Vol 6, No 2 (2005)

Research and education for sustainable development


J. ASTON, J. KNIGHT. Development and environmental sustainability: the case of Rosia Montana.


Water quality


A. MIHO, A. CAKE, E. CARCANI. Diatoms in the stomach content of barbel (Barbus meridionalis) from Shkumbini river (Central Albania).


A. CAKE, A. MIHO. Fishes from Shkumbini river (Central Albania): An ecological view.


G. BEKYAROV, M. KAKALOVA. Utilising techniques with high effective sample introduc­ing systems in AES-ICP for determination of trace elements.


Agricultural pollution


G. T. CHANEVA, A. N. UZUNOVA, S. T. FURNADZHIEVA. Cadmium toxicity in coincubation system Pisum sativum/Plectonema boryanum.


Industrial pollution


S. STOILOVA, V. KENDROVSKI. Frequency of chronic bronchitis in professionally exposed people to coal dust in mine Suvodol, REK – Bitola.


M. DJONLAGIC, N. DJONLAGIC, S. MICEVIC, J. SADADINOVIC. Influence of thermal power plant Tuzla on the heavy metals burden in the surrounding.


Z. ANEVA, L. CHEPANOVA. Assessment of heavy metals levels in urban dusts and soils by microwave-assisted aqua regia digestion.


Risk assessment


S. A. VAIZOGLU, C. GULER, L. AKIN, O. F. TEKBAS. Measurement of power frequency magnetic fields due to a high voltage power-line apartments in Ankara.


O.TUTUIANU. Mitigation of the electromagnetic impact of the power transmission grid upon personnel and population health.


M. ISRAEL, V. ZARYABOVA. National system for training in risk perception and risk communication on EMF exposure.


M. IVANOVA, TS. SHALAMANOVA. Measurements of RF radiation around base stations for mobile communication in Bulgaria.


V. ZARYABOVA, M. IVANOVA. Aspects of risk management referring to base stations for mobile communication.




I. GODEANU, A. BACIU, S. COSMULESCU, Gh. ACHIM. New trends in environmental protection in fruit tree ecosystems.


C. BADUCA, M. GHEORGHITA, C. MUNTEAN. Ecological wine - the XXI century wine. Education and consumption.


I. CERNISENCU, M. STARAS. I. NAVODARU. Anthropic impact on the Danube delta fisheries – Romania.


K. PRODANOV, M. PANAYOTOVA. Overview on the Bulgarian fisheries during the period 1927-2000.

K. MARKOVA, J. KORTENSKI. Autoxidation processes in bituminous coal from mine 'Kachulka', Balkan basin (Bulgaria).


N. GUGULIAS. Phenol content and antioxidant activity of some Bulgarian and Greek wines.


Solid waste management


I. DOMBALOV, E. TODOROVA, Y. PELOVSKI. Thermo-tribo-activation method for utilisation of industrial pyrite wastes.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


0. TUTUIANU. Power grid and sustainable development.


Clean technologies


GH. MENCINICOPSCHI, I. STROIA, M. BEGEA. Complex utilisation of starchy raw mate­rials by complementary and alternative technologies.


S. A. SEMENOV, K. Z. GUMARGALIEVA, G. E. ZAIKOV. General technique for investi­gation of biodegradation of materials by microorganisms.


G. Z. BLYUM, A. M. YAROSHENKO, G. E. ZAIKOV. Modular technology of hydrofluoric acid.


Environmental radioactivity


1. BOLOCAN-VIASU. Radiation exposure from radon-222 and its daughters.


M. ISRAEL, P. TSCHOBANOFF. The need of methodological guide for developing stan­dards.


Environmental legislation


P. SAVESCU, A. POPA, D. POPA, C. BANTA, M. DINU. Environmental risk decreasing according to European standard (QMS ISO 9000:2000) applied to food factories.


Environmental management


L. NIKOLOVA, G. GROZEV, K. DOCHIN. Effect of some paratype factors on the growth of bighead carp (A. nobilis) reared in polyculture.


Environmental education


V. TOMESCU, A. VLADUT, G. CURCAN, E. MARINESCU. Contribution of the geogra­phy students' practical period to the modelling of the environmental education. Case study - the Parang Mountains.


GH. POPESCU, I. COSTA CHE, D. RADUTOIU. The ecological education - between desi­deratum and reality.


I. VIOREL , S. BOENGIU, A. VLADUT. Eco-ethics - moral values involved in ecological education.


D. ASLAN, N. BILIR, A. SAHIN. Behavioural change of teachers after a peer education trial on smoking.