEA, M. BRASOVEANU. Physical methods for irradiated food identification.


Environmental management


I. IVANOV, E. BOURNASKI. Water problems of the Mesta/Nestos transboundary river in the Bulgarian territory.


S. APAK. Environmental quality and food transport in the Balkan countries.


A. CONIDES, C. PAPACONSTANTINOU, F. LUMARE, G. SCORDELLA. Consequences from the management of the artisanal fisheries in Amvrakikos gulf (Western Greece) using the special restricted zone option.


Environmental education


M. M. BRATU, T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, L. TOFAN, C. AMARIEI. Studies on food hy­giene on a representative lot of student;, with bio-n.edical specialisation.