Vol 6, No 1 (2005)

Air pollution
V. RIZOVA, M. NIKODINOVSKI, V. KENDROVSKI. PAHs - the sources of pollution of the environment and their toxicological impact on human's health.


Water quality

A. I. PAVLOVA, R. D. IVANOVA. Use of solid-phase extraction in the determination of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes in purified waste water and ground water.


Soil pollution


C. BABEANU, G. MARINESCU. On the use of enzymatic methods in the evaluation of fertility at the anthropically degraded soils.


Agricultural pollution


K. BZIAVA, A. BOGGIA, C. CORTINA. Underground water pollution from agricultural activities in Georgia. Present status.


Risk assessment


G. C. CORNEANU, L. COJOCARU, M. CORNEANU. Quick testing methods of the envi­ronment mutagen capacity with the possibility to use them in schools and in hospital units.


C.  GULER, S. A. VAIZOGLU, O. F. TEKBA, R. OGUR. Determination of community's environmental risk perception level in Ankara, Turkey.


E. SOKOLOVSKI, I. DOMBALOV. Assessment of the emissions of Dioxins and Furans in Republic of Bulgaria.


E. SOKOLOVSKI, I. DOMBALOV. Atmospheric pollution with POPs - problems related with environment and possibilities for protection.




M. MIU, A. ANGELESCU, I. KLEPS, M. SIMION. Electrochemical sensors for heavy metals detection in liquid media.


D.  KIRIN, K. KOEV, D. IVANOVA, N. KUZMANOV. Biodiversity and ecological appraisal for conditions of the Stryama river, Bulgaria.


D. KIRIN, N. KUZMANOV, D. IVANOVA, K. KOEV. Biodiversity and conditions of some mountain lakes in Bulgaria and possibility for management of their ichtyophauna.


D. KIRIN. Ecological research of fishes and appraisal of the condition of the fresh water ecosystems from the Arda river, Bulgaria.


P. CHILOM, M. DINU, M. GIORGOTA, D. POPA. Influence of white underbrush extract on tomato quality.


M. DINU, P. CHILOM, M. BALASA, D. POPA, P. SAVESCU. Influence of Cucumis melo fruits quality on the determination of the cultivation type.


M.-G. BIT A, B. TUTUNARU, M. PREDA. Influence of pollutants resulting in the roasting process of coffee over the environment.
B. TUTUNARU, M.-G. BITA, M. PREDA. Reduction of pollutant effect of emissions from the coffee roasting process.
N. P. MASHEV, G. N. VASSILEV. A comparative study on indole glucosynolates in two vegetable crops from Algeria.

N. KOUTINAS, G. PEPELYANKOV, D. IVANOVA. Effect of air temperature and some rootstocks on the flowering date of two apple cultivars.


Marine ecology


T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, E. STOICA, E. GORUN, V. BADEA, C. GURAN. Effect of some La(III) and Ce(III) complexes with difunctional ligands on the bacteria metabolism.


Solid waste management


F. K. VOSNIAKOS. An environmental transboundary comparison study of Maritsa-Evros river: Plovdiv (Bg) and Orestiada (Gr).


V. M. BALUTZOV. Possibilities for the utilisation of waste microbial biomass at the produc­tion of antibiotics. I. Production and characterisation of protein isolates.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


S. AVDIMIOTIS. Sustainability of ecotourism: Future trends and its compatibility with con­servation.


Clean technologies


B.-A. STERIAN, D. P. LAZAR, V. P. BRATANESCU. Studies on red wine obtained by using organic viticulture techniques and its role in preventing some diseases.


M. HADJIKINOVA, E. PJOTROVSKA, I. NIKOLOV, G. MARUDOV, N. MENKOV. Reduction of the pesticide residues in the production of clarified grape juice.


Waste water purification


V. ILIEV, D. TOMOVA, L. BILYARSKA. Photocatalytic oxidation of phenols catalysed by phthalocyanine modified Ti02 or W03.


Environmental legislation


C. PAUNESCU. The right for a clean environment.


M. KOCHUBOVSKI, V. KENDROVSKI, D. GJORGJEV, B. ALEKSOSKI. Harmonisation of the national legislation in the field of drinking water quality with the European directives.


Environmental management


R. PASALEGA. Pragmatic strategies for an ecological behaviour.


T. ZAHARIA, A. TELEMBICI, L. ALEXANDROV. Constraints and requirements for the development of mariculture in Romania.


E. D. EVCI. Tourism and health.


Environmental education


V. AL. IORDACHE. Systemism and management: two needed disciplines in an environmental curriculum.


N. A. GEAMANA. Environmental education and sustainable development.


E. D. EVCI, Z. OGUZ, S. OZKAN, S. AYCAN, S. TEZCAN, M. ALI BUM. Evaluation of 'The Education Programs on the Health of Tourism' administered to the health personnel supervising touristic foundations.